Anastasia & Thomas – A Wife Learns a Lesson

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Anastasia had been married to Thomas for two years now. Although they always got along quite well, they were somewhat mismatched. Anastasia was a free-spirit who rarely thought about cleaning. Oh she would clean dirt, but would let clutter linger for days. Thomas on the other hand was compulsive about cleaning. Everything should be in its place as soon as you are finished using it.

Thomas worked out of town and only came home on weekends. When he came home Friday night, he was very tired and was looking forward to having a little dinner and relaxing in the hot tub. He entered the house and did not see Anastasia. He called, but she did not answer.

He walked to the kitchen only to be disgusted by dishes in the sink and an overflowing garbage can. “Anastasia”, he called again. “In here” a reply came from the bedroom.

Thomas entered and saw his wife lying in bed reading a book. Thomas asked his wife where dinner was. “I thought we’d go out honey”. Thomas replied, “Go Out! With the house a mess like this – what did you do all afternoon?”.

“Well I was tired from work, so I came home, showered and am reading some of my book.”

Furoius with his wife, Thomas told her this was enough. “I am sick of you being a slob, it might have been ok when you lived by yourself, but I will not tolerate the dishes in the sink why you lie around reading a book. I work hard all week so we can have nice things and this is how you show your appreciation?”

Anastasia trembled, she had never seen Thomas this angry before. “I’m sorry Tom honey, I’ll get to them first thing in the morning.”

“No you will not, you will get to them right after your spanking!”

Anastasia was speechless. A Spanking?!? “What are you crazy? I am your wife, not some child, you can’t spank me.”

“Your right, you are not a child, but you are certainly acting like one” Thomas reached for his wife and pulled her out of bed. “You deserve this spanking and you will have this spanking!”

Ananstasia pulled away and cried, “No, I will not.”

“Fine”, said Thomas, “But, I cannot tolerate a wife who has no respect for me or our things. This simply isn’t working, I’ll contact our lawyer in the monring and he can start preparing divorce papers.”

“No – Thomas I don’t want a divorce, I love you and our life.”

“Well, start acting like you do.”

Quivering, Anastasia walked to Thomas and quietly whispered, “You can spank me”.

“A spanking you shall get, but first ask me for your spanking louder.”

“Oh, Thomas, I am such a bad wife, please spank me.”

“Anastasia how do you think a naughty wife who acts like a child shall be spanked?”

“Over the knee?”

“Yes, my dear, but you are forgetting a key part. Just like spanking a child, it will be on your bare bottom.”

“Oh no Thomas, you couldn’t!”

“I can and I will – or we can just call this off and I will contact the attorney.”

“No Thomas, please, I don’t want a divorce. This is silly, you are right, I am acting like child. Please put me over your knee and spank my bare bottom.”

Thomas pulled Anastasia by her hand and led her to the center of the room. He pulled out the straight backed chair from her dressing table and sat down on it.

“Anastasia, please remove your pajama bottoms and panties.” Anastasia stood motionless in fear for several seconds, but it was interrupted by a swift, SMACK to her clad bottom.

“When I say take off your bottoms, I mean it! You have just earned yourself five spanks with the hairbrush.”

“I am so sorry Thomas, I’m just so scared. It’s going to hurt.”

“It’s a spanking, my dear, of course it will hurt. I hope it stings for some time and maybe you will remember to keep a clean house. Now, remove those clothes at once.”

Anastasia slowly pulled down her pajama bottoms and looked up pleadingly at Thomas. “The panties too”, said Thomas, knowing what Anastasia was asking. Anastasia grabbed at the elastic of her panties and pulled them down to her ankles.

Thomas guided her by the wrist to his side and helped her up onto his lap. He centered her white mounds directly over his lap, ensuring that his target was nicely elevated. Anastasia’s legs were dangling off to Thomas’ right and her head hung down to the left. She is in such a vulnerable position, as her ass cheeks quiver in anticipation of what is to come.

“Anastasia, I know you have not been spanked since you were a very young child, so I will work up to the spanking, but know this: it will hurt. Spankings are meant to hurt – to correct your out of control behavior. Do you understand?”

Anastasia begins to cry. SMACK. Thomas brings his palm down swiftly on her left cheek making a slight pink handprint on Anastasia’s ass. “I said do you understand?”

“Yes -Oh God yes, please don’t hurt me – I’ll be good, I promise, I don’t need a spanking, please Thomas.”

