Dueling Secretaries

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I was 25 when I went to work for the gas company driving truck hauling fuel. There were two secretaries one I graduated with that was a little overweight but really a nice girl and the other one was 35 years old with a small build and huge boobs that she enjoyed showing off but she was a real bitch and thought she was better than all of us and treated everyone really bad except the boss who she was fucking on a regular basis, all the drivers lusted after her and so did I except I made sure she didn’t know how bad I wanted to get at that body of hers. She was always picking on the other secretary for being too heavy so I figured the way to get to her to make her jealous so I ask Cheryl out to dinner and we had a good evening and when I took her home she ask me in and when we got inside
she asked if I had ask her out to make Louise jealous and I admitted that was part of it but I did really like her but I was on a mission to get Louise where I could force her to be nice to all of us so she asked how she could help and I told her she already had by going out with me since Louise knew we had gone out and all she needed to do was tell her she had a good time if she did and she said she would but it could be a lot better if I knew what she meant and I told her I did and would love to make it better only I didn’t want to hurt her by using her that way. She smiled and reached and unbuckled my pants and slid them down then I started to unbutton her blouse and she took it off and then her bra and my lord what a huge set of boobs they had to be DDDs I removed my boxers and she took her panties off and I dropped to my knees and started to have a snack on her nicely trimmed pussy and she went wild bucking and moaning and within a couple minutes she flooded my face then she told me to lay down that it was my turn and she took my full 10 inches in and gave me a super blow job then thanked me for the good time and I asked her if she was going to let me fuck her and she ask if I really wanted to and I was already hard again so I took the plunge and gave her my best and then cleaned up and went home. The next day when I got back from my daily run Cheryl said she had something for me and put a micro recorder in my pocket so when I left for home I listened to the tape and it was Louise grilling her about our date and she said she couldn’t believe I chose Cheryl instead of her. So for the next couple days I could see it was driving her crazy that I was ignoring her and flirting with Cheryl all the time then on the third day she sent me on a long run that brought me back two hours late which really pissed me off till I got back and saw Louise was in the office waiting for me when I went in and asked her why she was there she said had stayed to catch up on some work but I noticed she didn’t have her bra on and she had a shorter skirt on than she did earlier and I commented on how hot she looked that evening and if she wasn’t married I would probably end up in jail for rape, she smiled and said she wasn’t that married and asked if I really wanted to fuck her and I told her if she wanted to follow me home I would show her how hot I thought she was and she said we could take care of it there and I told her I was afraid of getting caught but she said it would have to be there but at the risk of not getting at her I left and went home, I thought she wanted me as bad as I wanted her but was afraid I was wrong because she didn’t come for almost an hour but she came in and I took her to the bedroom and while she was undressing I turned my video camera on and undressed and stopped to admire her near perfect 5 foot 3in body with 34D boobs, I know because I asked I laid her on the bed and licked my way from her toes to her shaved pussy and spread her lips and took my tongue and probed for the G spot which I soon found she was squirming ans squealing and after a couple minutes she flooded my face I wiped my face and continued my path toward those beautiful boobs stopping at her belly button which drove her crazy when I stuck the tip of my tongue in then on to my goal which I first thought had been enhanced but soon found out they were real I licked nibbled and sucked while she squirmed and moaned it took me probably ten minutes on each boob before she was begging me to fuck her and fuck her hard so I eased on up and whispered in her ear that I wanted a blow job first and she said she didn’t do that not even to her husband and I told her if she wanted me to fuck her she was going to start and she said no so as much pain as I was in to get relief I got up and told her we were done she was begging me to fuck her and said she would give me a hand job but I told her it was time for her to go and sat on the side of the bed to relieve myself she got up and I thought she was leaving when she went to her knees and started licking my shaft then she said your huge I can’t get that in and I told her she didn’t have to get it all in because few could but a little would do the job so she opened up and started a little at a time and got about 7 inches down and then I told her Cheryl got it all down and she backed off and then hit it again and her chin hit my balls oh my what a feeling to get a blow job from her virgin mouth then she got into a regular pace till I unloaded down her throat and like a pro would have she swallowed and licked up every drop and when she came up for air she said fuck me now and fuck me hard and I told her I needed a minute to get hard again so I played with her super mounds for a minute and when her nipples got rock hard again so did I so I told her to get on her knees and elbows with her ass in the air and she did then she told me not to cum in her because she wasn’t on birth control because her hubby was fixed so I mounted her doggie style and started slow and steady to make it last but she kept begging harder and harder so I did and she exploded at least three times and she kept telling me not to cum in her but that wasn’t my plan I would love to knock this vixen bitch up so I kept up the pounding and she could some how sense I was ready to fill her and tried to pull away but I held her and unloaded as big a load as I ever had, boy was she mad but said that was the most incredible night she ever had including her first blow job I started licking her beautiful ass and pussy from behind till she was purring and raising her ass to meet my tongue and I was ready again and licked around her ass hole and got it good and wet and in one lunge entered her beautiful ass and she let out a scream that would wake the dead and started yelling she had never had a fucking in the ass so I began to hammer away as she yelled no…no…no then harder…harder but this time I only lasted about 30 seconds and I was done big time. Now she is my best friend at the office and stops by my house about once a month and now treats everyone better and for Christmas I gave her a home video. She is now pregnant I guess the doctor didn’t do a good job fixing her hubby.

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