Sandwiched between two heavenly bodies

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Sandwiched between two heavenly bodies When I was in 12th standard my height was 5’7″ and weight 55 kgs. I was good looking. In our colony other than my family 3 more families were very close friend of us. Almost every Sunday every member of all four families used to unite and enjoy the Sunday lunch. On one particular Sunday my parents went to attned one other social function and I was alone at home. As it was going to be very late I went to one of family to pass the time. The aunty was alone at home. She informed me that uncle is on tour and so she is alone, so she asked me to sleep at her home only. It started raining and soon the climate was very cool. Around midnight when I was asleep in one room I felt some hot air touching to my body. I opened my eyes as the night lamp was on I can easily watch Sapna aunty lying by me on my bed. Aunty ( Sapna ) was sleeping very close to me. I saw her and closed my eyes thinking that as she is alone that’s why she is sleeping near to me. After some time Sapna reduces the distance between me and her. Now her face was almost touching my face. I felt some pressure on my chest. These were the boobs of Sapna. It was first ever experience for me to get this feeling I enjoyed. Suddenly Sapna opened her eyes and started removing her blouse. I saw her big boobs wrapped in red bra. It was a amazing scene. I felt that something is happening to me. Sapna hold my face in her arms and kissed on my chicks. Within seconds she kissed me again. Sapna removed my vest and asked me to remove the shorts also. She then removed her saree and petticoat. Now she was in bra and panty only. Though her body color was dark but all the curves were very dangerous. Her cup size CC plus. She hold me tight and kissed my lips for almost 30 seconds. These 30 seconds changed my life.Immediately after this kiss my underwear was wet. Sapna asked me ” How it feels?” I was unable to reply as I was very afraid. Sapna then asked me to kiss her. Initially I hesitated but then kissed her on chicks. She then asked me to kiss her lips. I kissed her lips and once again my penis started flowing. Sapna then asked me to kiss her boobs. When I kissed her boobs I felt that I am in heaven and flying on clouds. Sapna and me were in bed and kissing each other throughout the night. In the morning when I was returning my home she asked me not tell this to anybody. I replied in yes. When I reached my school in each girl’s face I was seeing Sapna. Now Sapna used to call me her home whenever she used to alone. As we could get a very short time we used to only kiss each other on chicks and lips and sometimes her big big bouncy boobs. My dad’s elder brother met with an accident and my parents had to rush to other town for 2-3 days. I was alone at home. Sapna convinced her husband that she will sleep at my home so that this boy is not afraid in the night. Sapna told me that she will sleep with me in the night. I was so excited and happy. Sapna arrived at my home around 11 PM. I finished my school homework and what I saw in the bed —— Sapna was lying in bed completely nude. I saw any lady in such condition for the very first time. I kept on watching her eacj and every part thoroughly. Sapna opened her eyes and told me ” Now stop watching me my sexy lover and start your work.” She then removed my all the clothes and took me in the bed. This time her kissed were very hot and wet. Soon I lost all types of control. After almost half an hour’s kissing session I was so tired that I told Sapna to relieve me. She smiled and agreed. But she kept me holding close to to her and asked me to go sleep. Next night Sapna comes again. Sapna told me ” Today is a very special night. I will teach you the altimate sex relationship.” I just watched her face. Soon we were naked. Sapna took out one packet from her blose. It was a condom. She very carefully covered my penis with the condom. Sapna then made a V by her legs and took me close to her. With the help of her one hand she was holding me tight and kissing me my lips and by other hand’s help she inserted my penis into her cock. I felt that I am in a very thick fluid and having bath. Sapna took out her tongue and kissed mu tounge so wet that a huge amount of fluid started flowing from my penis. I was on cloud nine throughout that night. When we were in this extreme steamy session our bedroom light was on as we forget switch it off. Next to my home our other family friend is living. This aunty ( Tanya ) was in her kitchen for a glass of water. She saw my bedroom