Beth, continued

“My parents are gone for the weekend Mark, will you
spend the nite with me?” “Yes” I nodded, can we do
this again?” Beth leaned over and kissed me again. She
whispered in my ear, “Yes, and Ill show you a few
other things you can do to”
We kissed for several minutes, and held each other. We
laid next to each other giggling and poking each
other, rolling around the bed, every few minutes
stopping to kiss.
We made our way to the Jacuzzi her parents had in
their bedroom, we sat in it for several minutes before
Beth ran her hand up my thigh to my balls, she ran her
hand around them, and her fingers scampered up and
down my cock. “having fun Mark?” I just laid back and
hummed out a yes. Beth kissed my chest again, her
tongue licked each of my nipples, my cock was getting
hard in her hand. “I cant believe how good you are.” I
love you Mark, how come we never got together growing
“I’m not sure, I guess I thought of you as a good
friend, never thought of fucking you” I laughed and
kissed her on the lips. My cock was very hard now.
“Ready to use this again’? Beth asked. I smiled at her
and nodded, “oh yea” Beth stood up and pulled me up
next to her, we held each other and kissed for several
minutes, her boobs pressed against my chest, and my
cock worked its way up to her pussy.
Beth stepped out and handed me a towel, we dried each
other off and I began tickling her. She ran back to
her bedroom and jumped on the bed, I chased her and
landed on top of her, we wrestled play fully for a few
minutes. I began sucking her tits, My tongue circled
her nipples. Beth held my head and slowly pushed my
head down. I kissed Beth from her boobs to her belly
button on. I stuck my tongue in her belly and flicked it in and out. She slowly pushed my head down again,
“keep going Mark, your almost their”
I could hear in her voice, she was breathing a little
heaver. Soon my tongue was touching the small bit of
pubic hair on her pussy. Once again I could smell her.
I took my hands and placed them on her thighs, and
slowly tickled her inner thigh. Beth raised her knees
in the air and opened them wide. My mouth was now in
front of her pussy, and my tongue grazed uncrossed it.
Beth let out a moan, and said “yes Mark, stay right
there and do it again, and again, and again, until I
tell you to stop” My tongue licked her pussy lips
again, they were wide open, ready for me. As my tongue
did its thing I could hear Beth moan and screech with
each lick. For several minutes I kept licking her.
“suck my pussy Mark, use your mouth” Beth began giving
me instructions. I surrounded her lips with my mouth
and gently sucked on her pussy. Using both my mouth
and tongue, I had Beth squirming on the bed. “yes,
yes, yes” she kept screaming.
What ever I was doing, I knew she was in heaven. “Slid
a finger in now, hurry, finger fuck me Mark” I slid my
first finger in her very wet pussy and slid it back
and forth. “Eat me, fuck me, don’t stop!”
I kept fucking Beth with my finger, and used my tongue
in her pussy. She was groaning and moaning with each
suck and thrust of my finger. My mouth and face was
covered with her pussy juice, I could feel her pussy
muscles tighten around my finger now. Her pussy was
getting wetter with each spasm. In a matter of few
minutes Beth let her legs down flat on the bed. “oh
God that was great Mark. Thank you, your great” Beth
was breathing and gasping for air. Beth rolled over
and raised her ass in the air, “here Mark” she patted
her butt, “doggy fuck me now, just slide your cock in
my pussy, its waiting for you” I crawled up behind
her and grabbed her hips, and worked my way up behind
her, my cock slid easily in her wet pussy, her lips
were wide open. “Hum” Beth moaned as I slid my cock
deep inside her. I began rocking my hips back and forth driving my dick in her. “this OK?” I asked between breaths. “your doing fine babe” Beth responded. “just keep doing what your doing” With that encouragement I rammed my dick deeper and harder in her pussy, she was just as wet now as when I was eating her. Beth let out a few loud gasps and buried her face in her pillow, muffling her screams. I could see her fingers clench the sheet and pull. Beth was now rocking her hips to my thrusting, now we had the bed rocking with us. After a few minutes I looked at the clock, I wanted to see how long I could do this. I held my hands on her hips keeping her “locked” to me. I could see her tits rocking back and forth with each stroke of my cock. “I love this Beth, I love you too. god I can’t believe how good this feels” I was short of breath now. I leaned over and kissed her back, it was sweaty and I licked some of it off of her. Beth kept moaning. She lay with her check on the pillow now trying to catch her breath. “fuck me boy, give me all you got” she wrinkled her face at me. I guess the intensity was to much, I could feel I was ready to cum. “I’m going to cum Beth” I told her. “Good, fill me up!” Beth was screaming now, she pushed her ass back at me, driving my cock deeper in her. A gush of sperm shot in her pussy just then, I kept fucking her for a few more seconds as more cum trickled out. Beth fell flat on the bed, taking me with her. My cock was still stuck in her, and I laid flat on her back. We laid for several minutes catching our breath.
My cock slowly slid out of her, I kissed the back of her neck, and licked her ear. Beth just hummed softly.
“your better at eating me than Kevin was. You sure you never ate a girl before?” Beth asked. “never, was not even sure if I was doing it right.” Beth let out a groan, “Oh God yes you do. Kevin never made me feel like you did” “Kevin was the ex?” I asked.
“Yes, he was the bastard I almost married. I rolled off Beth now, and was running my hand up and down her back, neck to ass. “Sorry” I whispered to her. “No need, I found out what kind of man he was in time.”
“What happened?, want to talk about it?” I asked.
“I went to his opt one day to clean it for him, as a surprise, and cook him supper, and when I got in, some whore was giving him head. He was’nt happy with what I did.” “I’m sorry, what a ass! You cut his nuts off?”
Beth rolled on her back now, and reached up, running her hand on my cheek. She had tears in her eyes. “Not now, I can’t talk about it now. Tonite we will just make love. Beth sat up and kissed me.

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