My first time with a woman

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I had just finished answering a slew of e-mails from customers when a pop-up ad for adult live chat came on my computer screen. It piqued my curousity, even though I was happily married for the past five years, now at twenty seven , I found myself admiring attractve women. Ah what the hell, I thought, as i clicked on the window. I filled out the credit stuff and gave myself a screen name,”Babydoll 27″, and clicked on the site. There were pictures of about fifty girls, almost but not quite, totally nude, I chose a girl called “Love Child”, she looked very young and was absolutely beautiful.

She was laying on a bed, a computer keyboard at her side, one hand typing, the other fondling her breast inside the pretty pink bra.

All of the participants were men, asking her to take of her bra and for her to rub her pussy, she moved around so that she could give us a nice view of her pink thong, then turned around to show the sweetest ass I have ever seen. She was encouraging one guy to go private with her, where she would go nude and do anything he wanted, it cost $15 for 5 minutes of private.

Finally I got the courage to enter the conversation, my pussy was tingling as I typed, asking her if she cared that I was a girl. Turning and smiling, answered me immediately, that she was happy I was here.

She got on her hands and knees, the camcorder focusing in on her lovely breasts, which were trying to come out of her pretty lace bra, asked me if I liked her bra, I responded that I did and wished I could take it off.

I could feel myself getting wet so I slid my shorts off and they dropped down to my ankles. Touching the wet through my panties I could feel my clit throbbing.

“LoveChild” turned again so her pussy was close to the camera, a wet spot on her panties was visible, she asked me to take her private, I agreed and asked what I should do. “Click on private show and purchase some credits with your credit card, we will be alone there.” I clicked and charged $25 and there she was, the screen was empty of all the men who were chatting.She was sitting with her legs spread smiling at me.

“Whats your name, I am Chris,” she asked.

” My name is Bobbi, you are very pretty, how old are you,” I responded, “I have never been with a girl, but I have this new desire to be with one.”

“I am 23, and from Bucharest, Romania, I have been with a girl once, and enjoyed it,” typed Chris, “let’s play together.”

She unhooked the front clasp of her bra, letting her full round breasts fall out, her nipples were popping out, I pulled my top off and unhooked my bra so I could feel my hard nipples.

“Let’s touch ourselves together,” I asked, typing with one hand, the other firmly holding my breast.

“We will make love together” sliding her hand into her panties, “you have me so wet, I can put one finger in myself already.”

I slid off my panties and laid back on my chair, wishing I was on my laptop, so i could be laying in my bed, I too was so wet I could put my finger inside me , feeling those wet, warm juices.

“I wish you were here so I could hold you and kiss those sweet lips, while our breasts touched, our nipples teasing each other,” I told her, typing again with one hand.

“I will give you my email, so we can talk in private when I go back public, now i am going to lay back and use both hands , so you can watch as we cum together,” she said taking off her panties and giving me a close up of her swollen clitoris and then her fingers sliding in.

I did the same , watching a full view of her I could see she was ready to cum, I know I was, it burst out of me all over my chair and even on the screen. My legs were trembling I had never had an orgasm this satisfying. I knew now I had to find a woman to make love with. The screen went blank, so i messaged Chris, she was back public, and said that she too had a wonderful orgasm.

I said goodbye and signed off , I still was so wet, the juices just flowing out of me , it was too bad my husband is out of town on businss, I was ready for a good fucking.

Tomorrow I am going to High Point , North Carolina to attend the Furniture Show, being a sales rep. for a fabric company this is my big event. I will make it bigger this year by meeting a girl and making love with her.

I decided to dress as sexy as I could without being tacky, I bought this beautiful bra set for special occasions, a pink and blue demi bra from beau bra which fastens with ribbons and bows, since my tits are small and perky, only a 34B, I need all the help I can get from my bra to look sexy. Then a pink silk blouse unbuttoned enough to show a glimse of my bra and its pretty bow tie. I decided on long black skirt with slits up to mid thigh, which will show the lacy tops of my thigh high beige hose, Black stilleto heels and I am ready to go to the airport. Checking myself out in my full length mirror, I must say I accomplished what I wanted, I look sexy!

The evening flight to Carolina from Alanta was only one and a half hours, just time enough for a couple of glasses of wine, my biggest customer had a complimentary limo service into the furniture market, on my arrival, there was the driver waiting at luggage with my name on his sign.

“Welcome, I’m Dave from American Furniture, I have another person coming in from LA, i’ll take you to the Limo and you can have some wine and cheese, They should be here in about 15 minutes their flight is on time.” As I followed him to the Limo. I sat down , while Dave opened the wine and put a cd in the player. “I’ll be back in a minute” he said, walking back toward the terminal. I sat back on the soft leather seat and sipped the fine chardonnay, putting my other hand up my skirt, I felt the softness of my panties against my warmth, and thought about Chris, oh I hope i can meet someone this week.

I saw Dave coming, followed by a tall attractive blond, wearing a grey suit with a very short skirt, almost a mini. I got up and out of the limo and Dave introduced us, “this is Bobbi from Fashion Fabrics, meet Ashley from the LA Times.”

“Hi Ashley” feeling good after my third glass of wine, ” nice to met you have you been to High Point Market before”

“This is my first time, I am so excited about doing a series of articles on the furniture business,” she answered while sliding in beside me, her legs spread open enough for me to see her black panties.

