First Time

I had never felt a dick in my hand before. What a different feeling it was. So strong and warm, who would have ever thought it would be a rush to hold one or even suck one, or maybe have a dick inside of you.

My boyfriend Andy of 4 months  and I were finally exploring our bodies more on our dates. It was more than just kissing and him touching my boobs, it began to turn into more foreplay. He began to lift my shirts and suck on my nipples. Kissing and flicking his tongue all over my 36 D’s. What a sensational feeling it was to have him suck on my breasts. Soon he would play with my pussy. Being a young girl (teenager), it was different to have someone’s hand down there besides mine. He would rub his two fingers on top of my pussy slowly, but with so much lust. He soon would proceed to going faster. Oh, how I wanted Andy. I wanted to rip off his clothes and fuck him hard on my couch, but I couldn’t.

At 5 months, I began to explore his body more. I began to play with his 7 inch dick more. It was weird for me at first because I was always taught a penis was something forbidden, something not to be touched or played with. I enjoyed playing with Andy’s dick. Just seeing the young 18 year old’s face glow up when I would play with his dick was like a shock of ecstasy ran through his body. I need to do more. More than just give him a thoughtless handjob in his room.

I came to visit Andy one day for our usual date. A nice lunch, maybe a walk, and back to his place for an intense make out session (which all did happen). This time things got more intimate, hot and quick.

He laid me on his bed and looked into my eyes, “Cristina, may I kiss your pretty lips?” “Yes, you may, my dear.” He kissed me so passionately. Biting my lips, sucking on my tongue, small pecks every now and then. Then he began to kiss my neck (as usual) and nibble on my ears. Moaning softly in his ear, I could feel my panties getting wet. He then took off my shirt, exposing my bra which could barely contain my breasts. Andy, still kissing me, I began to take off his shirt. Slowly my pants came off and so did his. Drying humping in our underwear, I could feel his hard dick against my wet pussy. Andy wanted me as much as I wanted him. Soon my bra was off and Andy began to suck my nipples. Kissing and biting my nipples I could not resist the sensation and I felt I was about to cum. I did not want this pleasuring to stop, so I stopped Andy, and got him on his back. In shock, Andy let me take control. I proceeded to sit on his big dick and slowly just dry hump him. Feeling his cock getting harder and harder, I wanted more. Andy and I were kissing, slowly I went to his neck down to his chest, finally to his waist and below. Seeing the bolge of his dick popping out, I wanted to suck his dick as no other. I then kissed where his dick was at and looked him in the eyes. He was ready as I was. I took off his boxers and his dick popped out. What a sight it was. I had never been so close to it, but I certainly did want it. Playing with his dick, I soon put my lips on the tip. Then proceeded to put it slowly into my mouth. It was so hard and tasted so good. I was sucking my first dick. Andy’s eyes were glowing. He grabbed the back of my head and was make my head bob back and fourth, making me gag. I took his dick out of my mouth and sucked on his balls. Using the tip of my tounge to create a pressure on his balls; I was jacking off his dick and sucking on his balls. Shortly after, he ejaculated on my face. The fun was not over.


Andy pulled me up and got me on my back. Kissing my neck, he went down to my chest, and then my waist. I had never seen my Andy so focused, he gave me a big smile, and began to eat my pussy like no other. Kissing my clit and sucking on it. His licked all of my pussy up and down. I could not stop moaning as he did his magic. Fucking me with his tongue, I could not resist any longer. I wanted Andy inside of me. I couldn’t speak because all I could do was moan. Just licking up and down, I finally found the words to say, “Fuck me!” He immediately stopped and looked up. “Really, Cristina?” “Yes, baby, nice and hard.” He gave me one more lick and moved back up to my face.


Now face to face, eye to eye, we were ready. I loved Andy and he loved me. We kissed and explorded each other more. I then whispered, “I’m ready.” He spread my legs wide open and put it in slowly. Thrusting slow so it wouldn’t hurt me too much. I pushed with my hips and it was in. It fit like a glove. Andy began thrusting and lightly grunting. The thrust soon began to get hard, and harder. Soon the whole bed was hitting against the wall. While the wall was making loud noises, you could hear my moans getting louder and louder. Screaming Andy. Digging my nails into his back. Bitting on his shoulders, I was lost in complete and utter lust. I had never felt anything such as this. After a few more thrust Andy let out a big groan and load inside of me.


Andy got off of me and layed beside me. “Cristina, that was wonderful. I love you.” “I love you, too, my sweet.” Then we fell asleep. My first time fucking, was a great experience, and has only gotten better.

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