Latisha loses her ass and more and gained something

I am Jeff and i helped my cousin Sherry with her party by buying the booze she wanted for it when i got ther she opened the door for me and was wearing a tight blouse and very tight pants  and sandles all in white, Sherry is a very hot 18 year old and stands 5′ 10″ and weights 115 and is a very sexy 33 b 24 33 and has lovely brunette hair and lovely brown eyes and thee logest legs i have ever been in between i took her sweet cherry when she 16 years old and  i was 20 at the time. Before all her friends showed up she sucked my cock balls deep and i filled her sweet mouth with my cumm, fuck yea cousin Jeff you have thee best tasting dick and  cumm i have ever had and drank down and  i have drank a lot of cumm from a lot of guys but yours is the best and not to many girls have deep throated that dick of yours i known a few who tried and gag on it i heard the stories about it and i am one proud bitch to say i can deep throat you with no problem i know i couldn’t at first but i can now, she drives me crazy with her sexy hot body i can’t keep my hands off it. Her friends started to show up for the party and there was a lot os pretty girls showing up but this one black girl caught my eye she stood 5′ 9″ weights 11o and is 32 a 22 32 with long black hair  down to just above her tight little ass and lovely brown eyes and was wearing a very short skirt and a tight blouse and short leather boots all in purple.

The party was going good  and i was keeping a eye on Latisha and i knew i had to have that sexy black girl tonight,, she passed me down the hall to sherrys room and when she did i did what any other horny 22 year old man would do i spanked that sweet ass of hers hard, she spun around on me fast, who said you could spank my ass white boy, i did hony buns, oh really well you don’t own my ass, i want to fuck that sweet little ass of yours tonight, just then sherry came out of her room and she was watching us. Well i got two things to say about that first i dont fuck white boys with little peckers and second i don’t take it up my pooper for anybody, well just to let you know i am hung like a horse and i bet you could’t even deep throat me with those sexy lips of yours plus i am a man not some high school boy, why are you even here any way, because he bought the booze for the party so he had to stay Sherry told her friend but she did’t tell her i was her cousin. Oh ok but you are still not getting my ass, want to bet on that honey buns i bet you would gag on my cock anyways since i am hung like a horse, you know what you are makeing me very mad white boy and i will bet you ass for my ass if i can’t deep throat you then you can fuck my pooper hole any way you want but when i win i am going to beat your naked ass infront of every one here tonight, we shook hands on the bet.

We went into Sherry room to have some privacy and Sherry joined us also, why do we need  Sherry here,  she will be the judge for this contest and since this is her home its only right that she be here, you are right but you will lose me and her are very tight we are like sisters and she is my number one girlfriend, i didnt have the heart to tell Ms. honey buns that Sherry and me are fucking cousins, get on your knees and start sucking me you sexy black bitch. Ok lets see this puny little prick of yours, she unbleted my pants and unzippped my pants and pulled them down and my underwear as she was talking to my cousin, don’t worry Sherry this won’t take long then we can go back to the party and have some fun and then she turned around and saw my cock for the first time, MOTHER FUCKER WHAT THE HELL IS THAT THING, it’s my cock honey buns. There is no way i can deep throat that monster pecker of his, well my number one girl friend i guess you lose the bet then i gusee you better pull your skirt up and panties down looks like your pooper is going to get screwed real good. What that not fair i didnt know his pecker is a freak of nature, well he did tell you he was hung like a horse and you did shake hands on it, hey whos side are you on mine or his well you said you could deep throat him and now you are saying you can’t do it that does make you the loser, oh ok you got a point but let me try and suck him. Sure i will give you a secong chance honey buns i cant wait to see your naked black ass. OH you can suck good i must say don’t for get my balls and as her friend was sucking me Sherry took some photos of Latish sucking me , thats it up and down on my white cock with your sexy black mouth and it  looks great wrapped around it, with all her cock sucking skills she was only able to get 3/4 of me down her throat before she gave up and threw in the towel.

