Being Taught A Lesson

Suze went to an all-girls private boarding school. She was a very pretty brunette with glassy green eyes, very sweet angelic facial features and a taut curvy body.

Her classes were going very well and she got along great with her classmates as well as the teachers and administration, well until that fateful day.

Suze was with her friend Amy and Amy convinced her to sneak into Mr. Kramer’s office and try to find the mid-term exam,everyone knew he had at least three copies of every test he created. Suze agreed to do it only because she was failing his class and really, when was she ever going to need physics in her life? She was studying to be an artist and she could have cared less about physics.

They snuck down the hall after classeslet out and went to Mr. Kramer’s office. They knew he would run at the traxk around this time so they were safe. Amy told her she would stand guard and Suze could rifle through his desk to find it. “Listen, I’ll close the door and stand outside, if he comes down the hall I’ll yell for you.” Amy said.


Suze was shuffling papers and going through his drawers, she would stop and listen for Amy’s voice,then search again. Finally she found the test copies, they were hidden under some notebooks in the bottom drawer. She was delighted she took one copy and looked at it, then she folded it up and inserted it into her panties under her skirt.

“What do you think you are doing?!” Mr. Kramer was standing in the doorway, he was a large broad shouldered man.

Suze started trembling, she knew that this could be grounds for expulsion, they were very strict about any kind of cheating at that school.

“I, I, um..”

“Don’t even try any lies with me, young lady! Stealing the test! I will not tolerate this!!” he walked over to the door and locked it, then he pulled down the shades on the windows, he turned on his Bose radio onto the classical station, the music was not too loud, but you could definitely hear it. She stood there looking like a deer with her eyes caught in a headlight. She was terrified.

“Get over here!” he bellowed.

Suze quickly walked over to him and in a flash, he pulled her over his lap, her skirt was lifted up, her panties were yanked down to her knees and his hand was spanking her bare bottom, it happened so quickly that she did not even have time to catch her breath. Over and over he spanked her, SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! Hard rhythmic spanks upon her innocent nude ass.
“Stealing and cheating! Spoiled brat!” he sternly said, as his hand spanked her exposed ass. All that flesh on flesh spanking/slapping sound was echoing in her head, she started crying telling him to stop. She tried putting her hands behind her, covering her bare ass, but he merely slapped at her hands and pushed them away.
He finally stopped the spanking, her ass was hot from that punishment, but the air was cooling her flesh, he told her not to move,in a very short time she realized that as her ass relaxed and cooled down and now her pussy was feeling excited, the heat from her ass had somehow traveled down to her untouched pussy, it was an amazing sensation, she felt the soft wetness inside her pussy oozing around inside her slit and onto her lips. It felt silky and warm and soothing and incredibly feminine. It was the most incredible senation, she had never gotten wet like that, he had not even touched her pussy, yet it was soaked. She was scared he might see it, so she tried to stand up, he immediately put his hand right on her pussy from behind and held her down. His three fingers totally covered her pussy, they were fleshy, thick and hot on her super slick turned on pussy.

She squirmed as he laid his hand there, he started massaging her saturated heated-up pussy with his fingers over and over he rubbed her, his third finger found her clit under her and rubbed it a few times, she trembled with lust and desire and submission, he felt her over and over as she laid awkwardly over his lap, it felt so good she just let him do it. She even moved up and pressed her clit harder onto his pant covered thigh and grinded into him, mmmmm.

He stopped feeling her pussy and completely removed her panties, he reached down his one arm was across her ass and with his other hand he took them right off, over her shoes and dropped them to the floor, he ran his one hand back up her leg, over the ankle, then her calve which he squeezed, then up her thigh which he rubbed,he felt that silky sensitive softness of her skin, his touch made her shiver and it turned him on too, he moved his other arm from her ass and then he ran his hand over and over her reddened and hot from the spanking, silky soft round ass. He ran his hand down her other leg, then back up it, she opened her thighs even more, “Ahhhhhhhhhh you want me to rub you there again, do you?Liked that, huh?” Suze moaned softly and rubbed her clit on his pant leg.

Mr. Kramer took his finger and ran it up and down between her swollen, full with blood, pussy lips. Over and ove,r up and down, he played with her wetness and warmth. His finger was slick from her pussy juice.

He took a finger and slowly entered her tight hole and did a slow digital fuck of her too tight, too wet, too sweet pussy, “Mmmmmmmmmm nice and snug in there, I want to put something else in there.” As he said that he grabbed her hand and bringing it to him, he rubbed it on his stiff dick that was hidden in his pants.

