from straight to gay in one evening

What am i, straight, bisexual, gay? At this point i don’t know.
I always considered myself an average guy. Never had any thoughts
about doing anything sexual with another guy. I was a girls only

I guess i never knew what to look for in a woman. I’m in my second
marrige, and it’s been going down hill for a good while now. My wife
has gotten into drugs,and has some weird people always around. She
calls them friends. None of them held a job. So i’d had about all i
could take.

We were living in an apartment at the time. It was a holliday, and we
were having a party at our place. I didn’t want to be surrounded by
only her dopey friends all night,so i envited a coworker. I’ll call him
Greg. He worked in a different department,but would get sent over to
help out once in awhile. I didn’t know him very well,but he seemed nice.
So i invited him. I was happy he came.

He mingled awhile,then just came over to me. He didn’t seem to care for
their company either. Although he didn’t say so. As we were talking, it
was as if i were seeing him for the very first time. Then a feeling came
over me,i can’t explain. Suddenly i was feeling very attracted to him.
Maybe it was the drinks i’d had, or maybe i just needed some fresh air.
I said, it’s stuffy in here. Let’s step out for some air.We went out the
patio door into the back. All the others were so wrapped up in themselves,
they didn’t miss us anyway.

About fifty feet back there was a creek,and a brick wall about 3 feet
high along the bank. we sat down on it and started talking. As we talked,
without realizing it, we got closer together. I kept feeling a strong
attraction for him. I was confused by that feeling. But i just wanted to
be close to him. He must have felt that as well. We stopped talking and
were just looking into each others eyes,as if we were looking into our
very souls. I couldn’t resist at that point,and i put my arm around his
shoulders,and he leaned toward me. I realized he was feeling that too.
So without another word i leaned in and kissed his lips. Softly at
first. Then with more passion. Our tongues explored each others mouths,
and my hand went to his crotch. He didn’t resist. I was enjoying this more
than i ever had with a woman. His hand was on the back of my head, forcing
our lips tighter together. I could feel his erection,and mine was hard as
well. I wanted to take him to bed and make love with him the rest of the
night,but i knew we couldn’t tonight. I broke the kiss and told him i want
you. He said, i’ve wanted you since the first time i saw you. I told him,
we’d better get rid of our erections. Someone may miss us and come looking.
He said,i can tell you now what i’ve been feeling all this time. I fell in
love with you the first time i saw you. I told him,i’m confused. I’ve never
felt this for a guy before. Let’s get together and talk about this after
work. I know i love holding and kissing you. Right now i want to be with
you all the time,and i don’t know why i’m feeling this way.

We returned to the apartment. Once inside,no one acted as if they knew we
were gone. I wished then that we had stayed out longer. I wanted to hold him.
kiss his lips,and fondle him. Hell, no one knew we were there anyway. So i
suggested we go out to the car. We went to his car. It has dark tinted
windows. There was no one stirring outside. We got in the car and i pulled
him to me,kissing his wonderful lips again. He began rubbing my crotch, and
trying to get the zipper down. I was fully erect and helped him get it out.
He said, watch for people,and began sucking me. My cock slid in and out of
his warm, wet mouth. I had never felt so good with anyone before. He’d lick
my prostate and continue sucking. It had been a while since i got that.
He paused for a moment and told me, i’ve had fantasies about doing this to
you. Then started again saying, “mmmmmmmm” as he sucked. I couldn’t hold back
any longer, and spilled my cum in his mouth. He sucked a little more, then
came back up. Just in time too. A car was driving in.

When they parked and went inside i french kissed him. His mouth tasted of
my fresh semen. It was like i was in another world. I had french kissed a man,
and now i was about to suck his cock. I got his fly open,and got his erect
cock free. It was so different than feeling my own,and i loved the way it felt.
I wanted it in my mouth. I gave him a quick kiss, and went down and took all
this gorgous hunk of meat i could get in my mouth. As i sucked it,there was a
voice in my head saying, your really sucking a man’s cock. That excited me even
more. I could have sucked him all night. But i was anxious for my first taste
of a guys cum, and shortly i got it. His cock was throbbing,sending shots of
his creamy cum over my tongue and into my throat. That was the most exciting
experience i’d ever had. I was so excited my body quivered. I didn’t let his
cock leave my hand, as i sat up kissing him again. I wanted to get him naked,
in a bed and make love to him for hours. I said, tell me we’ll do this again.
I want you!! He assured me we would. I felt like we were a part of each other
now, and i wanted to love him, and be loved by him. Maybe it was due to a lack
of love at home, or maybe i didn,t actually love him. Maybe it was only lust.
What i knew right then was,i wanted him. I didn’t care why.

We sat there a long time,kissing and fondling each other. I felt so loved.
I didn’t care if cars came in, or my wife came looking for me. I was enjoying
this more than anything i could remember. He said, it’s getting pretty late.
I better head on home. I told him, don’t forget me. Let’s get together again
real soon. Ok? He said, we will baby. I told you i’m in love with you. I kissed
him again, and went in. They were still passing the joint around, and talking,
and laughing. They didn’t even know i was there. So i went on to bed.

(there’s more to this story. i’ll post it soon in part 2.)

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