Fuck i cant do it its just to fucking big no girl alive can deep throat that monster pecker, i want to try deep thoating that dick of his it Sherry said, you can’t do it girlfriend its to much for you and me, then she grabed my cock and went to work on it and squeezed my balls, she took half of it down her throat with ease and she made it look like she was haveing trouble getting more of it into her sexy mouth but she can deep throat me with no problem. This is what i call a dick and then she just took me all the way down her throat  as her black friend just stared at her in shock to see Sherry nose deep in my pubic hair. FUCK ME girlfriend how did you do that , you must suck a lot of giant peckers to do that, hope you dont mind Latisha but i want to fuck him first then he can fuck your little ass after he is done with me, sure go ahead i will leave “you to alone, no you can watch us fuck it’s ok with me and now you giant dick stud come and fuck me doggy style like the horny bitch that i am. Sherry tore of her clothes off and  got on the bed into doggy style, she was playing with her pussy ass i slide my bare cock into her very hot and wet pussy i fucked her hard and fast, she loves it hard when she is super horny, fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck me you dirty fucking bastard oh god yes thats it i am your fucking whore, thats right you are my fucking whore and your ass is mine, i grabbed her pony tail and yanked it hard as i slammed into her pussy and i exploded into her hot pussy as her black friend watch her friend behave like a totall whore, after you are done with her ass i want it in my asshole dry i want to feel lots of pain from your giant prick, i grabbed her tits and fucked her harder than i ever have ever before, AUUUGGGHHH auuuggghhh AUUUGGGHHH auuuggghhh AUUUGGGHHH auuuggghhh we came together at the same time and i held onto my hot cousin as we finshed coming and now your turn honey buns, Fuck girlfriend you are a nasty bitch i never seen anything like that you are a dirty mouth bitch.

Latisha  removed her clothes and i was right her body was very hot she has very tight nipples and her pussy was totally bald, and her ass was very tight and so fantastic looking. I spread her ass checks and i could see that she has a very tiny asshole, i will need so lube for friends tiny asshole, Sherry left the room and came back with some crisco, her friend was on her hand and knees and i took the crisco and lubed up her tiny asshole, oh my that feels so good i never had a finger up my pooper hole before oh wow another finger i could get to like this,  mmmm mmmm mmmm mmmm that feels so good i am loveing this finger action, you are ready for my cock now, Sherry hold her ass cheeks open as i put my cock up her asshole.OH MOTHER FUCKER YOU DIDN’T have to ramm your entire pecker into me at one time, i only put a few inches into your little asshole but i must say you have one super tight nigger asshole, but i love how you feel on my cock feels up you, oh yea you are so hot, so Latisha how does that giant white dick feel in your black asshole, it hurts like hell its going to rip me in two, oh i am sure you can take it all right, i bet it will get better for you, i fucked her slow and steady and i went deeper with each thrust into her. Sherry was rubbing with her pussy and playing with her tiny tits as i fucked her friend and she started to finger her girlfriends black pussy, OH Sherry you are very nasty rubbing my twat , you are getting me so wet OH GOD it’s getting much better i never thought i would be saying this fuck my black pooper you nasty white boy i can’t believe i am loveing getting fucked up my pooper hole give me all of it, i got to have it all the way in me fucking hell you are doing it i can’t believe i am takeing it all me, oh yes you are you fucking black bitch oh yes you are with this last thrust i will be be balls deep in your black ass with my giant white dick, OH YES THATS IT i can feel your balls slapping my little twat fuck me fuck me fuck me with that giant pecker oh yours it feels so great i love it you can do my pooper anytime you want it. I grabed her sexy little black tittys and i squeezed them and fucked her hard and as Sherry fingerd her pussy i fucked her hard and she came first and i came right after her auuuggghhh auuuggghhh auuuggghhh, AUUUGGGHHH AUUUGGGHHH AUUUGGGHHH.

Well Latisha Jackson how does my cousin Jeffs white dick feels up your tiny black asshole, it feels so great, say what did you just say your cousin this guy thats up my pooper is your cousin the one you just fucked before my eyes OH MY GOD YOU TWO ARE SO SUPER FREAKY THAT IS INCEST but the way she moaned and looked she loves it, yes she does and so did you as she played with your pussy and me up your ass you did too. Latisha i want you to lick my white pussy as i lick your black pussy, i have a hot tasting pussy and i bet you do to but i never ate a another girls twat, neither have i my sexy black girlfriend but lets do it. They got into a 69 and they started to eat eacher others pussys i jerked off to the hot show before me, they fingered each other assholes as they munched each other out they made each other cum and then they moved so they could rub both there pussy together at the same time and it was very hot to see a white pussy and a black  pussy rubbing each other and  i joined them i first suck on Latisha tittys and then Sherry tittys and i put my hand betgween there pussy and rubbed them at the same time tell they came again then sherry feed me her pussy and i drank her cumm and then as Latisha layed there on the bed i started to eat her pussy as well, oh no i can’t cumm again you aregoing to kill me, no i wont honey buns but i will make sure you never for get this night as long as you live i am very tired and i just keep eatting her sweet pussy her pussy was very soft and very wet, she closed her legs  around my head and i ate her like a mad man and she came again, fuck me i am cumming again. Shit i can never forget what has happen tonight and then i held onto her legs and my dick was very hard again and she looked at me with a puzzlement, what are you planning now Jeffrey, what my cousin is going to do is fuck your hot virgin black pussy with his giant white dick, Sherry is right i am going to fuck you, she still has her cherry ?, yes she does i felt how super tight she was when i fingerd her horny wet pussy and is was so super wet and her cum is very sweet tasting.

