A girl always gets what she wants

Rob got out of his car after a long day at work. No doubt Claire would want some loving but tonight he really didn’t feel up to it.
“Babes I’m home” called Rob as he walked into the house. Claire ran out of the bedroom wearing a maid’s outfit that just about managed to hold her breasts in. She walked up to Rob and kisses him passionately parting his lips with her tongue and exploring the mouth she knew so well. She took his hand and moved it up the inside of her thigh slowly. Rob stopped his hand and broke the kiss.
“Babes I’m really tired not tonight”
Claire watched as Rob walked into the living room and decided that she would get her way and decided to tease him until he gave in.
Rob sat down on the sofa and put his legs up on the coffee table and switched on the tv. Claire walked into the living room and bent down in front of Rob cleaning up the coffee table. Her cute ass was blocking robs view of the tv. He noticed she wasn’t wearing any knickers so he had a clear view of her cleanly shaven pussy. He could smell her sweet scent and saw that she was wet. She most probably had masturbated before he got home either using one of her vibrators he had bought her for Christmas or had used her fingers sliding them in and out of her while rubbing her clit. Rob felt him self begin to get hard and tried to push the thought out of his head but he couldn’t look anywhere else but at her lovely wet slit. He reached forward and slid a finger into Claire’s tight hole then slid it back out and into his mouth tasting her sweet juices.
Rob moved forward more and ran his tongue slowly along Claire’s pussy lips tasting her juices he licked her pussy all the way from the tip of her clit down to her hot moist tight hole, and stuck his tongue into it briefly, running his tongue all around the walls. He turned her around and laid her on the sofa opening her legs and draping them over his shoulders and began to lick her hot pussy again sucking her clit and nibbling it then pushing his tongue back into her pussy. Claire was moaning loud her hips bucking trying to push his tongue deeper into her and her head pushed back he could feel her pussy muscles tighten as she came hard letting out a small scream and then relaxing on the sofa breathing deeply. Claire got up and slid of Rob’s shirt while kissing him able to taste her juices in his mouth. She then got on her knees and unbuckled his trousers sliding them down and then pulling down his boxers allowing his cock to spring free. She held the base of his cock in one hand and her other hand cupping his balls, she ran her tongue over the head slowly. Rob pushed his hips forward and pushed his cock into her mouth. She began to suck him slowly working her hand up and down the shaft at the same time while massaging his balls. She pushed her head forward again taking this time all of Robs cock into her mouth and began to move it in and out of her mouth covering it with her saliva. Rob held onto Claire’s head for support, nearly unable to stand from the amount of pleasure she was producing on his cock. Without any warning he shot his load into the back of Claire’s throat which she greedily swallowed and carried on sucking him until he was finished coming. Claire began to pump his cock again until he was hard and then laid down on the floor opening her legs up to him. Rob moved between her legs and started rubbing the head of his cock at the opening of her wet pussy and began to slide in slowly until he had completely buried his cock into her tight pussy. He then started to pump in and out of Claire while kissing her breasts and playing with her nipples. After a few minutes he placed her legs over his shoulders and started to pick up the pace and drove in and out of her pulling her into him. He kept sucking her nipples as he plunged deeper into her with each thrust. Claire had begun to scream, as she was getting so close to reaching her climax. Rob felt his own orgasm building and pumped in and out faster suddenly he felt her pussy muscles tighten like they had before and she let out a scream and pushed herself down on him hard which finished Rob of and he shot his cum into her pussy and continued to pump into her until he had finished coming. They both laid down on the floor next to each other regaining their strength for round 2.

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