The Pastor and His Parishioner

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I had watched her for months, but first, let me tell you about myself. I am a husband of nearly twenty years. I am also a father. Through the years my sex life had become boring and routine. My wife is very sexy, and that is what attracted me to her to begin with. She was full of energy and ambitious in bed, at least that’s what I thought at the time. I had never been with another woman other than her. I grew up in a very restricted home and pretty much obeyed all the rules about sex outside of marriage. I would just have to be happy with my wife’s nice breasts and sexy body even if she was boring and our love making had become so predicting.
I was also a pastor for nearly 15years. I wasn’t supposed to be having these thoughts about the new hot parishioner. She was so fucking hot. She had perfect breasts, nice thin waistline and an ass that was unbelievable. On top of it all, she had attitude. An attitude that you knew would make the bed a fucking paradise of pleasure. There she was on that Sunday morning with her tight short skirt on and teasing me with a tight shirt that was cut low enough to not leave a lot to the fucking imagination. God I could feel my dick getting so big as I stayed behind the lectern hoping that it wouldn’t be noticed by the other parishioners.
I always made it a habit to stand at the door as parishioners exited the building. My heart started racing and my cock grew hard again as she approached. She put a note in my hand and held onto my hand a little longer than was necessary. I quickly found a place to privately read the note. It said, “I saw you staring at them, if you want to see them and more, come by my house tonight at 11 pm. Husband is out of town on business. Park up the street and enter through the basement door. It will be unlocked”.
All day I thought about it. A few minutes before 11, I told my wife I had some parishioner to visit in the hospital that wasn’t doing well. I would be back later. I arrived on her street and parked the car in the dark shadows a few hundred feet down from her house. I walked brusquely through the winter night to the back of her house. Sure enough the back door was unlocked. It was dark in the basement room. I couldn’t see anything because my eyes were still trying to adjust. After I closed the door, I heard her voice say “I knew you would come, come sit down over here in this chair, I have something I want to give you.” I walked over to the chair and slowly sat down. In a moment she came out of the shadows with just a robe on. I could see parts of her naked body under the robe as it came open and she knelt before me on the floor. I reached for her body. As I pushed my hand in the opening of her robe, I wanted to feel her soft skin so badly and feel those perfect breasts. She pushed my hand back and said, “slow down…I have something I want to give you first” She slowly unzipped my pants and reached in and pulled out my erect cock. I watched with anticipation as she lowered her lips down and gently kissed it. Then she began to go down on my cock and as she held the base of my dick with her hand she moved her tongue all up and down the shaft. Stroking it and sucking my cock. Damn, I had never had anyone suck me the way she was doing. I began to move my hips in rhythm as she was taking my cock in and out of her hungry mouth. God, I was going to cum if she kept going! It felt better than any fucking thing my wife has ever done to me! Even though it felt so good and I knew that if I came that she would swallow without a doubt! I could tell the way she was milking my cock that she was hungry and eager to swallow. I pulled out. I wanted to feel her body against mine. I was so eager for that sweet pussy of hers. I stood up and hungrily took her lips in mine. I kissed her so deeply and passionately and she kissed back just as hard. I moved my hand inside her robe and lightly brushed her nipples. She moaned. There was no stopping us now. She moved her arms back and let the robe fall to the floor. There she stood in front of me. The sexiest woman I had ever seen. Her body was so fucking perfect that it was better than what I had imagined or dreamed it would be. I picked her up and carried her up the stairs kissing her the entire time. I laid her down on her bed in her bedroom. There she was completely naked looking at me. Begging for my big dick. She told me that I was so much bigger than her loser husband and she wanted to fuck my 8 inches so bad. She quickly helped me finish undressing and then started sucking me again..damn she was so fucking good at blow jobs. I almost came again before I pushed her back and this time I laid her back on the bed and slowly went down and started licking her clit. I know that I am very good orally. She begin to moan and move her clit into my mouth. I licked her until she came in my mouth. Her pussy juices tasted so different and so damn good. I wanted more. She pulled me up and pushed me down on the bed. As I was lying on my back, she sat on top of me and slowly lowered her pussy down on my waiting hard cock. Damn it, she was there riding me. I had never seen anything hotter than this. There she was moving back and forth on top of me…fucking me so hard. Her breast were so fucking amazing as she rode me hard. She kept rider me harder and harder. We both were sweating profusely as she worked it hard. I couldn’t hold it any longer…my back arched and so did hers as she bent all the way back with my dick inside of her and she was holding on to my ankles. I moaned loudly and so did she…in fact we were both screaming as we were fucking the hell out of each other…parishioner and pastor. Finally I came hard and so did she almost at the same time. I could feel my warm cum squirting inside of her. Just the way I envisioned it. She rolled off of me and we fell asleep in each others arms for a few hours. I woke up and walked up the street with a big smile on my face and drove my car back home. I don’t think I will ever look at her the same again.

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