Alone in the classroom 2

Prove it.
Did he want her to prove her passion for him? Did he want her to prove her pure lust? She told him she loved him and he had two words for her.
Prove it.
She found a poem she had written for him, which seemed to cover both topics. She left it at his door and decided to come back later.
She walked over at 3:30 and his car was in the driveway. She approached the door slowly, not sure if she should knock or run. On the other side of the door, Jake had not moved since he got home. He stood, leaning against the door, a poem in his hand, a pained look of confusion upon his handsome face.
She knocked. As he turned around and answered it his heart beat faster.
“I don’t know how.” Were the first words out of her mouth. “I will do anything you wish to prove it to you. I would go away and never talk to you outside class again, I will do anything you want of me, I’ll pull the moon down to shine in your window, I will prove it.”
“I believe you.” He said with a smile. She looked in his eyes and knew that the smile did not come easily. She grinned at him warmly.
“So what do you wish of me?” She joked.
“Wash the dishes.” He gave her a kiss as she looked up at him incredulously. Chills ran up and down her spine as his warm soft lips touched hers once again, and that thin goatie tickled her chin. He wrapped his strong arms around her, and where before she had felt small and insecure, she now felt loved and protected. She pulled off his shirt, wanting to see the sexy body she had been fantisizing about. She kissed every bit of it approvingly, runnig her hands along his back. She pulled him close as she kissed hi neck, and he ran his fingers through her hair. As she kissed him passionately once more she felt him growing hard against her body. He asked her to follow him to the bedroom, not wanting to push her into anything. He had only begun to know the girl, although he did care for her. She stripped down and was awe struck looking at the handsome mans naked body. He was more than she had expected. He looked at her hungrily, but he touched her gently and lovingly. He carressed her body and led her to his bed. When she laid down he laid down next to her, still kissing her. He wasn’t about to ruin anything. If she felt he had broken her trust she could get him in a great deal of trouble. He didn’t even think about that. He was starting to like her alot and did not want to ever be the cause of her pain.
He got on top of her and slid his dick inside her. As she breathed in sharply he froze, concern obviously in his eyes, but the look on Patricia’s face told him to continue. He moved against her slowly, still kissing her. There was not a stream of light between them. She loved being close to him. She loved holding him. She loved him.
She proved it.

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