Chuck Mister Dependable

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Darla enters the lobby of her downtown loft holding on tight to the paper bag that carries her takeout food. She strolls across the floor summoning the elevator and leaning against the wall she contemplates whether or not she should retrieve her mail then remembering what her sister had told her she immediately dismissed the thought. Darlene had called earlier in the week to advise her of Claudette and Joe’s ‘distasteful’ wedding invitation, Darla of course had more explicit words to describe her former close friend’s revolting gesture. Thinking of Joe she was transported back to the last time the two had had sex…

The movie theater had been fairly empty that Sunday afternoon and although Joe had wanted to sit in the back row Darla hadn’t given it much importance. But as soon as the lights had gone off and the movie began to play Joe had leaned over whispering his intentions. Darla objected as usual, but Joe was undeterred, for him getting Darla to succumb to his advances was always half the fun. So he’d brazenly reached underneath her dress and began stroking, she’d given in readily after that. Joe had then sprung into action scooting his large frame in between the seats spreading her legs then the folds of her sex proceeding to give her the best oral sex she’d ever had.

The twinge in her groin and the warm discharge brought her back to the present. Uncomfortably, Darla shifts her stance switching the paper bag from her right arm to her left then presses the elevator button with added urgency thinking, “When is this elevator gonna get here?!”

Soon as she’d walked into her apartment she’d taken her jacket off and tossed it on the sofa along with her keys. She carried the food into the kitchen sliding the paper bag across the counter. As she emptied the contents of the bag she tried not to think too much about Joe and his new lover, tried not to think too much about how flustered she now was. After she opened the food container and began eating from it she thought of one person in particular who would normally be on standby that was Maxwell Thomas. Max was an ex co-worker who was not only a certified bachelor, but was absolutely phenomenal in bed. Unfortunately for her, the last time the two had had sex the encounter had ended on a sour note so she hadn’t spoken to him in weeks. She heaved a heavy sigh. It appeared as if a date with Chuck her battery operated boyfriend was the best option at this point.

Sitting on her sofa with her legs tucked under her Darla placidly listening to the jazz station when the urge to touch herself became overwhelming and without a second thought Darla switched the tuner from Radio to Closed Circuit programming. The adult channel begins to play and sexual images pop on the big screen, a nurse giving a doctor a blowjob on an operating table. Reaching for the glass of wine that sits on the adjacent table she gets to her feet and walks towards the window blankly staring at the city below. She takes a good chug of the wine and sets the glass to rest on a nearby table. She had never undressed in front of an open window before but standing there as she was she was compelled to go through with it and without a second thought she began to undress. Soon as the blouse came off she reached in her bra fondling her breasts lightly pinching her nipples, her intimate walls contract in response. Minutes later she unfastens the bra altogether finally freeing the mounds of flesh. She then proceeds to unzip her skirt ant it lands on the floor. The black stockings and minute underwear went next. Now standing there fully naked Darla wondered if anyone could see her, the thought of it embarrassed her and thrilled her at the same time. Going with the flow she guided a slender finger in between her legs, and finding the opening of her vagina she slid it in with ease. Darla glanced back at the images on the screen seeing that doctor was now screwing the nurse from behind. That was her favorite position and watching the couple go at it like dogs, made Darla want to cum in the worst way.

At first she thought a quick hand job would do, but witnessing the hot sex on the screen she needed reinforcement so she made her way to the master bedroom retrieving Chuck her dependable eight-inch long, two -inch thick sturdy dildo, lubricating gel, a large comforter and her anal plug; another fetish of Joe’s that she’d come to enjoy from time.

Darla spread the comforter on the sofa careful to cover the leather placing the sex toys next to her for easy access; she then proceeded to lie down just as the next sex act began to play. This scene was more interesting than the previous one; a woman was sitting in jail and an officer had just walked into her cell. Drawing the wooden stick from his holster he commands her to stand and disrobe which she obediently does. He then instructs her to face the wall and assume the position and smacks her bare ass with the wooden stick. Darla wasn’t particularly into BDSM, but this particular scene was hot. She decides to get in some action of her own and reaching for Chuck she swiftly drives him in, the massive toy strains against her walls and she squirms with pleasure. Her eyes go back to the screen and she sees that the cop is now pounding his own monstrous cock inside the woman’s ass. A few years back she would have been opposed to anal sex, but since Joe she entertained it on occasion. So she takes her prompt from the onscreen couple and reaching for the lubricant she pours a generous amount on the plug then gently inserts it. On the screen the man proceeds to slap the girl’s ass with his bare hands until her butt cheeks are bright pink. The blonde then bucks and screams as she climaxes, the man does too yelling expletives as the camera comes in for a close up. The cloudy substance oozes from his cock and drips down the girl’s slim thighs.

Darla was so wet that she felt her own love juices drip on the comforter below. She began to jerk off furiously rotating Chuck as she shoved the dildo further in. Good God, she was so close! She forced herself to sit on the anal plug rubbing her swollen clit with expert coordination then finally bucking she climaxes wildly, love juices spilling from deep within. As the ecstasy rode in waves she screamed loudly, so loud in fact that she wondered if the gay couple next door could hear her.

Minutes later slumping against the couch she faced the ceiling a smile across her face. She was single and alone, but no longer frustrated, she was now completely and utterly satisfied.

The End

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