Oh baby MORE!!!!!!

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omg! his dick was 3″ in circumfrance and i was used to it being a prostitute and all. i took him to the sex barn where i take all my clients. i had my assistant (who was nude) tie me to the wall 6 feet in the air with chains. then he was put on a platform and was liften high enough for me to give him a blow job i licked and licked util so much cum came out i could not even swallow. my assistant rubbed the cum all over my body. then he inserted his dick (only the tip) and i screamed with joy. “oh yes give me more!” then my assistant pushed a button and his platform went up and down really fast with made his dick go in and out! i was soooo horny.
the end

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  1. solo

    u dont need comment ur clueless

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