Rush Hour

It was a typical Friday morning rush hour. It was 90 degrees already, and the temperature was still rising. It was indeed, going to be a hot one today. My car had moved only just a couple of feet in the last half hour; I was going to be late for work, yet again. Sweat was beginning to drench my white silk blouse, so I turned on the air conditioning, directed the vents towards me, and reclined my seat. The deep hum of the fan pushing the cold air through the vents of my quiet interior was hypnotizing, and eventually I allowed my mind to wander……

My new supervisor was incredibly sexy, and I tried to imagine the conversation that was going to transpire after being late for the 4th time this week.
He calls me into his spacious corner office with a stern and authoritative tone. Immediately sensing his annoyance with my punctuality, I begin to grovel; however, mere pleading is not going to satisfy him today. Intent on making me learn my lesson, he believes that punishment is the only course of action that will discourage any of my future tardies.
Sitting at his desk, he motions for me to approach him. Hesitantly, yet excitedly, I stand next to his chair and await further instruction. Then, without any warning, he forces me over his knees, raising my skirt around my waist, and exposing my white cotton panties. I can feel my face turning red with embarrassment, but somehow I am becoming oddly excited by his primal strength and forceful actions. I struggle a little to break free, but am unsuccessful. With one hand on my lower back, he keeps me pushed down against his lap, as he uses the other to deliver 2 powerful slaps to my panty covered bottom. Every time his hand comes in contact with my plump rear, my pussy grinds against his lap, and judging by the wet patch forming between my thighs, there is no denying how turned on I am becoming. As his rhythmic slaps rub my clit against his crotch, his dick begins stiffen beneath his trousers telling me that he too, is aroused.

……Completely engrossed in my fantasy, I had already unbuttoned my blouse, and was sitting in the middle of the freeway tweaking my nipples and cupping breasts through my lacy white bra. I glanced around me to make sure that no one was noticing my indiscretions, and then reached under my skirt to stroke my pussy through my panties, still enthralled by my own imagination….

I manage to maneuver a hand in between his legs so that I can unleash his impressive and fully erect dick on from his pants. Still bending over his lap, I pull out his cock through his zipper, and tease it a little with my tongue, before finally taking its entire length into my mouth. Meanwhile, he manages to drift away from my now tender and red ass, and find his way to the moist crotch of my panties. He eagerly massages my clit while I feast on his beautiful dick… Hungrily and with exquisite rhythm, I lap up and down the length of his shaft, and then swallow it whole. Meanwhile his busy fingers are working hard on my pussy, and I get closer to climaxing with every stroke of his forefinger……

Not concerned by my surroundings, I had now managed to lift my skirt over my waist, push my panties aside, and was sliding my fingers up and down over my slick cunt. I parted my lips with one hand and inserted my middle finger into my eager pussy. Moaning with delight, I strummed away at myself, which brought me closer and closer to cumming……..

He is about to cum, I can feel his dick pulse in my mouth, and his breaths are becoming short and desperate. He places his hand on the top of my head, and forces my mouth down around his dick. It pushes against the back of my throat, as he continues to rub my now soaked panties at an even more strenuous rate. Sensing that I am close to orgasm, he throws me off his lap, and bends me over his oversized oak desk. Pressing me down against the crumpled business documents on his desk, he rips my panties off with one quick tug, and spreads my legs, raising my inviting ass high into air. Without wasting any time, he nestles the head of cock against my slick pussy. He slides it up and down its length for a few minutes to taunt me, and then without warning, he plunges his dick deep inside my quivering snatch. I moan loudly and clutch the sides of the desk to brace myself. For every powerful thrust he delivers, my cunt tightens in anticipation of my orgasm. I finally explode with a loud moan of satisfaction, and my pussy’s grip on his cock relaxes just in time for him to pull out, and spray is hot cum all over my bare bottom…

…………I was now really getting into this fantasy, and was bringing myself closer to orgasm with every stroke. When suddenly, I realized that in the car next to me, a woman about my age was watching me touch myself, and from the look of things, I think that she was enjoying the show. Completely oblivious to the morning traffic around me, I decided to give her a performance she might never forget.

Stay tuned for part two…

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