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I am Danial from Karachi, 30 yrs old, working in a senior position in a company. This is my true story of a pleasurable interaction with my receptionist girl. Any girl interested in having a good friendship with me pls contact at silent_magma at Her name is fari. She is 22 yrs old, slim, smart and a v attractive and sexy figure. The day when I join the company she gave me a very pleasant smile and asked a lot on intercom related to myself. I was the whole in charge of the company in the absence of owner and that she knows very well and she wants to cash this.

I use to sit late in the evening whereas all the office staff left at 5:00, our office was at Clifton. I noticed that she started sitting late and when I leave at around 7:00 pm she immediately complete her work and stand at the gate of office to look for auto rickshaw. After a few days of this practice I was sure that she needs lift from me and she is not having courage to say that. That day I deliberately stayed v late and when it was around 8 pm I ordered my peon that he can go and I will close the door by myself. He was v happy to leave and at 8:15 pm I and fari are the only 2 persons sitting in the office of a 1000 square yards bungalow in isolated vicinity in Clifton. U can imagine how much excited I should be at that time. Let me explain you the figure of fari, she is v fair, 5’4″ height, with a perfect ass and a 34 c sized breasts (I guess). When peon arshad left the office, I called fari in my room and asked that r comfortable with me alone in the office, don’t have any fear? She smiled and said no Sir I have full confidence in you and I don’t have any fear from u. Then she said can I complete my work in your room as the reception area is v hot. I said most welcome u can sit on my table in front t of me and do your work, I also advised her that she can keep her duppata on the side chair if she is feeling hot, she looked at my eyes give me a sexy feel and said yap its too hot and put her duppat at a side (although AC is perfectly) working.
Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh dear I was just in heaven when I saw her big breast covered in the light pink shirt with a v deep neck. She sits just in front of me and showed as if she is working and move her breast and deep neck downwards towards me. I was working on my laptop but my eyes were glued at her soft and fluffy breasts. Her half nipples were easily visible and she is purposely showing them to me. (If any girl from Karachi interested in friendship she may mail me at Then we start chatting personal during the chat I touched her foot from my foot and rub it softly, but getting no objection from fari. Then I had courage and I put my hand beneath the table on her thighs. I started rubbing my palm over her thigh and slowly moving upward, she is smiling and closed her eyes. Now she starts moaning. Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh. At that point I can’t resist, I moved from my seat and come at her back, grab her from the neck and kissed on her neck and then she stands up and hug me v tight. That’s the real pleasure I got. Then we kissed on each other lips, and I pick up her and lay her on the sofa in my room. I moved my hands under her shirt from the deep neck and started rubbing her breasts. She is totally out now. Then I pull her shirt upward and through it away. She was wearing a black bra which is very prominent on her soft fair complexion. I open her bra quickly and her assets are in front of me. What a great scene it was, she is lying straight on the sofa with only her trouser and her big breasts are fully visible, I start sucking and biting her nipples and she is moving like a fish out of water. I suck both breast one by one and rubbing the other one using my palm. Then she sits and opens my pant and took my 8 inches dick in her hands. She is rubbing her hand softly on my shaft and I m feeling very good. Till the time my pennies is fully erected and became rock hard. Then I put it in between her two water melons size breast and slide my penis between her soft breasts. And after few minutes all my load came out and spread on her breasts and neck.
It was around 10 pm night so we plan to do more next time. Anyone interested in good friendship from Karachi may contact me at silent_magma at; I will be more than happy if I receive your response regarding my story. Will write more as I get some time.

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    sounds as though this was a load of bull

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