Hypnotic Sex

As long as Gina could remember he had the power, well at least as far back as eight years old anyway. For about twelve years now, with no real rhyme or reason, Gina had somehow acquired the power to put people into deep hypnotic trances. And even mor

Lessons In Obediance

It was 430p on an endless afternoon of customer complaints. I was starting to believe that I would never get to go home to relax. I thought I would scream as the phone started ringing again. ” Hello?” I answered. ” Go rent a room at the Ma


Mario is this man who delivers general supplies to my company on Thursdays. I’ve made a habit of passing our supply closet, and needing supplies on Thursday afternoons. I’ve been dreaming of him for weeks. Many times after an encounter with him i hav

One Foggy Night

HAVE you ever wondered if: just because two people have sex, does that somehow create a bond between them? Let me tell you my story.
I, like almost everybody else, had cousins when growing up. And either you loved them or hated them, or you hardly

Country Hottie

my story starts when george finds out a country music queen is going to be giving a concert in a small town where he lives. george goes to the place where the concert is going to take place he buys his ticket he gets in his truck opens his pants and

a Teacher

Maria Gomez was a tough disciplinarian. She expected total respect from her students. If she did not get it, she would humiliate them in front of the class or worse, send them to the dean’s office.
Several of the students were “fed up” with Ms. Gome