Bi Pleasure

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Bi Pleasure
My Name is Arenas, and I want to tell you of an experience which pleased and shocked me into finding who I really am. I’m a male love to fuck, bit of a voyeur like most men, if a mini skirt is being worn by a beautiful woman, I will look and even ogle, if I’m not seen doing it.
Mid week and I’m sat in my local bar, drinking and looking around, nothing really took my eye so I just looked down looked through my glass which was half full, normally it would be half empty, which shows I’m feeling optimistic tonight.
I saw an image through my glass, which I didn’t see when looking around a few minuets ago. I could make out a woman’s legs, parted under the table, knowing this meant she was behind me, I picked my glass up, went to the bar and asked for another drink.
Taking my drink back to where I was sitting, I looked over and there she was a young woman in her twenties, with her boy friend of the same age, she was wearing a long dress, pink flowers, with a blue tint to the dress, she had her hands and arm under the table, between her legs; I don’t think she new her dress was not under her bottom, but folded up exposing her thighs and long lovely legs, she worn no tights or stocking, and had one shoe off her foot while wagging her foot.
I positioned myself to be able to see every move she made, moving my body at an angle, and sitting in a closer seat, I could smell the scent coming from her body, my imagination took off, watching her laugh and lifting her knees up when ever her boyfriend said something funny to her, I was getting a stiff on, I couldn’t take my eyes off her legs and thigh, she leaned forward to chat to her boyfriend and exposed her bottom, I couldn’t see any panties so I guessed she must be wearing a thong.
The boyfriend stood up and went to the bar, for more drinks. I took this opportunity to catch her eye while she was looking around, and smiled at her, she smiled back and nodded, turned toward her boyfriend, letting me look more an more at her ass, and those legs, she moved slightly over when the boyfriend returned and this made her dress go between her legs completely exposing all her leg, bottom, and the blue thong between her legs; god I was stiff, my own legs started to tremble slightly, should I tell her? Will she call me a perv? All these thought went through my head, as I approached the couple; Beg your pardon I said, I don’t want to embarres you, but your dress is exposing your bottom.
They both looked at me; is it always this quiet in here? She said, yes I replied, then sit down join us, she never bothered with her dress and the boyfriend looked like nothing was said to him, so like a good voyeur I sat next to the girl.
My name is Arenas, I said, Hi mine is Sam and this is Tully, can I get you both a drink, No she replied, we have plenty; are you gay she asked, which took me by surprise, no, are you, she laughed looked at Tully and said I think we have a match here.
What do you mean; I said placing my hand on the seat touching her thigh slightly, she was warm to touch. Tully ask; do you want to have some fun with us.
I’m always up for fun, I said, ok replied Sam, drink up and lets go, go where I said, our place for some fun, lets make a night of it.
We entered their apartment which was modern clean and very bright, all the lights where on, and as Sam passed bye I could see right through her thin dress, I had guessed right she was wearing a thong, and the thong had slipped out of her ass crack and could be seen over her left buttock; has she done this on purpose, for me to look at? I was suddenly on my own in the room, Tully had gone and Sam was in the bedroom; my chance I thought walked over to Sam’s room looked in saying hello.
Sam and Tully where laid on the bed with no clothes on at all; you going to join us said Sam, yes and I started to take my clothes off, my stiff jumped into sight for Sam and Tully to see, come over here said Sam, parting her legs, while Tully moved to the bottom of the bed. I wanted to mount her instantly, but I didn’t want to cum to soon, I lay on top of Sam, my stiff feeling her pussy lips on my knob, making my cock pulse, Tully who was at the bottom of the bed took hold of my cock and started to suck it, his head was laid between Sam’s legs, his face looking up to take all my cock in his mouth, at the same time Sam held me firm, her arms around my shoulders then whispered let him play, I get the cum he gets to suck.
Tully stopped sucking and I felt him take hold of my cock and place it near Sam’s pussy, it was wet and waiting for me to enter, Tully slipped it in not before pressing my knob against Sam’s ass and slid my cock into her cunt, it was hot in her cunt, I moved slow, letting my cock enter as far as it could go in, Sam started to move pushing up while I was pushing down, I was in with all of my cock, and she was still pushing whispering more Arenas, please more, Tully press on my ass pushing me into Sam’s pussy forcing her hard into the mattress, she moaned yes , Tully keep pushing, said Sam.
I felt like I was being squashed with Sam pushing, up and Tully pushing down my body was screaming to turn over so I could breath, then Sam pushed me onto my back her legs came up bending her knees she scream Tully I’m coming, he quickly put his face and mouth down to her pussy, Sam bucked and Tully sucked until she relaxed while Tully still sucking pushed a finger into my ass, and started to masturbate my cock with his hand, my cock was wet and throbbing it’s my turn I thought for a good sucking from Tully, that’s exactly what happened, I felt him move away from Sam and place his mouth over my wet cock, and played with my knob licking it with his tongue, and then took every inch into his mouth sucking and bobbing his head furiously.
I couldn’t hold it any longer and screamed I’m coming Tully I’m coming, my cum was ready to burst out of me, he lifted his head and I felt a little release from the pressure he had applied to my cock, only to feel a mouth going onto my cock again, but pushing it further down the throat, it took all my strength to look down, Sam I screamed, she was bobbing up and down, I could see she wanted it deep throat style, I rolled over keeping her mouth over my cock, and pushed hard, she gulped and sucked, I screamed I’m coming, at that Tully held my ass down forcing it to stay in Sam’s mouth while I exploded cum after cum down her throat, she didn’t choke, she didn’t spit but drank all my cum.
To be continued.

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    nice, I am enjoying the pulsing of my cock.

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