Taking a teen cherry

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At 17 Jenny was the hottest chick I had ever met.
I had just turned 16 myself, but she was the fastest chick I
had ever met, besides I lied and said I was going to be 19.

Nice long brown hair, great ass and her breast was what wet
dreams were made of. She gave me my first blow job, it was
great!. I had gotten laid before, but this I knew was going
to be special.

We did things to each other I did not know could be done.
At first I was a bit grossed out at the though of licking
her ass but after she did it to me, I had no other choice.
Besides she was good enough to eat! LITERALLY!

I can’t say other wise, she was new in town and was the
subject of all locker room conversations but none could say
they have had her.
She always to this day says (even to her friends) that I took
her cherry. It was great! Afterwards we got together about
six times and then we got to spend the weekend at her parents
condo at Ski Bech in the Carolinas. I knew she was tight but
this time she bled and I noticed that she had a small scar on
her shoulder. I had never noticed it before, it has about the
size of a penny and it was “L” shaped.

Man she was tight and there was something else I could not
put my finger on.

It was after we had breakfast that the surprise was thrust
upon me. That was not Jenny I had just spent the night with
even though we had screwed our brains out. It was her TWIN
sister Tania! I almost flipped when Jenny walked thru the
door wearing a ski outfit, after I had seen her walk into the
bathroom bare ass naked.

We had a great weekend at her folk’s cabin the girls
literally fucked my brains out, they took turns on me and
after the first 5 times or so I was beat.

We got to go out several times after that, they would take
turns going out with me but never again have I had the
pleasure of both at one time.

It has been six years now, I saw Tania yesterday and it was a
bit uncomfortable being introduced to her girl friend as the
guy that deflowered my sister and I. But it sure does
wonders for my ego. She asked about a possible reunion
before her sister gets married, I like it!, I like it!

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  1. Horny dude

    Dude you need to work on your story more.

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