Beach Ball,Bingo!

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I met him when I was laying on the beach. It was one of those sultry almost steamy summer days, you know the kind, the air is thick, everyone feels lazy, yet being by the sea everyone feels primal and sensual. The air is perfumed with the scent of the salt water and seaweed,the gasoline smell of the boats that are way out from the shore and the sweet smell of the suntan lotions and beach goers sweat intermingled.
I was laying there feeling that gorgeous hot sun bathing my skin in its heat, I could feel the sun’s rays pulsating on my nipples and pussy, it felt damn sexual. I could feel the perspiration trickling off my body, off my forehead, between my breasts, in that deep crevice between my ribs pooling in my belly button, my shins were sweating too, even my toes felt wet. I needed to cool off, so I stood up to swim in the silky, warm water. That is when I saw him, my tummy leapt, like a little jump inside similiar to whenever I drove or was driven up and down and over a very steep hill at a very quick speed. He was gorgeous, he had jet black hair and a long, lean defined body. His muscles were big, but not bulky, they were shining in the sun and he had a rich deep tan.His face was chisled and manly, I saw his jaw was square and strong, lips were full and sensual, a nice strong nose, nice defined cheekbones and he had on sunglasses so I could not see his eyes, but I knew they had to be nice. I stood looking at him lying there and I looked down and saw my nipples were hard, I had no idea if they were like that from the excitement of his great looks or from how the sun had been heating them up or both.

I walked to the water, I dipped my toes in, it waswarm and soothing, I walked in but as I got deeper it was cooler, “Ohhh!” I said outloud. A man to my left smiled at me and said, “It gets warmer the longer you stay in.”

“Oh I know, today is my first day in this whole summer, so it probably is just a new sensation to my skin that’s all.”

“Yeah,” he smiled, “that’s probably it.”

I walked deeper and then I swam further out. Oh that water was so beautiful as it wrapped around me and bouyed me with its saltiness. I love swimmingit is so sensual, so natural and so soothing. After I had done my usual ten long laps, I just floated on my back letting the sea drift me around. I jerked back when I felt flesh against mine. I put my legs down and saw the handsome guy from the beach right next to me. He was not wearing his sunglasses and he had the blackest eyes I had ever seen, nice long almond shaped, almost Asian-looking, very nice eyes indeed. “Oops, sorry.” I said as I smiled. He quickly smiled a sexy smile,and in a deep voice said, “No problem, feel free to visit anytime.” I just laughed at that.

I swam back into the shore and got out, dripping wet in more ways than one, and went to my blanket. I stood and dried my body and there he was again, right near me smiling. “You missed a spot.” he said.

Unsure of what he said I said, “Excuse me?”
And he put his hand on my lower back over my tiny kitten tattoo, “Right here over your tiny pussy. This little pussy is still wet.” he said. When I heard him say all of that I got super, juicy wet.

As if he knew what was going on inside my bikini bottom, he stood in front of me and smiled and said, “You know I have a snake, a big snake.”

“Oh do you?” I smirked, “where is it?”

“Right here!” he said and he started to pull his trunks down. I made a shocked face and then laughed when I saw he actually had a snake tatoo on his lower abs.

Then he pulled his trunks up and said, “But I have an even more impressive snake below that one.”

“Really? Does he like to hide in small holes?” I asked as I stared in his eyes.

He smirked and looking me up and down, over
my body like he owned me, he said, “Oh yeah,he loves nice tight, small, warm, wet hidden holes.”

I laughed.

“By the way, my name is Trent.” he said as he extended his hand out. I held and caressed it and said, “I’m not telling you my name, it’s a secret.”

He just smiled. “Well whose name will I scream out when we are fucking in my bed?”

“Hehehe,” I uttered, “you are awfully sure of yourself, aren’t you?”

“Sure and determined.”

I was really getting turned on by everything about him, his looks, his body, his flesh, his voice and his confidence.

“Can I lay my towel near you?” he asked.

“Oh not so sure and determined now, are you?” I said as I chuckled.

