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Well, today was the day. They told her she would be picked up at 9 am and to tell her Mom and Dad she would not be home, that she was going to her best friends for a day at the beach and a slumber party. Chrissy could not wait. Getting into the Gang was the one thing she wanted to do before her senior year at high school. She had heard there was an initiation but was not sure what it entailed. She knew she would probably have to suck cock and have sex, but other than that, she was unsure. This morning she made sure she shaved her pussy clean. She loved it bald and actually got highly aroused as she shaved and had to finger herself in the shower.

9 am finally came and she ran out to Dave’s car after he honked. She had been friends with Dave for years and her Mom thought he was “such a nice boy”. Huh…if she only knew. They drove toward the beach and turned off toward the Marina. Dave just smiled and told her she was going to have a great day. Dave had been in the gang for 3 years and had wanted Chrissy to join. Now was her time.

As they walked down the dock toward a very large yacht, Chrissy had wished she had dressed sexier. Her tank top and shorts revealed her large 34D breasts and her shorts were short if she bent over, but she hadn’t wanted her Mom to question her outfit. She would have to deal with it. As they got to the boat, she noticed movement inside the cabin. She was getting nervous but also very excited. She was still horny from her earlier shower. She had to control herself. She knew Dave would be on the boat and although they had never had sex, she was hoping he would be there. She secretly wanted him and was hoping she would have to have sex with him. She knew there were others to please, as that is all that was revealed about the initiation, but she didn’t know who was on the boat.

As she entered the boat, she was blindfolded by Dave. She was led inside and was asked to sit on a chair. She could hear muffled noises and was a little nervous. Her blindfold was removed as the boat left the dock. There was no turning back now. In front of her sat a room full of boys and men. About 12-14 she thought with her first glance. Some of the faces she knew and others she didn’t. She was told she would be introduced to each member of the gang to “break the ice” as they headed toward their destination. As the guys introduced themselves, first names only, she realized she had never been with an older man and the 2 boys she had fooled around with were not very big. She was wondering if she could handle this.

She was handed a drink and she sipped it willingly. Ahh, vodka, something to calm her nerves. She finished the drink. Chris, the leader of the group approached her. He told her it was time to show the men what she had. She stood in front of them and slowly removed her tank top. She didn’t wear a bra and her full breasts bounced a little as she removed her top. She was nervous but excited. It showed as her nipples were very hard and perky. Some of the men smiled as they looked. Others prompted her to turn around. As she turned around she bent over so they could she her ass checks. She hesitated as she bent over then spread her legs. Hoots came from the group and she continued turning. Next came the shorts. She pulled them down to her knees and sat in her chair. As she took them off, she purposely spread her legs, giving the men a great view of her shaved pussy.

Chris turned to the group and said that the fun was to begin. Each man/guy had an idea of what they wanted to do. Chrissy had no idea who wanted to do what. She figured it was the usual thing men wanted…a blow job and fucking. She was asked to pick a man/guy by name and then he could live out his fantasy.

