Playing with George

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George and I had been friends since my freshmen year in high school. We were both on the crew team and had gotten to know each other quite well during the summer when we raced together in a double scull. We were both the same size, about six feet tall and both lean and fit. George had a bit more muscle than I with some nice definition, not bulky, but long and sleek. In fact, I often admired his naked body in the locker room and felt sexual excitement from seeing him nude. I didn’t think of myself as queer, but I couldn’t deny the pleasure it gave me.
The year before I had discovered a paperback gay porn story hidden among my father’s books and had jerked off to it many times. The passages involving anal intercourse excited me the most and had moved me to try inserting the shaft of a toilet plunger into myself while I masturbated. While I still mocked the idea of homosexuality when talking with my friends, I began to think I might want to try fooling around with a boy if the opportunity ever presented itself.
George and I now were now 18 years old and rowing teammates for our local boat club. Our daily routine was quite pleasant. We met at the boathouse at 8:00am for our first practice. This was normally a six to nine miler as prescribed by our coach. We were then free until the afternoon practice at 4:00pm. Since George’s house was quite a bit closer to the boathouse than mine and he had a car, we regularly went there and hung out.
On this particular day, George suggested that it would be fun to sneak a couple of his father’s beers to loosen up a bit while we listened to music on his stereo. We were in the basement. His parents both worked so we had the place to ourselves. We got mellow very quickly and before I knew it, he appeared with two more beers. Next he produced a joint of potent grass which we shared. I was flying by the time I took my third drag. I heard George saying it would be fun to wrestle a bit. I nodded dreamily, too out of it to be surprised at anything. He started to take his clothes off, saying that we would do it like the ancient Greeks. Again, I quietly went along, pulling off my pants, shirt and socks, but hesitated to see what he would do with his undershorts. Off they came and I followed suit.
We would wrestle on the deep pile carpet and to reduce the risk of injury we would start out on the ground. He asked me if I wanted to start on top or bottom. I had no clue about wrestling and he positioned me on bottom which turned out to be very appropriate. Neither of us had any training in wrestling, so this was going to be simple flailing around. I also didn’t care about the outcome, but instead just tried my best to frustrate whatever hold George tried to put me in. We rolled around for a while and I became aware that my penis was getting close to fully erect. I could also feel that George was in the same state. Eventually he got me face down, his body covering mine and his hard cock firmly lodged between my buttocks. He had my wrists held tightly and I was suddenly unable to move. We were both winded from our efforts and lay still for a couple of minutes. I became aware that George was rocking his pelvis ever-so-slightly, making his penis slide the tiniest bit along my crack. It felt so overpoweringly good that I couldn’t help but respond, pushing my bottom up into him in the same rhythm.
Once George felt me respond, he began openly humping me and I began raising my hips in clear and enthusiastic response. He let go of my wrists and reached under me, taking my cock and balls in his hands. I started moaning with pleasure. We continued humping for a while. I could tell from his breathing that George was close to climax and so was I, the shaft of my penis continuing to slide back and forth in George’s hand. Suddenly George got up and went to a cabinet. He returned quickly, knelt behind me and began applying what turned out to be Vaseline to my anus. I reached behind me and spread my cheeks to aid him in opening me up. We hadn’t spoken other than moans and grunts all this time, yet George was absolutely sure that I was willing to be fucked in the ass. After he had fully inserted one finger, he withdrew and pressed two together against my sphincter. Slowly and carefully, he worked two fingers through the rubbery resistance. When I felt the knuckles pop through, his two fingers slid cleanly all the way inside me. I was experiencing pure pleasure as George did this and suddenly I felt comfortable not only vocalizing how good his fingers felt in my ass but in urging him to finger fuck me more vigorously. George proceeded at his own pace though, and had I not been so high, it might have occurred to me that he seemed to have some experience at this.
