The Boys Next door

Stanton a nineteen year-old boy was my next door neighbor. He had bushy sandy brown hair and freckles and his skinny white body was sort of ugly to women but not to me, and though he was six feet tall he weighed just over one hundred and fifty pounds. . His brother Stanley was seventeen and could have been his identical twin if not for his enormous cock. Stanton had a normal size prick of six inches, but Stanley was almost fourteen when he was hard. You see I know this because I would sit in my window at night after the lights were turned off and stare across the alleyway and watch in their bedroom window. I would see them jerk themselves off at night and splatter their cum upon their chest and rub it all over them and even sometimes each other. I saw Stanton jerk Stanley off one night then lick it off his hands. I also saw Stanley fuck his mom one night when Stanton and his dad were gone on a camping trip. She came in to kiss him good night naked and he wound up with her riding his dick shouting and screaming as he laid back and watched the show. I was fifteen then and still a virgin when I witnessed that. Two years later on my seventeenth birthday those two boys would be my first lovers.
My mom told me that all good boys should grow up healthy and strong and since she raised me alone I never was allowed to do much except chores, schoolwork and reading. I wasn’t allowed to play outside with other kids unless she was able to watch. When I turned seventeen she had told me that I could start work at the local market down the street bagging grocery’s and save my money for when I graduated.
In school I really tried hard to get to be friends with other kids but I were small and sort a feminine. I was five feet six and only a hundred and ten pounds then. I had a slender build and thin frame and most girls laughed at me and boys too, it seemed no one ever really took note of me other than hello goodbye and to laugh.
My mom kept my red hair long and wavy and allowed it to cover my shoulders and reach my belt before she ever let it be trimmed. She would brush it for me nightly and something else she did was shave my body hair from the time I could remember. She told me that I was too cute to be hairy and when she would use wax on my legs and face I could go mouths before fuzz showed up. She also started to explain sex to me in a weird way, sort like Stanley’s mom but differently. She didn’t want to have sex with me but wanted to watch me jerk off. I thought it was natural for her to watch me and when she would have me do it before bedtime in the bathroom I never really thought bad of it until one day later on. She also made me were a silk pair of panties and not boxers or briefs. That was embarrassing in school and in the gym it almost got me beat up several times. I finally got her to let me wear normal underwear to school.
Then came the night of my seventeenth birthday, and mom made me a big cake. She had several presents wrapped sitting on my bed when I got home and a card she hand made. She wouldn’t let me open anything until after dinner and after she had lit the cake. She took care to try to show me a nice evening and since we were always close I truly appreciated it. Then after I blew out the candles and we ate most of the cake she sent me to my room to open my presents and as she did she kissed me on the cheek and smiled.
I sat down opened my card and begin to read it. The front had pictures of balloons pasted with words that said; “Now you are a young man, because today you have gained a new year and a new age.” Inside it said, “You may not like that I have kept you to myself all these years but now I know that I must share you my son so dear. Now I must allow you to choose your way and hope that you will be happy even if you are gay.” I gasped as I read it and wondered if mom had been listening at my door late at night while I watched the boys next door.
Then when I opened the first present it was a small box with a pair of lacy sexy black panties and a note that said, “Wear these tonight and nothing else.”
The second present was a larger box but still small overall and inside it was a tube of jelly and a note that said “Son, bring this when come downstairs.”
The third box was about the same size and bit heavier, and when I opened it I found a picture of mom and the woman next door. They were naked and kissing each others breast. The note said, “It’s okay that you know now who I spend my days with.”
The fifth box was large but only had a pair of black slippers and a note that read, “Use these to walk out on the wild side tonight.”
So I stripped naked and put on the panties and slippers and carried the tube of jelly and went down to mom to thank her. She was not alone when I got there, Marty the lady next door and mother of the Stanton and Stanley was there with her. She had mom naked in her arms and was caressing her breast as I came into the room. They smiled at me and pointed for me to walk out the door. As I did as commanded Stanton waited for me in the backyard.
He smiled broadly at me as I approached him, and inside I was about to bust. Somehow mom knew how much I wanted to be with him. Then it hit me, she had been reading my diary, how else would she know that I loved black lace and had dreamed of this. Stanton didn’t say a word but just took me into his arms and began to kiss me as I dropped the tube of jelly and began to hold him tightly. Soon his hands roamed over my chest and caressed my sensitive nipples sending me into a cooing frenzy. Then as he slid his hands over my ass I slid my hand to unleash his short pants and fondle his prick. As I took hold of it for the first time I dropped to my knees and began to kiss and lick and suck it. Then I lifted it and licked his shaft to his balls and back up lovingly and adoring. When I reach the peak I engulfed it with my mouth and lips and began my first oral service to Stanton. His cock grew larger and harder and very soon after I increased my pressure on his prick he began to seep cum into my mouth. I was waiting for it to erupt and wanting it so that when it did, I swallowed it without choking. He was pleased by my oral outburst and as mom and Marty cheered, I realized they had been watching the whole time. I turned to look at them and smiled just as Stanley came up from behind me. He jerked me upward off the ground and flung me over the picnic bench and squirted the jelly into my ass. Then as He rammed his prick with the force of a bulldozer into my ass I screamed in agony than in ecstasy. He began to thrust harder and as he did Stanton came over and offered his dick to me again, which I gladly took into my mouth. Then the two boys began t thrust in unison and to gain in strength with each heave into my ass and mouth. I felt a large warm rush up my ass as Stanley yelled out in pleasure just as Stanton came a second time in my mouth. They were gasping for breath as I rolled onto the bench and laid on my back looking up at them. I gently fondled both of them and brushed and tickled their balls they tried to regain their stamina. Mom walked over and standing there looking down at me she straddled the bench and my erect cock and began to ride me while Stanley and Stanton sucked her nipples and fondled mine. Marty came over and straddled my face and offered her pussy for dinner as she joined them. Several minutes passed before Marty squirted her pussy juices on my open mouth and then a second later I came in mom. When the lifted off me they exchanged places and I began to eat my mom pussy and my cum as Marty began to grind on my spent tiny dick. When she got frustrated at me she lifted up and demanded that their dad and her husband now join the show and butt fuck me. He pushed my legs backwards and inserted himself in me and when he came mom did too. Stanton and Stanley quickly took back over full charge of me and as they rode me in both ends as harshly as before Mom and Marty and her husband wound up in similar pile beside us. Tha
t night Stanton took me
to his room to sleep and though we did not close our eyes for long we slept together four more times that night. The next day I stayed there with him as his lover and his friend.
It was seven years ago last night when that happened. I am now living with Marty and Stanton in a small apartment in a town far away while Stanley and his dad live with my mom in their old house. Marty uses me to eat her pussy seven times a day while Stanton and I are lovers full time. Marty also has several other men that she brings home to use and let use me and sometimes Stanton. Ever so often the others visit and mom always wants to know what I am doing and whom and even then she wants to watch. So I guess I am okay with all that has gone on, and when I think of what life was like before that I night I laugh.

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    Great Story! Read my story under TVTS, about my “strict aunt”. It is true. Let’s talk.

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