Sassy girl!! Part One

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I walked up to his first floor apartment and knocked on the patio door before opening it, not realizing he was on the phone and announced, well, yelled actually, that I was there. Boy, the look that I got from him!! So, I then sat on the couch and flipped the TV on. I didn’t know that the volume was turned up that high!! Fuming, he came and grabbed the remote out of my hands (while he was still on the phone) and turned the TV off. I decided then to go to the fridge and grab a beer…bending over in my tight little black skirt, hoping he was looking at my nice tight ass. Cracking open my beer, I took a nice long swig, licking my lips sensually afterwards…sitting down on the bar stool at the kitchen counter crossing and un crossing my legs every once in a while…hoping he would soon get off the phone. The phone call sounded important, but geez, it was after 6pm already and I was getting bored. He had been on the phone for over 15 minutes!

I finally slipped off of the bar stool and sauntered over to him and rubbed his crotch. He turned away from me with a nasty look. Groaning, I then wrapped my arms around him and fumbled with his zipper on his jeans, quickly slipping my hands inside to grab his dick. He quietly asked the person he was talking to hold…grabbed my hand out ofhis pants and told me to go wait for him in the living room…poutting, I did as I was told.

Several minutes later….

“Damn girl, what the fuck do you think you were doing? Do you KNOW who I was talking to?” He growled.

“How the hell should I know who you were talking to?” I said.

“THAT was my boss, and we have an important assignment that we had to go over!! What the hell’s the matter with you?” He yelled.

“Well for fuck’s sake, don’t start yelling at me…how the fuck was I s’posed to know who you were talking to? Ya, last I heard, I was physic!” I sarcastically said.

I drank the rest of my beer, went to the kitchen and made myself a STRONG Vodka/Seven…I had a feeling I was going to need it!

I walked back out into the living room after downing most of my drink…he was sitting in his recliner…looking pissed as all hell.

“You know, I am not sure why you are so mad at me…but I am so NOT going to sit here and argue with you when all I came over for was to see you!” I said. “For fuck’s sake, anyway, you would think you would be happy to see me after 3 days!”

“Ya, well…apparantly I am not all THAT happy to see YOU today!” He roared.

“You know, with that kind of an attitude, you can go to hell and back for all I care! I don’t give a shit if you had a bad day at work and had to work overtime in your own house…I am NOT putting up with this shit anymore!” I screamed at him. “Why don’t you just go and fuck your damned boss!”

His boss being male, he didn’t take that too lightly. Boy, was he fumin fuckin mad!

“Girl, get your ass over here, NOW!”

“Fuck you and this shit, I am SO leaving!” I yelled right back at him.

I started to walk to the door, while he got up from his chair and grabbed my wrists.

“Get your fuckin hands off of me before I scream!”

Right over his lap I went…it happened THAT fast! Now, I have never been spanked…ever! Not even by my own dad!

“SMACK SMACK SMACK” about 20 times! By this time I was damned near screaming! He kept moving my hands off of my ass while he kept spanking me…finally putting one of his legs over my two legs to keep them from flailing all over the place. He did not speak one word to me during this time. My very short skirt had inched up and he yanked the rest of it up and over my ass to expose my black laced thong, his other hand holding my 2 hands in back of me. I was also wearing a black tube top underneath a sheer black blouse, which was unbuttoned and tied at my waist. My 36D tits were starting to fall out at this point.

“I don’t know why you have to be such a little bitch at times! You have this coming, and more!” he grumbled as he kept smacking my ass. “Now stand up!!”

I stood, rubbing my hands on my ass…which made him smile. I did NOT like the way he was smiling, either!

“Get your hands off of your ass and turn around!”

I turned facing away from him.

“Bend over the chair in front of that window and stay there”

He was referring to the large patio door that his dining room set sat in front of. I did as I was told…wondering if he was going to fuck me now. Boy, after that I would hope so!

He came back a few minutes later and stood behind me…hiking up my skirt over my ass again. He reached around the front of me and untied my blouse and removed it totally. I was now bent over a kitchen chair, my skirt up showing off my thong, my black high heels still on, no stockings, and a tube top that threatened to roll itself down at any given moment. It was after 7pm now, starting to get somewhat dark out, so the kitchen light was now on. He then tied my hands and feet to the legs of the chair. “What is he doing?” I wondered.

All of a sudden, he started spanking me again!

“What the fuck?!?” I yelled.

“Shut the fuck up, any more of that and you will get ten times what you are getting now! I have dreamed of doing this…maybe now you will think about shit before you do anything!”

“Fuckin asshole!!!!”

“I mean it, shut up! I have friends coming here in less than half an hour, as you well know! I will not have a mouthy bitch screaming at me everytime I say anything!”

He spanked me hard at that point..and I could just imagine what the people who were walking by thought. How embarrassing!

Finally, he said he was done “For now” and then told me I better behave himself when his friends got there. He untied me, and handed me my blouse.

“I am going in to change clothes before they get here, go fix yourself another drink” He said.

So I did exactly that! Boy, I made sure it was a strong one. I went into the bathroom and fixed my face, knowing he liked to show me off to his friends…made myself presentable.

Doorbell rings, and he calls from the bedroom for me to answer it. It was 2 guys, and one brought his girlfriend. After a couple minutes, he came out and they started chatting…drinking beers.

“Hey hon, can you grab the snacks and put em in something and bring them out here?” He asked sweetly, like nothing had happened earlier.

“Can’t you grab them yourself?” I asked just as sweetly, knowing he wouldn’t say or do anything in front of his freinds.

He gave me a dirty look, and said “Please, go and get them, ok?”

“Fine.” I said, as I stomped into the kitchen.

When I came out, a couple more guys had shown up. I set everything down on the coffee table in the living room and preceded to sit down on the couch sipping my drink. I was getting a little tipsy by this time, and the one guy, boy, was he a looker! I made sure he got a glimpse of my panties as I crossed my legs. He raised an eyebrow and I smiled at him. I loved to tease guys…such a flirt!

As the night went on..I drank more, and I guess I was becoming a little mouthy. It was nearing 11pm by this time, and I could tell that he was becoming a little aggitated with me…

To be continued…if you would like!!!!


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  1. bigwoody

    have a little mouthy woman, I have different ways of punishing her. Usually she loves it

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  2. Honeyflower

    Please continue – i hope she gets spanked infront of them all

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  3. applecheeks4u

    Good story! I hope this little potty mouth gets a good spanking for the disgraceful language and hopefully he will clean out that mouth with a big bar of soap and a wash cloth!!

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