light on. It was 2 AM. She got worried and came out of her home and moved closer to my bedroom’s window. She saw me and Sapna nude and doing intercourse. Tanya aunty is also very hot in looking. I forget to mentioin here that weight of Sapna is above 85 kgs ans so is of Tanya’s. Next morning when I was going to school. Tanya called me near to her balcony and told me ” Yesterday night your bedroom’s light was on till 2 AM?” I replied slowly with so many pauses ” I was doing my home work.” Tanya smiled in a very different way and spoke ” Okay. You were doing your homework with the help of Sapna and that also without clothes and in the bed! ” I ran away from there. I couldn’t attend my school as I was very much afraid of Tanya. I return my home early from school. Sapna saw me coming, she called me to her house and asked the reason. I told her about Tanya. Sapna smiled and replied ” Don’t worry I had already spoke to her in the morning only. Everything is okay. Nothing to worry.” I came to my home very relaxed but I was waiting for the night as today’s night was the last chance for me and Sapna as next day my parents were to return. It was about 11.30 in the night and Sapna arrived. I was thrilled to see her smiling. She immediately kissed me on lips. I also reciprocated. Sapna whisper in my ears ” My sexy lover; you will never forget today’s night. Its going to be very very special and memorable.” I aksed ” what’s new and next we are going to do today?” Sapna went to the main door of my bedroom and opened it. I saw Tanya in her night gown. I was shocked and frightened. Sapna told ” Don’t worry my sexy lover. Tanya is also joining us. She will also sleep with us. You are the luckiest teen in the whole world as as of now no teen in the age of 16 may have experienced accompany of two women.” Sapna undressed all of us and we were in the bed. Sapna told me to sleep straight on the bed. Sapna was right to me and Tanya to the left. I was feeling very hot breeze coming out from both’s mouths. Pressures from boths boobs was giving me a great great pleasure. Soon they both started kissing me on my chicks. After 3-4 minutes both started kissing mi lips simultaneously. I was really really feeling heights of Mount Everest. I also kissed them on chicks and then their lips. Tanya suggested a three way kiss. Sapna agreed. When the threeway kiss was performed it was a extremely hot experience for me. Fluid started flowing from my penis. We repeated this kiss for 4 times; each kiss lasted for more than 2 minutes. Sapna took out the condom and Tanya covered my penis by condom. Tanya and Sapna were in bed and both made a very big V and I was asked to insert the penis into their cocks one by one. I became mad. I don’t know from where the power into me and I was doing the intercourse with both of them till next one hour. Now I was about to collapse as I was very much tired. Tanya and Sapna gave me a break. After a break of almost one hour again we had sex. This time it was totally different. I was sandwitched between Tanya and Sapna. I was pressed hard by both of them with the help of their strong and big size boobs. Sapna told me to insert my penis into her cock. I does it. I was facing Sapna and Tanya was behind me. Sapna and I were involed in French kiss and intercourse while Tanya was kissing me on my neck. After about 15 mins I turn my position back to Tanya, Now I inserted into Tanya and we French kissed and Sapna kissed me on my neck. We had sex for another half an hour. Now I was fully charged suddenly but Sapna and Tanya were exhausted. Both were sleeping f
t on the bed. I watched them totally nude together. Both’s boobs were flashing and both were breathing fast. Due to thi sthe boobs were rising up and going down. This movements of boobs filled current in me. I was so much charged and excited watching them in this condition that I just fell on both and started kissing madly them on boobs / chicks and lips for about half an hour. As there was no resistance from Sapna and Tanya; I enjoyed very much OR upto the fullest satisfaction of myself. Till 4 AM we were involved in all types of kissing. After that our energy levels were down and we fall asleep. Friends, after those three days my life changed a lot. I become hot friend of Sapna and Tanya both. I started to go their homes regularly saying to my parents that I am going for getting help in my study. Both kept me helping in my sex study. This lasts for the entire year. Now I am 22 years of age and in Delhi. But still I had not forgotten those days and Sapna-Tanya combo.

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