Suze’s pussy released more lubrication when she felt that hard dick, he released her hand, but she just gripped his hard cock through his pants and squeezed and rubbed it.

“Get up.” he said as he lifted her small warm body up and off him by holding onto the outsides of her ass, around her hips.

As she stood before him he undressed her, even taking off her shoes, he admired her body the whole time, she watched as his eyes just traced every curve, looking at her nice firm pretty fleshy breasts, her pinched in waist, her innie belly button, her hips, her pussy, her legs, all the way to her bare feet then back up again, he just admired every inch of her body. He finally got her completely nude and he smiled, he drank in all that feminine, sexy nudity.

He removed his clothes, he was so broadly built, so undeniably masculine, his muscles were large and tight, not huge, but big and manly, like those of a man that was naturally athletic and defintely not a couch potato. He had a lot of body hair, she loved that she always thought men like that could keep her warm on a cold winter night, and she loved how that hair on their bodies was such a contrast to her hairless body, mmmmm. She slightly swooned at the sight of his cock, it was sticking up and to the left, mmmmm that kind of cock always hit her g-spot. It was a long cock, with a knotty veiny appearance, like it had so much blood flow in it from his pure horniness that all the veins were overflowing, mmmm. He had a nice head kind of thick with a nice small slit on the top, where his precum was sitting telling her he was horny and hot for some action. She leaned over and touched his cock, her little soft hand held it and rubbed it, up and down that warm shaft she glided her hand, he looked down at her and rubbed her hair around on her head.”Mmmmmm touch my cock, baby..mmmmmmmm hold it.” he said as he closed his eyes.

Suze bent down and put his cock in her mouth, her bare ass was up against the edge of his desk her pussy lips felt the cold softness of that laquered wood. He moaned at the sensation of her very wet, warm soft little mouth gripping onto his cock. She took the head of his cock and suckled on it, like it was a nipple on a bottle, she sucked it so good, she ignored his shafe and balls she just sucked the head over and over.

“Ohhhhhh yeah, suck it, suck it good.” He groaned, he licked his lips feeling her warm, wet small mouth just sucking on his cock like it was the most delicious exotic fr
uit she had ever tasted. She kept murmuring “Mmmmm mmmm mmm” as she sucked him those sound
s vibrated his cock, he caressed her hair and head and ears. He looked down at her and saw her beautiful green eyes staring into his eyes and his cock shaft protruding from her sucking mouth.

He was getting so fucking horny he felt only one emotion pure lust, her sexy scent was wafting up to his nostrils he breathed in deep smelling her sweet pussy perfume, he needed to get in her pussy, that scent made him want her soo badly.

He pulled out of her mouth, his cock head was drenched with her saliva and it bounced as it was pulled out of her.

He told her to get down on the rug and get on her knees, she did as she was told. He studied her body at that angle seeing her legs bent under her, her red slobberly moist pussy lips peeking out, her bare ass with her crack perfectly centered down it, her nice hips, pulled in waist,her pretty back, her arms straight out and her hands on the rug and her dark hair tumbling down her back.His cock was so ready to fuck her. He got on his knees and pushed his stiff dick into her juicy, silky sex opening, he fucked her in and out, deep and shallow, over and over. She felt that big cock sliding in and out of her hole and she moaned, she gasped when he’ld do a hard fuck, them moan when he’ld go slow. Damn it was sexy. The phone rang and a voice came on the answering machine, the answering machine was to the right of them on the desk, it was the dean, he had to answer it, he reached up pushed the button, and while still with his cock in Suze’s pussy he spoke to the dean. He was talking to the dean while he was fucking his student,he would wait a few seconds and then do a slow pull out and slow rentry he did this while carrying on the conversation, it not only turned him on to do that, but Suze was in total ectasy since it was so raunchy that he fucked her while speaking on the phone, damn that was hot, it was a brief phone call and Mr. Kramer was able to get back to the serious fucking once he hung up, he pumped into Suze’s pussy really letting her know at that moment he controlled and owned her pussy,he grabbed tight onto her hips and fucked the hell out of her pussy, he did 4 or 5 incredibly hard thrusts when his dick shot his load out. “Shiiiiiiiiit yeah!!!!: He moaned as his sex goo settled deep in Suze’s pussy.

He pulled out and looked at her soaking wet and cherry red pussy, “Mmmmmm young lady, I think you were punished properly this time!I hope you learned a good, hard lesson!” he said as he smiled and ran his hands all over her just fucked body. “Mmmm yes that was the best lesson I ever learned!” Suze purred as she let her body recover from that hot fucking.

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