He laughed and just brought his towel over and by that time I was lying on my tummy. He stood by the side of me I saw him checking out my bikini clad ass, I even arched my back a little to make it even rounder. “Nice!” he said as he looked at my ass. “That is going to look so nice on my bed.”

He laid near me and his hip was against mine, his shoulder against mine, we were sweating, but our skin was cold against each other, like a cold sweaty feel, but the longer we were touching the warmer our skin became.

He started telling me how he was going to kiss me from head to toe and that he could not wait to lick my little pussy tasting me.
I was getting more and more turned on, he turned his head all around looking around us and then he leaned back on his left side and told me to look, I did and I saw he had pulled his hard cock out. It looked so beautiful. “Touch it.” he said. I looked around too and secure no one could see I grabbed the head and squeezed lightly, yet firmly. “Yeah baby, that’s it.” he said and his precum oozed onto my fingers.

“Let’s get out of here, you and I need to fuck.” he said.

Horny and just dying to feel his nude body pressed and rubbing on mine, I agreed and we gathered our things. I went to my car, he followed. “I live not far from here, you want to follow me, or leave your car here and come in my car?” he asked.

“I’ll follow you” I said.

I followed him and we pulled into his driveway. He got out and came back to my car and opened my door.”Hmmm he sure is eager.” I thought.

We went inside and we were barely in the door when we were kissing like two horny devils. He was undressing me as we kissed. Soon I was standing there nude except for my shorts and bikini bottom around my ankles and my bikini top unhooked in the back, his hands were under and in the cups squeezing my firm, round, full, sweaty breasts in his palms, my nipples were hard and rubbing on his skin.

He stood back from me and just looked and smiled I noticed he was really checking out my pussy. “Damn I just knew you had a gorgeous pussy! I like the tiny short blonde hairs. Nice!” and he took his fingers and felt my pussy all over, the top part, the hairs, the lips, in the slit. He expertly rubbed and rolled my clit.

“Yeah you are so wet, your pussy definitely needs to be fucked!” He knelt down and told me to lift each foot and he took off my shorts and bikini bottom, he stayed looking up at my pussy from that angle, I wasso wet that a droplet of my juice dripped out and onto him. “Mmmmm.” he said as he took his finger and wiped it and licked it. I saw his cock was sticking up over his trunks.

He reached his head up and started licking my pussy, it was driving me wild, my knees wewre buckling and I was rubbing his hair and massaging his scalp, he reached around and cupped my ass cheeks in his hands, the warmth of his hands on them was amazing and he tongue fucked my pussy, I orgasmed on his tongue, he pushed his tongue in my hole and wiggled it.

He removed my bikini top completely and then he took off his trunks. His dick was big and hard and beautiful, it was tannish pink colored and the head was thick and fleshy pink, pinker than the shaft,at the base of his cock were long, thick, silky black hairs.

He lifted me up in his arms and kissed me, my pussy was pressed on his abs, he pushed me down his body, my bare skin rubbing on his
bare skin and I rolled over his stiff cock. He held my hips and spun me around, my ass against his hard dick and he led me into his bedroom.
I noticed sliding doors and saw a pool. “Ohhh you have a pool? How nice.” I said.

“Wanna see it?” he said as he winked, I had a feeling I knew what was going to happen. We walked out nude and I never felt so erotic nor naked in my life.

