Red red heat

When I was in high school, I never really fit in. I was always the guys best friend, never the one that he would go for. Once I got to college, everything changed. Guys who would never spend two seconds on me before were beginning to notice me.

Two months after arriving on campus, I had my first boyfriend. Now don’t get me wrong, everything was great, especially the sex. But Mike just never fulfilled me quite the way I wanted.

By the beginning of my sophomore year, Mike and I were doing great. We decided not to move in with each other till next year though. I put in a request for a roommate, and got one no problem. Her name was Angela, and she sounded very sweet. I was excited to get to know her.

The day arrived when Angela was moving in. There was a knock on the door, and when I opened it, the most beautiful women I had ever seen was standing on the other side. She was tall, with creamy white skin, deep green eyes, and wavy red hair. I was speechless. She was gorgeous.

We talked a lot that nite, and really got to know each other quite well….

I found out that Angela was a lesbian. I was totally cool with that, and she asked me about my love life. I told her about Mike, but I also had talked to her about how he wasn’t fulfilling me. She was the first person I told this to.

“Well, why isn’t he fulfilling you?” she asked kindly.

“I don’t know, I just don’t feel the connection. It’s strange, I am feeling more of a connection with you right now than I usually do with him.”

“Oh really? Sweetie, can I tell you something? I know we just met, and this might be really awkward, but I am very attracted to you. You are beautiful, and I think the connection you might be missing, is the love of a woman.”

And with that, Angela began to kiss me. I resisted at first, but the lust I felt for her began to take over. As our tongues and mouths molded together, I began to feel something. Something that Mike had never had with me. Angela and I had pure passion.

Angela took me by the hand, and lead me into her bedroom. She sat me down on the bed, and did a playful striptease for me. First off came her blouse, revealing her gorgeous breasts. They were quite large, they must have been at least a C cup. Then off came her skirt. I saw her tight ass and began to tingle all over. She came over to me and pulled of the sundress I had on. She took my breasts in her hands and began to gently work at them, getting my nipples nice and hard. She put her mouth on my nipple, and began to move her tongue all around. She was making my so hot. I reached down, and began to play with myself. Angela noticed this.

“Sweetie, why do you let me take care of this.”

She pulled off my pink thong and admired my freshly shaven pussy. Angela kissed my inner thigh, very lightly. She opened the lips of my pussy, and planted a kiss. She then began to work her tongue in and out of my hot hole. I could not believe she was making me feel like this. She was so good, I had never been with anyone who could get me this hot this fast. She was working my snatch very good when she planted her pussy on my face. It smelled so sweet. I knew I had to taste it. I gently put my tongue in her pussy, being very delicate. Angela let out a moan, so I knew she liked it. I found Angela’s clit, and flicked it back and forth with my tongue. We were both nearing out orgasms, so we went faster and faster with our tongues. We were both screaming out in pure ecstasy. Then I felt Angela’s sweet juices run down my throat as my own cum dripped out of my cunt.

“Wow babe, that was amazing. You’re a natural! You sure you’ve never been with a woman before?” said Angela.

“No, never.”

“Well, hang on, cause I’ve got another surprise for you.”

Angela disappeared for a second, and came back with a bright purple strap on dildo. She put it on, and commanded me to get on all fours. I did exactly as I was told, excited to see what would happen next. Angela came up behind me, and lightly poked the head of the dildo in my pussy. I let out a small moan. She did this several times, as if she was teasing me. Finally I could not take the anticipation.

“Stick that cock into me right now!” I screamed

And with that, Angela banged that cock into me as hard as she could. My pussy was not used to taking that kind of beating, but it felt good. Angela pulled the dick out of my pussy, and rammed it into me again. She did this again and again, but pushing harder and faster with every thrust. She was making me so hot again. My pussy was loving every second of this. She was thrusting away, when all of a sudden, the bedroom door opened. Standing there, was my boyfriend Mike….

To be continued…….

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  1. Ramrod

    Very hot! I liked it.

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