The next door neighbour Ch 02

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Chapter two
(He wants to make home movies!!)
“Right I’m off now Debs, I’ll see you later.”
Debbie’s mum gave a quick preoccupied smile and left her twenty two year old daughter to her own plans. Debbie looked at the clock feeling sick. Two thirty five, her mum had been running late and now so was she.
She locked the back door and made her way around to Mr. Grove’s garden. He was standing by his garden shed and he didn’t look happy. The window that she had smashed had still not been repaired so she knew that she was still in his debt.
“Come inside Debbie.” He ordered quietly.
Her head down, she went into his shed, and listened whilst he closed and locked the door.
“Would you care to explain to me why you are late?”
“I’m sorry Mr. Groves, but mum was running late and I just couldn’t get away.”
He held out a piece of chalk to her and indicated a black board in the far corner. “Go and put an x on it.” He ordered and as she did this. “Now that’s one punishment you owe me that I will collect on when it’s convenient to me.”
“Yes Mr. Groves.” She responded sadly.
“Now Debbie I haven’t got a lot of time today so shall we just get straight on with it?”
She eyed him nervously “What did you want me to do?”
“Go and sit on the chair over there.” He instructed. “Now open your legs and show me you pussy.”
As Debbie complied she realised that Mr. Groves was holding a little camera.
“Oh god no! Please Mr. Groves don’t do that!” she pleaded.
“Don’t be silly girl.” He snapped impatiently. “You won’t want to visit me forever and when you leave I’ll need something to remember you by.”
She hesitated at the thought of being free of him. “And you promise never to show it to anyone else?”
“I promise girl.” He nodded his head and held up the camera again. “Now where were we? Oh yes.”
He paused for a moment to get her in focus. “Now show me your pussy, yes that’s it now stroke it for me, yes, yes.”
He had her masturbating for a while but finally he felt he’d got enough footage. Keeping the camera on her and fumbling at his belt, “over here Debbie, come and kneel at my feet.”
She did as she was told and looked up at him knowing what he was going to say next.
“Now, get it out and suck it.” She took his hard dick out of his trousers and put it in her mouth. It tasted disgusting.
“Yes, that’s a good girl.” He panted as he placed his free hand on the back of her head and started to force her head backwards and forwards.
He was very excited and thankfully she didn’t have to work too hard to get him to come.
One more suck and his semen hit the back of her throat and made her gag; she swallowed without even thinking about it and felt the slimy texture as it slid down her throat.
“Yes that’s a good girl Debbie.” He laughed his dirty laugh. “I can see that you’ve had some experience with this kind of thing.”
She wanted to cry out, “no, never! I would never let anyone treat me like that!” but she’d just let him so how could she ever say that again?
“Now back in the chair Debbie and finger yourself until you come.” He ordered her.
With a little sigh Debbie sat back in the chair and spread her legs.
“And don’t forget those nice little tits off yours; we wouldn’t like them to feel left out.”
She was wearing a sweater today and a bra; she pulled them both up and heard his little excited grunt as her boobs came free. She pinched the nipples a few times and made them nice and hard for him, and then she started to finger herself. She was soaking wet and terribly excited by the seediness of it all. Seeing that dirty old man sitting there, and watching her touching herself like this. He still had his camera going and she thought about him watching her late at night. She knew that he would stroke himself as he watched it and she felt a sense of power and control over him.
She thrust her fingers inside herself and started to pump them hard and fast.
“Yes, that’s it you little slut. You fuck yourself good and hard.” His dirty snide comments were the trigger she needed and she cried out as she came all over her fingers.
“Now Debbie look at my camera.” She did as she was told. “Now lick your fingers for me.”
Blushing in total humiliation she complied and he gave an evil little chuckle.
“You see Debbie, you might protest that you don’t like it, but you always come for me.”
“Yes Mr. Groves.” Debbie said meekly.
“Now bring your chair over here girl.”
Debbie lifted the chair and placed it opposite him; she sat down and looked into his eyes.
“Your mum?” he asked thoughtfully. “What shift is your mum on tomorrow?”
“Debbie swallowed nervously. “She’s on the eleven to four o’clock shift tomorrow.” She whispered fearfully.
Mr. Groves nodded his head. “Yes I thought that she was.” He looked at her with another of those leering little smiles of his. “I’ll be round at your house for just after eleven.” He told her. “Make sure you wear that skirt and top you were wearing yesterday.” He ordered.
“Yes Mr. Groves.” She whispered wondering what he had planned.
He stood up which was her signal to leave. “And Debbie I might bring some toys with me tomorrow so look forward to some fun.”
She left the shed wondering what he would do and was shocked at the excitement she felt deep in her gut. There must be something wrong with her that she liked what was happening to her. She went into her home and to her bedroom and indulged in her other dirty little secret.
Over the road lived a young man who was terribly obese. He rarely left his bed room and spent a lot of his time staring into her window. Debbie knew that he liked to watch her and often she would deliberately leave her curtains open as she undressed. It excited her to feel his eyes burning through the glass and looking at her body. As she took her top off she could see him sitting there.
Suddenly her phone went making her jump.
“Hello.” She said breathlessly.
“You know that I can see you.” The masculine voice breathed down the phone.
“Who are you? What do you want?” her voice was squeaky and panicky and she thought that she would come right there and then.
“Soon Debbie.” The voice whispered. “I’ll come and get you soon.”
The line went dead and Debbie rushed into the bathroom. She dove under the shower and soaped herself lovingly as she came again and then again.

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