“This is my fifth year here, maybe I can show you around”

Please join me in a glass of chardonnay, it is very good,” I said reaching across her to get a glass from the mini bar, my leg pressing against hers, as I poured the wine.

” Here’s to a good market for both of us,”

Clicking her glass with mine, resting my other hand on her thigh, she took a sip of her wine and placed her hand on top of mine, pressing it firmer on her thigh.

“The wine on the plane and here is making me feel so good,” smiling at me and taking another sip while moving her hand inside the slit of my skirt and onto the lacy top of my hose. ” I love your hose, I wish I would have worn mine Instead of these plain ones,” setting her glass in the holder, then pulling her short skirt up showing the plain nylons and her black bikini panties.

“You are both staying at the Hilton, right” said Dave catching us by surprise.

“I am” giggled Ashley, taking her hand off my leg and picking up her glass “I hope Bobbi is too.”

“Yes I am staying there, Ashley, I am meeting some of my friends in the hotel bar around 9 o’clock, why don’t you join us” I asked as we pulled in the drive of the Hilton.

“I would love too , I think we have something to finish” she answered, again patting my thigh and smiling.

We checked in and agreed to meet in the lobby in 20 minutes and go into the bar together. I washed up and applied some fresh make-up, my
heart racing in anticipation of being with Ashley, my pussy was throbbing, reaching in my skirt, I could felt my soaking wet panties, and
headed for the elevator.Ashley arrived a minute after me, I wondered if she was as excited as I was. She had changed from her business suit to a black silk blouse and white mini skirt with black hose and heels, she also took my lead with, the top 3 buttons of her blouse open her black bra barely showing.

“Wow you look good, you are going to light these guys up” I said, taking her arm in mine and heading toward the bar.
“There they are, the three guys over in the corner, they work for American Furnitue, my biggest customer. We have known each other for 5 years, and have had some wild times at these shows. We can act as free as we want and it won’t go any further than within our group”

“Hey guys, meet Ashley from LA, she is with a newspaper, and is here to write about us and our crazy business, Ashley this is Bob, Mark and over there Michael.” I said, sliding into the leather corner booth with Ashley following me in, sitting close enough to be touching me.

“What are you girls drinking” asked Bob, “Chardonnay for me ” I said, “You too Ashley” asked Bob. ” yes” she said again placing her hand on my thigh. After the drinks arrived, Ashley moved closer and slid her hand off the lace of my hose up on my soft inner thigh with her little finger touching my panties. I was doing the same to her and she responded pulling up her skirt and spreading her thighs so i could put my hand on her wet mound.

“You are as wet as I am” , she whispered in my ear, closing her thighs so my hand pressed tight against her wet panties, “pull the ribbon on the side of my panties, the bow will untie and they will open up for you to touch me” I whispered in her ear. I felt the tug at my panties then her soft fingers spreading the lips of my pussy, I wanted to kiss her and explore her mouth with my tongue like she was exploring my cunt with her fingers. The guys were drinking Tequilla sfhooters and were not paying any attention to us since Monday Night footbll was on the big screen TV. I was able to move her panties over so I could get my fingers inside her, I could feel her clit throbbing.

“Bobbi will you go with me, I need to check in with my husband and tell him I arrived here safely and am in good hands” she said loud enough for the guys to hear. Taking her hand out of my panties and pulling her skirt down as I took my hand away. Then tied my panties and followed her out of the booth.

“We will back shortly guys” she said waving her wine glass at them. We were alone on the elevator and immediatley embraced each other being the same height, our nipples, swollen through our bra and blouses pressed against each other while we kissed passionately.

Finally in the room we desperatly unbuttoned each others blouses and seeing my bra she pulled the bow so my breasts fell free. I reached around unhooking her bra and slipped it and her blouse off, then did the same with mine. We kissed again this time slower and more gentle our breasts entwined our hearts pounding, I unbuttoned my skirt , letting it fall to the carpet, then undid her mini letting it fall. Still kissing I put my hands on her firm breasts and moved my thigh against her wet panties while putting my throbbing pussy against her thigh. With our tongues still exploring each others mouth, I backed her toward the bed and slowly lowered her to it. I stood up, lifting her leg up so i could take off her heels, then I placed fer foot between my breasts and started removing her hose slowly sliding it off, doing the same for the other leg , I was ready for her panties, I knelt down at her knees and placed my hand on her round buttocks lifting her off the bed so I could gently take them off.

“Your turn now” she said sitting on the side of the bed and standing me up, she pulled me close slowly removing my hose kissing my nipples as she took them off. She tok the ribbons on panties in her teeth and untied the bows letting the fall to the carpet, she then pulled me toward her, sitting me on her lap with my wet hairless pussy pressed against her flat belly and my breast in her mouth, her tongue encircleling my hard swollen nipple. I reached down to her breasts , squeezing her nipples gently between my fingers. I know I was close to cumming so I laid on the bed and pulled her along side me and we kissed again our hands in each others cunts, our clits sollen and throbbing , pure enjoyment flowing through our bodies, we came together, our juices all over each others thighs and hairless pussies.

We sat up on the side of the bed and laughed about our clothes strewn all over the room.

“Looks like someone had a good time here” I said laughhing, “you going to call your hubby?”

“Yeah sit here and play with me while I talk to him and then we ill go join your friend

Please join us for Part 2

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