B.C. Academy


As the doctor stuck the needle in the teens arm he was thinking about the academy and whether or not he would be accepted, when the doctor finished with drawing the blood from the teen he left and the teen focused his attention on the woman behind the desk.
“Here at B.C. Academy we pride ourselves in making sure that special teens receive special attention. We make sure that every male and female that gets accepted here is treated fairly and equally.” Said the academy’s principle, Miss. Sherman.
The mother was looking at the principle as she sat behind her redwood desk then she faced her nephew, Jonathan.
“Well Jonathan, what do you think?” his mom said.
Jonathan wasn’t sure if he could be accepted at this academy. B.C. Academy was the talk of the town, hard to get in and once you got in you were ensured to graduate. Only problem was a very few people were accepted. Jonathan wasn’t sure if he could be accepted as well.
“Well it sounds like a nice place but I’m not sure if I can get in mom.”
“That’s nonsense, just show the principle your equipment and I am sure she will accept you. Is that ok Miss. Sherman?”
“Yes it is I was just about to ask.”
Jonathan stood up slowly, still nervous and he unzipped his pants then reached inside his pants and gulped slowly as he grabbed his limp cock then pulled it out, surprisingly it was semi-limp but at a nice 7inches. The principle didn’t seem surprised yet so she reached into her desk and pulled out a magazine then she handed it to Jonathan and he looked at the cover. It was an old Hustler magazine but seemed to be fairly new.
As Jonathan flipped through the magazine he heard a gasp as his cock hardened to its full length of 11 inches. He looked down at its black skin and smiled as the principle’s mouth was open in awe and a bit of saliva trailed from her lips.
She quickly cleaned herself up as she remembered where she was and pulled out a piece of paper for Jonathan to sign.
“This is a contract stating you follow our rules which are very simple, our personal advisor will tell them to you when you meet him or her.”
“Can I sign it tomorrow after I find out what the rules are?” Jonathan asked, his cock still out of his pants.
“I guess that is ok, but you have until tomorrow to sign it, now to meet your personal advisor.” The principle pushed a button on her intercom and spoke into it. “Lisa, please send in our personal advisors.”
“Ok miss.”
A few seconds later the personal advisors had entered the room. There were 24 in all, 12 males and 12 females. The males and females were all of different ethnicity and since Jonathan was straight he focused more of his attention on the females.
“Jonathan, as every new student is accepted into B.C. Academy they get to pick their own personal advisor. The personal advisors help our students with their class work, keeping them out of trouble and making sure they get the special treatment they need. Now please, choose any one of them and they will show you the academy and make sure you are well taken care of.”
Jonathan smiled at the sound of this and was happy that he had put his cock back in his pants because his dick was hard as a rock. He took a step forward and looked at the girls, ignoring the men completely.
One girl caught his eye; she was the third one in the line.
Jonathan whispered to the principle about this girl and he was given a sheet of paper with her info:
Name: Isabella
Race: Latino
Age: 19
Height: 5’7
Weight: 134 pounds
Cup Size: 34 C
Tattoos and Piercings: Tongue, belly button and clit ring, butterfly tattoo two inches above her butt.
Pussy Area: Nicely trimmed, tight.
Experience: Was personal advisor one time.
“Ok I will take her.” Jonathan said after he read the sheet of paper.
The principle motioned for Isabella to step forward as the other personal advisors stepped out of the room.
“Isabella meet Jonathan.” The principle said. “He is the new student and you will be his personal advisor until he graduates, ok?”
Isabella nodded.
“Jonathan, to make sure that your cock is not fake we will need you to test it out on Isabella, there is a table you could test her at behind you, enjoy.”
Isabella grabbed Jonathan’s hand and led him towards the table, when the got there she got on her knees in front of him and unzipped his pants with her teeth, when she was done she pulled out his hard cock and let out a low grasp as she observed its length and thickness. When the shock his giant cock was over she licked the tip of his cock softly, then she licked it a little more and ran her tongue ring along Jonathan’s hard shaft, tracing a vein located on the side of his cock.
Jonathan let out a low moan as Isabella continued to run her tongue along a vein she found, when she was done tracing the vein Isabella began licking the head of Jonathan’s cock until it was completely covered in her saliva. As she did this she twirled her tongue along his head using one hand to massage Jonathan’s ball sack. She heard Jonathan let out low moans of pleasure as she did this and feeling her pussy get wet with excitement she opened her mouth wide and put three inches of his cock in her mouth, twirling her tongue against the shaft quickly.
He was so big she was surprised his thickness could even fit in her mouth, even three inches was hard to get in her warm mouth. She tried to ignore the thickness as she closed her eyes and used her left had to softly stroke Jonathan’s cock, she only stroked from the base of his cock to three inches. Isabella loosened her mouth a bit and took in two more inches as she sucked hard on his cock. Her tongue rubbed against Jonathan’s cock quickly. Isabella began to bob her head now, wanting this man to shoot his sperm in her mouth, her head was bobbing so quick it became nothing but a blur as the tip of Jonathan’s cock reached the back of her mouth.
Isabella made loud slurping and sucking sounds as she took in Jonathan’s big cock, when she heard him let out a loud grunting sound she knew he was ready to explode. Isabella moved her hand back and forth on Jonathan’s cock harder and faster now, feeling it pulse from the sperm held in his shaft.
Jonathan couldn’t hold it in any longer; he let out a low sigh as he let his sperm shoot from his cock and inside Isabella’s warm mouth. He watched in surprise as no sperm escaped her mouth, she seemed to have swallowed every bit of semen that entered her mouth.
When he was done with his ejaculation and Isabella was done with swallowing she took her mouth off of his cock, licking her lips quickly and she stood up, feeling his semen in her body.
Jonathan put his cock back in his pants and turned around, facing the principle as his mom and her finished their discussion.
“I believe he is for real.” Isabella said as she stood next to Jonathan.
“Ok. Isabella please show Jonathan his temporary room until we get the blood work back.”
Isabella bowed then she led Jonathan out of the room.


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