After school In The Library pt 2

After School In The Library Pt 2

Patricia Bryan looked at the clock it was 3:15 pm all the students were gone for the day and she was putting books away before she could go to the computers in the library that the students used for looking up research material. This was her first job out of college and she was doing what she wanted to do. She was 24 and most of the students mainly the boys who would make comments under there breath about what they would like to do with her, seemed to like her no one was mean to her some made fun of her accent being from Ireland she did have a strong accent.
She was just finishing up and wanted to get online to check her email account that she had in college and to read some of the post in her favorite chat room. It was an open chat room and people could post anything most would put in stories about past sexual adventures that is what she like she hoped to find a post from a person she only knew as the counselor, who ever this person was she liked the stories this person wrote and they had to be an older woman and a younger one . She was not into woman she had tried in school but found that men were just as good.
She sat down and logged on to the web and found a new post from the counselor she started to read and the more she read the more she could feel her pussy getting wet and the more she wanted to satisfy herself . She reached down and started to pull her skirt up so she could get a hand on her pussy she kept on reading and now she moved her panties to one side and put a fingure in her pussy it felt real good then she heard a noise it brought her back to where she was anyone could come in and see her she hurried up and pulled her skirt down and looked around there was no one around but she still wanted to satisfy herself she could not wait until she got home. She looked around where could she get some privacy where no one would see her she looked to the back of the library and saw the AV room she thought that would be a good place to go and as far as she knew only her and a few teachers had the key and in there she could get more comfortable. She walked to the door and unlocked the door and went in making sure to relock the door after she locked the door she turned around no one in there good now she could go get the old chair and finish what she had started but then she heard sounds coming from the back of the room it sounded like some one was having sex could one of the students gotten a key and was having sex with there girlfriend or maybe to teachers were in there either way she had to go look but she wanted to make sure that if it was two teachers that she did not want to embarrass them so she went and got the step stool and put it at the end of the isle just before you got to the open space in the room. She got up on the stool and placed her back to the wall and looked over the top of the shelves and what she saw made her heart jump a beat there in the middle of the open space was an older woman she could not see her face and a younger woman who had her face buried in the pussy of the older woman. The younger woman was completely naked and had a very nice ass from what Patricia could see the older woman started to talk telling the younger woman that is how mama likes it and telling her to put her tongue in her pussy Patricia was getting that feeling again and pulled her skirt up and put her hand down her panties to get to her pussy she could feel her orgasm coming and tried to muffle her scream she had not notice that her panties had fallen down to her ankles and that she was pushing back on the stool but all of a sudden she felt the stool move from under her and she fell to the floor.
Emily heard the noise and saw the stool come out from behind the shelves she told Lisa to go hide in the corner where it was dark and that she would take care of this. Emily thought maybe a teacher had caught them and wanted to protect Lisa she would explain that it was someone else and not a student and that they would be leaving soon but when she look down the isle she saw Miss Bryan on the floor and she had her panties down around her ankles and she could see that her skirt was pulled up and she could she her pussy nice and shaved with a little red hair at the top.
Emily looked down at this woman and got an idea she would turn this on her Emily started by saying “what are you doing there with your panties down and your skirt up” Patricia could not answer her she was to embarrassed to speak . Emily then told here to get up, Patricia went to pull her panties up and Emily told her to just leave them there so Pat got up panties still down around her ankles skirt still up around her waist. Emily then asked her again what she was doing there and what she was doing on the stool still pat could not answer her. Emily then took the lead ” You were playing with yourself ? Pat could only nod her head Emily then said did you like what you saw and Pat nodded her head again, then you should join us over here , Emily said. Pat just looked at the woman not knowing what to do. Emily took Pat’s hand and lead her out from the isle Pat had stepped out of her panties when they got to the open spot she told Pat to take her skirt off Pat reached behind herself and undid the clasp and zipper and let the skirt fall to her feet now she was naked from the waist down she wanted to cover herself up but kept her hands at her side Emily then told Lisa to come out Pat could not believe her eyes Lisa Truman she had seen her in the library and had thought about what it must be like to be with her but never thought she would see her naked. Emily told Lisa to go over and make Pat welcomed Lisa went over to Pat and started to unbutton her blouse Pat just stood there she did not know what to do when Lisa was done she took the blouse off Pat then she started to squeeze Pat’s tits here hands were so soft and seem small compared to her breast then Lisa put a hand inside here bra and started to roll her fingers around her nipples Pat let out a small moan Emily said I think she likes that keep going Lisa then pulled down the straps of Pat’s bra an exposed her tits to her Lisa then bent over and put one in her mouth and started to suck Pat gave out another moan Emily had pulled her dress up and was fingering her own pussy Lisa then reach around an undid the clasp of the bra and it fell to the floor. Pat then started to play with Lisa’s nipples Pat could not believe how firm hers were. Emily then asked Pat ” You want to taste that pussy don’t you ” Pat told here yes Emily told Lisa to lie down on the floor and told Pat to go right a head and eat that young pussy Pat looked down at that pussy all shaved and ready she could not resist she got down on the floor and she started to lick Lisa’s pussy paying attention to her clit Lisa was moaning more now Pat then put a figure in Lisa’s pussy Lisa started to buck her hips off the floor. Pat then felt someone behind her Emily had started to lick Pat’s pussy and now Pat was moaning Emily also had a hand full of Pat’s tit and was pinching her nipples Pat was in heaven having a pussy to eat and having someone eat her pussy all at the same time. Pat could feel Lisa’s pussy contracting and knew she was going to come soon and Pat was going to come soon to she started to fuck Lisa’s pussy more and she put her mouth on Lisa’s pussy sop she could taste her come and Lisa came she squirted all over Pat’s face at the same time Pat squirted all over Emily’s hand it felt good. When they had finished and were coming down Pat moved up to Lisa’s head and started to suck her nipple Emily stood up and told Pat the rules or she would have her fired. Pat told here what ever she wanted she did not want to get fired. Emily continued first you are not to ware panties two she could only ware a dress or skirt and no nylons Three: that any time she called for her she was to come to her office Four Lisa could only touch her with her permission. Any of these rules were broken and she could be punished did she understand Pat told her again what ever you want.

Continued later in part 3

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