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One Saturday, I got up and decided to go to my best friend Mike’s house.
I got over there and we went up to his bedroom to play his nintendo and
drink some beers. After awhile, the game got boring. I laid down on his
bed and said I’m bored. He lay next to me and placing his leg against my
crotch, said, what do you want to do? I never suspected me or Mike of being
gay, so I looked at him and said, what are you doing? He quickly removed his
leg and said nothing, I was just joshing you. I knew he was lying, however,
and so placing my hand on his crotch, said, so what do you want to do? Slowly
beginning to pant he gasped, whatever you want. I slowly unzipped his fly
and removed his underwear. Staring up at me was a tiny 5 inch cock! He groaned
softly as I moved my inexperienced hands up and down his throbbing cock. I then leaned
forward and began sucking his tiny member. I put it as far in my mouth as it
would go, and felt an unbelievable amount of cum pump down my throat. I sat up,
cum dripping from my mouth, and he kissed me while sucking the cum from my
mouth so we could share the taste. Then I allowed him to unbutton my pants as
I lay on my back, cock throbbing. He then lay chest down, ass awaiting my
throbbing 8 inch cock. I had no lubrication so just plunged it right in his
virgin asshole pumping in and out with massive strokes as I built towards
orgasm. I blew my load in his asshole so hard I thought it would come out
his nose! Cum dripping from my cock, I got up to go to the bathroom. I
stopped short, however, as he grabbed my ass. What? i said. He said, I
can’t let you go without feeding your ass. Groaning softly as he invaded
me, I somehow knew this would be a long blissful day!

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