“The fact that you can still say you don’t need a spanking when you are over my knee with a bare bottom clearly shows that you are in need of a very sound spanking.”

SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK Thomas administers five quick blows to the right cheek. SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK and another five quick spanks to the left cheek. Anastasia is writhing, but Thomas uses his left arm to securely hold her.

SPANK SPANK SPANK SPANK SPANK SPANK Thomas delivers spanks in increasing strength up and down her bottom and to the tops of Anastasia’s thighs. Anastasia reaches back to shield her bottom, but her hand is quickly caught by Thomas and pinned to her back. “That my dear just cost you another five spanks with your brush – keep it up.”

Anastasia burst into another round of tears and pleadings of how good she will be, “Thomas pleeeease I’ll be soooo good. Thomas. Please it hurts – no more spanks – I’ll be a good girl please!!!” SPANK SPANK SPANK SPANK SPANK SPANK SPANK SPANK. Thomas continues to spank Anastasia’s bottom for another ten minutes, until it is a crimson red and hot to the touch.

Thomas pulls Anastasia up from his lap as she continues to softly cry. “Go stand in the corner and think about why you received that spanking and don’t you dare touch that bottom. I am going to place an important telephone call, but when I return, we will conclude your punishment.”

Anastasia hobbled to the corner of the bedroom with her pajama bottoms and panties around her ankles. Her ass burns and stings so much, she can feel her pulse in it. If only she can rub some of the sting out of it. Thomas will be on the phone for a while, he’ll never know. Anastasia reached back and rubbed her sore red behind and felt a slight sense of relief. She was still rubbing the sting out when she didn’t hear Thomas re-enter the room. “Ah-hum”. Frozen in fear, Anastasia still has her hands on her behind, “Thomas, I am so sorry, it just stung so badly.”

“Apparently, that spanking did not teach you very much, instead of ten spanks with the hairbrush, you will receive 20.”

“Twenty – oh Thomas, I couldn’t possibly take that many.”

“Well you should have thought of that before you disobeyed me, now go fetch your hairbrush and be quick about it.”

Scared of what else might come if she hesitated, Anastasia ran to her sitting table and retrieved the big wooden paddle hairbrush from her dresser. She never thought she would ever have it used on anything but her hair. She walked to Thomas, who was seated in the chair once again and handed him the brush.

“Thank you Anastasia, it appears you might be learning something afterall. Now, get in position.”

Anastasia layed herself over her husband’s lap, centering her bottom over his lap, with her legs and arms dangling from both sides of the chair.

“Now Anastasia, you will count and thank me for each spank or it will not count do you understand?”


SPANK “Yes, what?”

“Yes, Sir”

“That is much better, you will get the hang of this.”

Thomas raised
his right arm and brought the paddlebrush down firmly and made contact with the center of the lower section of Anastasia’s ass. A deafening “crack” was heard through the air.


“I’m afraid my dear, that did not sound like one, nor did it sound like a thank you. I guess we shall start again.” SPANK

“One – Thank you sir” SPANK “Two – Thank you sir” SPANK “Three – thank you sir”

By the time Anastasia reached the 18th spank with the hairbrush, she was crying like a child and begging for forgiveness.

“Only two more my dear, you can do it” SPANK “19 thank you sir” And for the last one, Thomas pulled his arm back even further and swung even harder. He loved his wife and wanted to make sure she didn’t forget it. SPANK “20 thank you sir”

After the last spank, Thomas pulled her up into his arms and held her as she sobbed. Anastasia looked up into her husband’s eyes, “Thomas, I’m so sorry I am such a brat and am so lazy. I will try to be better for you”

“That is good Anastasia, but rest assured, any more infractions will be dealt with this way. If you don’t start picking up around here and pulling your share, you can be sure your backside will meet my hand and the paddle, as well as some other implements you haven’t even seen yet.”

“Oh Thomas, please correct me if you see it necessary.” Thomas pulled her close and gave her a passionate wet kiss on the lips as he lay her on her back on the bed. He quickly removed his clothes and entered her wet vagina. As they rocked back and forth, Anastasia felt a warm sting in her behind as Thomas pound into her, but she loved it. She wouldn’t trade it in for the world. If Thomas only knew that she was lazy so that he would spank her. It was her secret fantasy. Oh how she wished he would spank her more.

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