What A Reward

Emily, is my wife Shels best friend. She has been since I came into the picture. Emily is a virgin. She is 5ft 7, 135 pounds, she has a C cup, and a nice ass. She turned 18, 2 months ago, and every since I have been fantasising, about her. I am 6ft 2, and 163 pounds. I was fighting, for a chance at the Cruiser weight title. I was going up on the turnbuckles for my Setup, the Celtic Drop, when I first noticed, Emily their with Shel. Emily was wearing a black tanktop, with a short black mini skirt. I smiled at her, as I jumped, off the ropes, and landed my move. Quickly, I turned my opponent aroud, so that I was facing her. Then I locked in the Celtic Knot, to finish the match, my opponent quickly tapped, out. Then I rolled out and quickly started to head backstage.

I was in the shower when I heard the door open. I took a peak outside my shower stall, expecting to see my wife. But boy was I surprised, it was Emily. She seen me and smiled. I turned the water off, and was grabbing, a towel, when she asked “Are you done already, or do you need a hand?” I was stunned, all I could say is “What are you doing in here?” She quickly replied “Rewarding you.” I felt my 9 inches, rise. She noticed and replied “Someone is ready to collect.” She grabbed my cock, which, was at full erect. And started to play with it, she leaned up for a kiss, so we started making out. I leaned back, and looked her up and down. I was ready to collect.

I pulled, her tank top, off, to reveal, her perferct lusty C’s. I leaned over, and licked her nipples. Then, I pulled her skirt off, to reveal soakened, wet black lace panties. I began, to gently twist her right nipple, with one hand, and with the other, I rubbed her clit, through her panties, with my other hand. She began to moan. I couldn’t believe how wet her panties were. I pulled her panties, off, to reveal, a neatly shaved, pussy. The scent was so overwhelming, I just couldnt help, myself, I had to have her. Igot down on my knees, and spread her lips apart, and licked her clit. She let out a louder moan, I then stared to, eat, almost instantly she came. I her her say “I want you now, I cant wait anymore.” I lifted up one of her, legs, and started to force my dick, in her tight, virgin pussy. Once it was all the way in, I began to thrust like I had never thrusted before. I took my hands and used them, to twist her nipples. Before long she was yelling “Im going to CUM”, so I started thrusting harder, and got rougher, then I heard “Im CUMMMMMMMMMING!” She told me, “I want to taste you now” So I pulled my soppping wet cock out, and stuck it in her mouth. She was great, she started sucking, and fondiling my balls like a pro. She licked my shaft up and down, and sucked even harder. Berore long, I was cumming, I was amazed to find her sucking, every bit of my come, and not missing a drop. She, looked up at me, and said we have to do this again That is when Shel, responded “I agree”. “Now, it’s my turn.”

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  1. one word for you: grammar

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