Choir girl – Part III

You are now standing there, facing the class, in just your white shirt and your sister’s tight cotton panties. Because you deliberately chose not to wear a bra, the class can easily see the dark tips of your distended nipples as they poke up beneath the soft cotton of the shirt. I admire them, along with the rest of the class, because you have never gone braless before, and I again look forward to your becoming my private voice student!
My eyes are then drawn down to the little “V” at the front of your white knickers, with the thick wad of hair pushing out at the crotch. I look forward to the time that I can gently reach down and rub my fingers through that soft pubic hair as I search for your heated slit! But that must come later, as we have work to do, and little time before the bell rings!
“Miss Clark, would you please go get my high stool from behind the piano and place it in front of the piano?” You bring the stool around and place it at the rounded front of the piano, awaiting my next instructions.
“Thank you. Now you will carefully kneel up on the stool, with your bottom facing the class… here, let me help you.”
I give you my hand and assist you to kneel up on the stool. It’s a bit awkward for you, but with my help you are able to climb up and kneel on the soft round top. It’s actually very sturdy. so you’re not too worried, just very embarrassed.
“Now, miss, please lean forward and place your elbows on the surface of the piano.” You do as I say, as I help you, and bend fully over. Your cotton-clad bottom now faces the other choir members, but the shirttail still is covering the upper part. I lift the shirt fully up and pull it completely forward, up by the base of your lovely head. This allows your hanging breasts to be seen by the class as well…their tips are rock-hard. I move to the keyboard side of the piano and lift up the thick plastic ruler that I placed there at the beginning of the rehearsal. I show it to you closely before moving to your side. You notice the numbers of the inches and the centimeters embossed on the thick, transparent plastic of the ruler, which is about a third of a meter in length, and you realize that in a minute or so this hard plastic will be smacking your bare buttocks!
I now lightly touch the ruler to your cotton-clad rear for just an instant, and then give you about ten hard strokes, alternating from side to side. You are really feeling the pain from these, and you moan as you move your ass from side to side. This is no longer so much fun, is it? But you are also feeling tremendous excitement and anticipation of what is to come next. I finish with an especially firm smack, then allow you to rest in place for a few moments. You glance over at the clock and see that there are only about four minutes left until the bell rings. You somehow remember that most of the musical selections that we sing are three or four minutes in length, so you still have the amount of time left for Mozart’s “Ave Verum Corpus,” which we just sang on our tour. Suddenly, your little reverie is broken by my next words….
“All right, Miss Clark. This will be the concluding part of today’s punishment for you, at least in front of your classmates. Let this be a lesson to you about stealing from those who trust you. Please reach back, be careful, and draw your panties down to your knees so that we can see your bared bottom – this is what you deserve!”
Balancing carefully on your straining knees, you carefully reach back with both hands and grasp the waistband of your sister’s tight little panties. You have practiced this action last night at your home, in front of your mirror, after finding out what your punishment was going to be. You knew then what the class would be seeing, but you were somehow enjoying this very much! You must be a bit of an exhibitionist!
Very slowly, you draw the skin-tight cloth down over your rounded hemispheres, revealing to our eyes the little hairs that grow down the crack of your bottom, then the small little puckered rosebud of your bottomhole, and finally the tightly-closed lips of your vulva, which show through the thick growth of pubic hair. You pull the garment fully down to your knees at last.
“Lovely, Nadia… now please arch your back and get ready again.”
Your arms return to the piano as you again rest your elbows on its top. You try to arch your back down as far as possible, lifting your naked bottom up in the air for all to see. Even though you keep your knees tightly clenched together, we can still see a lot of your private parts. I really have to hide my front from the students, because my erection is painfully obvious, and I don’t want the same thing to happen to me that happened to the unfortunate soccer star! I notice that several of the girls seem to be watching my front more than they are watching your back!
I must continue, because now only three minutes remain… I give you ten more hard strokes with the ruler, and you start to sob softly as they hit. They leave red marks across the surface of your bottom, and obviously hurt quite a bit. I long to kiss and caress your naked buttocks, and to rub soothing ointment to ease your pain, but I can’t. You suffer the ten strokes as well as you can, and then remain in position as the bell rings.
“Stay there, please, Nadia – don’t move!”
You remain there, fully on show, as your classmates file past you on their way out of class. You are grateful that the door to the classroom is around the corner of the room, so that people in the hallway can’t see in! After the last student has left the room, you remain in position as I go to close and lock the classroom door. You know that this is my final class of the day, that I don’t have another class, and that you do not have a class at this last period of the day, either. You wonder what is going to happen next……………

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