As Chrissy looked out among the group, she picked an older gentleman, probably in mid to late 40’s, named Dennis. Denis stood up and came over to her. She was sitting in a chair. He came up to her and asked her to stand. Brought in behind her was a bench, like a weight bench. She was asked to lay on it. She layed back. As she did her hands were tied to the top. With her legs on the floor, Dennis walked around her and admired her breasts. He undressed beside her. Chrissy noticed he was hung well…larger than she had ever seen but not huge. Afterall she was only with 2 high school boys. Dennis asked for 2 volunteers. 2 men, Gary and Bob came up. They were instructed to take a leg each and spread them apart, as far as they could comfortably go and then raise them over Chrissy’s head. As they did this, Dennis and some of the men in the audience were very aroused. Chrissy was in full veiw of all the men. Her shaved pussy spread wide for all to see. Dennis reached down and began to massage her breasts and pinch her nipples, harder than Chrissy liked, but the feeling did make her moan. Her legs shook and trembled and Gary and Bob held on tighter. Dennis stopped his massaging and explained to the audience his obsession with a woman’s pussy and all that can be done to it. He reached into a basket and took out some type of toy. He explained his facination with implements other than the traditional dildos. In his basket he had kitchen implements. In his hand was a wooden spoon. He spanked Chrissy’s bare behind a few times, lightly. Chrissy wasn’t into pain but this didn’t hurt, it made her horny. He lightly tapped her hardening clit. “She looks ready” he tells the audience. Some of the men were rubbing their cocks through their pants, others had taken them out to play with. Dennis got on his knees, face getting closer to Chrissy’s pussy and he inhaled deeply “ummmm she is ready”. He took the wooden spoon and slowly slid the handle into the opening of Chrissy’s vagina. Gary and Bob had a great veiw standing above her. They were both extremely hard. Dennis slowly slid the handle in and out. He took it out and allowed Bob to lick the handle. “Sweet as mothers milk” he tells the group. Dennis reached into his basket and came out with an icecream scoop, large silver handle with a large scoop. He slowly brings it in and out of Chrissy’s wet pussy. It is big but not too big for Chrissy to handle. She is getting aroused, both from the handle in her cunt and the men watching her being penetrated. She tried to wiggle and grind but she was held too tightly. Dennis got very into what he was doing, ramming the ice cream scoop deeper and deeper, rubbing and pinching her clit. He can see Chrissy’s juices becoming more and more. He is hard as a rock, but he wants her to get off with one of his “toys” first. He takes the wooden spoon handle and slowly pushes against her tight asshole. Chrissy tenses. She hadn’t thought about that and had never had anything in her anus. He spit on 2 fingers and dipped into her juices, rubbing them on her asshole as he continued to pump her pussy. He slowly twisted the wooden handle into her anus, slowly pumping, alternating the scoop in her pussy and spoon in her ass. Chrissy began to ralax as it entered her ass. Bob and Gary looked down at this sight. Both with bulging cocks, they see her vagina lips wet and juciy and a spoon handle invading her virgin ass. Dennis asked Gary to reach down and play with Chrissy’s clit. That was all Chrissy could stand. She felt that feeling she got in the shower this morning. Tingling from deep within, but this one different as her ass was being penetrated by a wooden spoon being held by a grown man living out a fantasy. She couldn’t stand it anymore and gave into the feeling, her pussy contracting around the scoop and the wooden handle in her ass. When the feeling passed she felt the “toys” being taken away. She began to relax when she felt a warm, plastic toy near her swollen pussy lips. She tried to look toward her pussy and the man having his way down there, but all she could see was the top of his head. He explained to the men that he loves chocolate and pussy about the same so he decided to mix them. With a turkey baster, he was injecting chocolate sauce into her. She could feel the warm feeling enter her. With Gary and Bob still holding her legs, Dennis finished injecting her and leaned forward. His tongue went to work and licked her front to back, clit to asshole and deep into her womb. He had a very strong tongue and her clit was regaining its hardness. Dennis was in his glory, playing with his toys and this young body. He could not stand it anymore, he stood over her, straddling her face and the bench. He asked her to take it in her mouth and she did. He pumped her face as hard as he could, pushing her head into the bench. He exploded in her mouth, withdrew and left some all over her face. Chrissy licked her lips, loving the taste of him. That was her first experience at tasting cum and she liked it. Dennis was spent, he had built up for so long and explored his fantasy on this young girl. He began to untie her when Gary asked if he could go next. Chrissy agreed. Gary had said she could stay in the same position. Chrissy asked if she could clean up first as her pussy was filled with chocolate and Gary said that the clean up could happen with his fantasy. Chrissy agreed, wondering what was on his mind. Chrissy’s legs were let down and they were able to relax. She was still feeling turned on, but was not sure if she could last through all the men. Her hands were above her head still and Bob was still standing near her with a large bulge in his pants. Chrissy turned her head toward a noise. It was Gary re-entering the room with a large German Shepard. Chrissy was mortified. Being with men was one thing, no animals! She began to protest, swinging her legs. Gary asked for help…Dennis and Bob resumed the position with her legs. Gary led the dog between Chrissy’s legs. Chrissy tried to rebel but she could not move. The dogs tongue was very strong. She felt a cold nose sniffing and rubbing near her pussy and then he found the chocolate, his large tongue rubbing her clit and ass as it plunged deeply inside her. Chrissy’s protests changed to moans. She could feel herself building again. Gary looked up at her from between her legs and said this is not all he can do for you.

Stay tuned for the rest of Chrissy’s initiation. Feel free to submit ideas of where you want this to head. Enjoy!

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