After George had succeeded in inserting three fingers to full depth in my anus he began gently pumping them and twisting his hand slightly which really excited me. After some minutes of this, my anus was well stretched and he was ready to mount me. He broke his silence, telling me that he preferred fucking in missionary position, since he liked kissing and having his nipples played with as he fucked, but that it was easier for a novice to take a cock doggie style. He got me on my hands and knees then had me press my face and chest against the carpet so that my ass projected up at a good angle. He took my hips in his hands and pulled me back as he thrust the head of his iron hard cock against my anus. Guiding it with one hand while steadying me with the other, he increased his pressure until my anus began to open and surround the head of his penis. Little by little, George expertly penetrated me and I felt nothing but pleasure and satisfaction.
George responded to my cues, fucking me very slowly at first to ensure that I felt comfortable with his dick in my ass. He withdrew all the way to the point at which the head of his penis was about to pop out of me, then slid it in smoothly and slowly until his pubic bone was pressed hard against me. After I got the feel of it, he would stop and allow me to rock back and forth, fucking myself on his motionless cock. I tried wiggling my ass as I thrust myself on his cock and was rewarded both a very pleasurable sensation and approving spanks on my buttocks from George.
I also learned that I could make him very excited with strong squeezes of my sphincter and caused him to come before he expected to with a series of rapid thrusts combined with strong squeezes as I pulled off him. It was true that I hadn’t thought of myself as a queer before, but now I loved the idea of being a queer bottom boy. I loved being able to make George excited, and to make him come when I wanted to.
After George had recovered a bit, he had me lie on my back and treated me to my first blow job. He expertly pulled and sucked on my cock which got stiffer than ever in my life. After a few minutes of this, he reached for one of my nipples and with a few perfect tweaks caused an explosion of semen into his mouth. I had had no idea about the erogenous potential of my nipples. George was teaching me things about my sexuality I never dreamed of!
Now it was George’s turn again. He disappeared briefly to wash off his cock, then returned and had me kneel in front of him. Without being told, I knew to take his limp cock in my mouth. I shuddered with excitement. I was sucking another boy’s penis! I realized now that I had always wanted to suck cock. I was happy to feel his cock immediately begin to stiffen. As it grew, I wasn’t able to keep it all contained in my mouth and I didn’t know how to swallow it yet. George wasn’t interested in spending too much time getting sucked though. As soon as he was fully erect, he had me lie on the carpet and pull my legs back, so my anus was exposed. He got on his knees, moved down on me and quickly penetrated me with his cock. He lowered his torso onto me and put his lips on mine. His tongue gently parted my lips and began moving around my mouth. I kissed back, sucking his tongue greedily. While we continued to kiss, he began thrusting into me. I hooked my legs around his back like I had being doing this forever and we began fucking. Soon I discovered his big erect nipples and learned that when I played with them the right way he slammed into me fast and hard.
Since he had already come once George was able to fuck me for a long time. I didn’t want it to stop either. Finally we reached a crescendo and I was pleased to feel his penis jerking involuntary inside my rectum as he shot his load of semen into me for the second time. When we recovered, we took a sexy shower together and somehow managed to get aroused again. We jerked each other off before we finished showering.
After we dressed George answered most of the questions that came rushing out of me. He knew from an early age that he was attracted to boys, but also was smart enough to conceal it. He never acted on the urge until one day two years ago when a driver who gave him a lift when he was hitchhiking talked him into coming to his apartment. He told George he was a photographer and wanted to use him as a model. I guess that line rarely fails and before long, George was being photographed with his new friend’s erect penis in his mouth.
By George’s next visit, the photographer was fucking him. George’s visits became regular and he was eventually introduced to pretty much every variety of homosexuality. His friend regularly hosted groups for orgies and George was hooked.
George then confided to me the names of two of our classmates that he had seduced and was still having sex with. I knew both and in fact had daydreamed about one of them, Eddy, because of his thin graceful body. George assured me that Eddy was a lot of fun to fuck and suggested that if I wanted to try a switch from being bottom, he would give him to me to fuck whenever I wanted.
I wasn’t sure if I was as gay as George, but I thought it would be fun to experiment and find out.

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