He led me down the steps into the shallow end. We stood kissing and feeling the water and each others skin. I swam away and giggled. He followed me, he would catch me and I would slip through his arms and he’ld chase. Finally I got to the edge right by the pump and stayed there, I felt that thick force of water pulsating on my clit, it was the most incredible feeling, I saw in the glass window reflections from another part of his house that he was behind me and pumping his cock as he wlooked at my ass and pussy. He came over and finally he entered my pussy, he was so big and so hard it hurt, but he went slow at first. I felt that head push apart my swollen lips then it poked in my little wet elastic tight hole, pushing it wider open as it slid in me. As he slow fucked me, that pump pulsated my clit, I orgasmed with his cock deep in my hole, “Ohhhh ohh ohh.” I murmurred at the triple sensation, the orgasm as my pussy twiched and quivered, his nice big cock filling me up and that pulsating water still forcibly massaging my orgasming clit, he stayed still and bit my shoulder then sucked on it right on that muscle that sent shivers down my spine. He told me how hot that orgasm felt around his dick. He then picked up the pace and fucked me hard. he said, “Damn your pussy is so fucking hot and tight!” he moaned as he fucked me hard.. thrust thrust thrust.. slurp slurp slurp!! “Fuck me back, fuck me back.” he ordered me as his dick over- powered my poor innocent pussy… thrust thrust, thrust, slap slap slap! His balls spanked me with those hard thrusts and he splashed the water around us with his movements. I grabbed the lip edge of the pool and started pumping my ass back at him, after a while I was the only one moving, I was totally fucking the hell out of his cock, he just stood back and enjoyed the ride. He shot his load in me as he screamed “Ohhhh fuccccckkkkkk!” I just moaned as his creamy warm cum filled me up and oozed out along the sides of his shaft and drizzled intoi the poool taking my juices along with it, our DNA mixed and was as one. He grabbed my hips and pulled me very tight against him, we were breathing hard, and the pulsating pump water yet again made me orgasm, this one was so intense he said, “Ouch!” as my pussy strangled his cock hard. “Sorry.” I said. “No it feels good, I just wasn’t expecting that tight of a squeeze. Damn you are incredible.” he said and he nibbled on my neck. My pussy just kissed and slobbered on and hugged his cock not wanting it to ever leave. He after a while pulled out, my pussy has wrapped around him tight, like his dick was a tampon so he had to tug to get out, that sensation was incredibly enjoyable and almost sad since I wanted him to stay in me forever. He said he’ld be right back, he got out and went back in the house. I was sitting on the edge of the pool on a towel that was there, right near the part of the pool edge where we had just fucked, but I was facing the pool rather than my ass toward the water, when I happened to look in the next yard and I saw some man holding his cock and masturbating, I saw him through the wrought iron fence. I was still horny, so I leaned back pretending I did not see him, and I slowly opened my thighs wider and wider until I knew he could see all of my just fucked pussy. I even lifted up to show him then I sat back down, I waited a few seconds letting him take in the view, then I started running my pink polished fingertip up and down my slit, I looked at the guy and he was smiling, I smiled back and looked away but I licked my finger and I decided to finger fuck myself, as I did he started really stroking his stiff cock, I heard something and saw Trent standing in the doorway looking at me and looking at the guy, the guy could not see him where he was standing. Trent was holding his stiffening cock watching me and the guy masturbate. I tweaked my nipples and cupped my breasts, I could lick the top of each breast when I cupped them, so I decided to lick both as I held them up higher, I then stopped. Looking at that man and then Trent I cupped and licked one of my breasts and meantime I took my finger and rubbed my clit slow and sensually, getting it hard and shiny and red and making my finger shiny from my juices. The man was really jerking off furiously, I heard that familiar slapping masturbating sound. I stood up and saw a bottle of oil on a table, I with me back to the man, squeezed that oil over my shouldersand back I rubbed it around where I could reach on my back then I squeezed it over my ass, a lot I squeezed, I turned around to look in the glasswindow rteflections and saw how incredibly shiny I was from the oil, it turned me on to see my body like that, I went back to the towel and bent over on my knees, I looked back and saw that guy his dick was sticking straight up and he had his fingers curled around the iron fence. I took the oil and over my ass crack from behind I squirted it I felt it drip right down. I looked at Trent and he was smiling and jerking off hard. I then took the bottle and ran it up and down my slippery oily ass and pussy. I got the opening mear my pussy and squeezed hard it shot in my pussy hole and then it amazingly shot right out again. I heard a loud moan and the guy was cumming I saw his load shoot out. I looked at Trent and he came back over to me. He turned me sideways and finished him and me off with a greasy, horny hard fuck, he flipped me over very very fast, I almost got hurt on the bricks under the towel and Trent came all over my breasts and chin.
We just laid there satisfied and content me in his arms our nude sweaty, oily, sticky bodies caressing each other. The man left.

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    This is a really erotic story. Wish it were me.

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