Size Queen Surprize: The Invitation


We spot each other in the parking lot entering a swingers club house. Both of us joined this swinging club recently and this is the third party I’ve attended. We’re both being calculatingly interested in each other, casually strolling to the front door. Our eyes wander here and there but it’s just a ploy and we both know it. It’s more than obvious that we want to be together. One of the better  aspects about  swinging is that you can cut to the chase. No superficiality necessary!

“I’ve seen and heard about you, through the walls and from friends. Care to share a drink?”  Her welcome invitation catches me by surprize.

“Sure hope I didn’t make a fool of myself and yes I’ll take you up on that drink. If you’re not to shy maybe you’ll even reveal to me what you heard.”

“I don’t think I can replicate your sexy groans. What I like about what I hear is how long you were with my two friends. They both left here with you last week end for three days of none stop sex with occasional surfing, snorkling and boating for cool off sessions between your orgasmic marathons. I’m also dieing to hear  more about your threesome and your secret endurance techniques.”

As we share trading sips of the same giant size  strawberry cherry margarita with grand marnier and triple sec through the same straw, I reveal an autobiographical history on the numerous sex workshops I’ve attended.

“It all started when I was embarrassed about being a pre mature ejaculator. After learning how to transform that inadequacy into a multi orgasmic all night experience, I found the one thing in life I wouldn’t mind having as an addiction. It’s taken years of training and experience to accomplish the endurance you’ve heard about. If per chance we transform this conversation into an all night adventure, you can be your own eye witness, hopefully satisfied,  judge for yourself.”

“I have to admitt that this luscious drink and our tantalizing chat has turned me on and even got me  wet. However, I feel it’s necessary to warn you about the one thing I’m embarrassed with. I have an enormously huge pussy. I can’t even begin  getting excited about penetration unless a guy has an abnormally huge cock. So, I guess you might say I’m a size queen. I just want to be up front and honest before we end up dissatisfied with being together.”

We continue chatting about sexual fantasies mixed with real experiences.  I’m up front with her that I do not meet her qualifications related to “abnormally huge.”

“I like being with you. You’re comfortable, casual, honest so I’m going to let you in on a secret. I’m a research chemist working on a top secret formula for unlimited penis growth. You’ve  no doubt heard about all the pills, exercises, patches and what not paraphrenalia to enhance penis growth.”

“Yeah, I’ve tried most of them with little or no results. I’ve increased up to two inches in length and girth but it’s not permanent.”

“Well, if you want to be a paid volunteer I can get you into the program. We’ve already achieved our goal with results in the 100% gauranteed enhancement level. We’ve got the formula for penis growth however, we have another obstacle to conquer. The larger the penis gets it seems to acquire mild erectile dysfunction. If you volunteer you would be involved in this area of research together with the miraculous growth technique.”

“Sounds like a worthwhile challenge. I’ll let you in one of my secrets. I lost a girlfriend because I wasn’t hung enough for her satisfaction. I’ve been trying to make up for it in other ways. This will round out my ideal goal of becoming multi orgasmic with the added enhancment of being hung like a horse.”

“I’d like to be your research partner if you accept this project.” She’s so intriguingly attractive how can I turn this oppportunity down?

“Let’s go for it. I can’t think of anyone else I’d want to be with. Make me your size king so I can satisfy you completely.”

“That’s going to take a considerable leap of faith. Sure you want to become that big.”

“How big are we talking?”

“Let’s make that a surprize. If you agree, let’s just take it inch by inch until we’re both satisfied. Sound inticing?”

“I’m getting mighty excited. When do we start?”

“First thing in the morning.”

“How fast is the growth rate?”

“If you take the injections every day in three days your body will adjust to an inch a day with the use of a vacuum pump. The pump sets the size and the cellular transformation replicates that size. Every seven days your cells replicate  and become permanent”

“You mean what ever size I can pump up to can become the size I’ll attain?”

“That’s it in a nut shell. How it works is still being kept confidential.”

We finish our drink and head for a sushi bar. Our conversation stays focused on sexual desires. She reveals her most craving desires and I’m blown away at how close our cravings match. She even craves uni (sea urchin) as much as I do. Our evening comes to a close with a sensual hug, we both hesitate, it feels right, our lips are close enough, our mouths open, our tongues introduce each other and for the next five minutes we enjoy exploring each other down to our tonsils. Our bodies rotate into each other as the fever of anticipation intensifies. We both know the timing isn’t quite right to go further, yet…

“By the way, I’m Ashley and you are the most amazing make out partner I believe I’ve ever been with. If that’s a taste of what’s to come, I’m yours for the duration.”

“I’m Randall. I can’t believe we got through the night without a formal introduction. Sure glad our mouths had no problem getting aquainted. There’s no doubt in my mind that we’re going to possibly be the most compatible sex partners we’ve ever been with.”

“I’m sure that means we’re going to be extremely outstanding partners. I’m amazed at your muscular body. The rest will develop as you wish. I know I’ll be fulfilled, with the research and our sexual relationship. There are other aspects of research we’re involved with. If you’ll share your expertise from those workshops and personal experience you can become part of our team.”

“Who would ever think that joining a swinging club could lead to this? See you at the clinic, eight o’clock sharp.”

“Is there anything I can do for you tonight to help you relax for tomorrow?”

“I’ll probably have a great wet dream just fantasizing about how good we’ll be together once I aquire the necessary equipment.”

“Well, there’s still a matter of your oral prowess. How about introducing me to how you satisfied two women orally while penetrating them consecutively.”

“We sure had one hell of a week end. I have to admitt I get off on oral sex.  I crave it so much it’s almost a must for me. It’s as if a woman’s essence is the trigger for how I’ve been able to sustain indefinite orgasmic experiences. If I can’t enjoy oral sex before getting it on, it’s almost just like going through the motions without that ecsatic blissful adrenaline rush. It’s still enjoyable but it lacks that intensity that’s become such a welcome addiction.”

“I have no doubt we can satisfy each other orally. In fact I’ll bet we can develop a form of oral foreplay that keeps building until the day we finally go for what I understand is our true ultimate satisfaction.”

“Ashley, would you be so kind as to join me for an evening of erotic oral satisfaction.”

“Lead the way!”

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