Don’t worry i will be gental when i pop your black cherry, oh god i never thought a white boy would get my cherry but i can’t move a muscle i have came so many times there is no way i can stop you, just do it to me and make me a very happy black bitch, i pushed my cock into her virgin pussy and it was so hot and super tight i had to pull back and push harder when i went back into her pussy, fuck you are spliting me in two you are to big for my twat, it will get better my sexy black fucking bitch, i  fucked her for 30 minutes to get her ready for me to pop her cherry, you fell that , yes i do thats your cherry say good bye to it because i am popping it now, OH FUCK ME I NEVER THOUGHT  it would be this great, oh fuck me you dirty white boy fuck me fuck me fuck me, and i did i gave her long pounding  strokes, her pussy gripped my cock like a velvet vice as i fucked her hot pussy, oh shit you are makeing me cum again how are you doing it and then i flipped use over and she started to ride my cock and Sherry came over and sat down on my face and i ate her pussy again as her black friend fucked my cock then they switched places and Latisha was sitting on my face as Sherry rode my cock it was hot them doing me at the same time, then Sherry went over to her chair and played with her pussy as i finshed her friend off,  i came in her pussy and i emptyed my balls into her, AUUUGGGHHH AUUUGGGHHH AUUUGGGHHH AUUUGGGHHH AUUUGGGHHH, Sheery was right you are a great fucker i never thought i would ever do a white boy in my life, i am a man not a boy honey buns, you are right you are a man a very wonderful man and you can count me as 2nd your fucking whore just like Sherry is your first, did you take  her cherry as well. Yes he did on my sweet 16 birthday , you two are so very super nasty freaks, but i love it too if you can get off me i want to see your whore cousin take that monster pecker up her tight little pooper hole dry. Sure i can move as long your pussy lets go of my cock it’s gripping  me very strongly. i took turns fucking there tiny tits and i coverd them with my cumm.

I think Sherry should be spanked for beening such a dirty girl fucking her own cousin and playing with my pussy with out asking me, she needs to be spanked and Sherry got on her hands and knees and we both spanked her ass cheeks for beening such a bad girl spank spank spank spank spank spank spank and i spanked latisha also her black ass was made to be be spanked  and fucked also, as we redded Sherry ass i put my cock head at the entrance of her asshole and i pushed in it hard i was half way up  her ass and she gripped her sheets with all her mite, how is it my lily white girlfriend, its on fire you fucking nigger bitch, but i am not going to stop him tells his balls are slapping my cunt and turn them black and blue from all his pounding. FUCK ME JEFF FUCK ME I WANT ALL of your dick buried up my asshole hurt me tell i scream my head off, OWWWW OWWWW OWWWW OWWWW OWWWW OWWWW OWWWW OWWWW, as i fucked her asshole, Latisha was playing with her pussy and her tittys as she watched me fuck my cousins tiny ass, that’s it you incest loveing bastard you are fucking my ass off oh god i fucking  love it and i hope soon you will inpregant me with your baby. I am cumming Jeffrey, so am i Sherry and i filled her ass up with my cumm and held her into my arms you are one fantastic fuck my dear incest loveing cousin Sherry, you want to stay the weekend Latisha, i sure do Jeff i want more of that wonderful white prick of yours. I got dressed and i sent every one home and went back to my two hot personal sexy whores and i enjoyed there sex show when i got back into the room, we did everthing togther we took a shower together and went swimming and ate together and fucked each other we stayed naked the entire weekend and enjoyed it.

A few weeks later Sherry and Latisha  came over to my apartment and they both told me they both were pregant with my babys and they both were very happy that they were and they both moved in with me and we went to las vegas and got married to each other, and then when it was time to give birth Sherry gave me a daughter and Latisha gave me a white daughter also, and we lived very happy together. Me and my girls love our life.

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