Hot Sex

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I was horny as fuck.. I strip myself and lay on my bed…
I move my hands down and let my fingers feel their way into my bra.. Feeling aroused i remove my bra and allow my firm 36E’s to sit free on
my chest. I massage my large tits and find my way to my now hardened nipples and give them both a firm pinch. This makes me gasp and i feel my pussy getting wetter. With one hand working my nipples alternate, i move my right hand down my body and start to tease my aching pussy through my damp, lacy knickers. I rub a finger slowly up and down my slit and enjoy the feeling i get as the lace rubs against my pussy. I slowly pull my knickers down and throw them to the floor whilst spreading my legs as wide as possible. I insert one finger inside me and bring it to my
tongue to taste my wetness. It tastes so good and i need to come. I begin massaging my hard clit slowly, moaning gently as the pleasure builds..
With my fingers still rubbing, i use my other hand to finger my wet hole.. first 1.. then 2 and finally 3. I work my fingers in and out slowly, enjoying the sensation and feeling myself getting closer and closer… As i’m about to come, i pull my hands away and catch my breath whilst i feel under the bed for my vibrator. 8 inches of extasy ;) My body is aching for orgasm.. I lick the vibrator all over and then start rubbing it up and down my slit, this makes me shudder in pleasure. I insert it into my wetness and gasp as it stretches my tight pussy wide. I turn it on and moan loud as the vibrations work their magic.. I work the vibrator in and out of me hard and fast, as i get nearer i scream louder and louder.. I can feel myself coming and use my free hand to work my clit.. Then it comes, a wave of pleasure, my pussy grips the vibrator as i come hard.. I pull it out of me and feel as my juices run down my legs. Fuck that was good. As im catching my breath, i hear the words ‘Sexy baby that was amazing’.. I look up and see my
boyfriend at the door with a huge bulge in his jeans..
“Oh yeah?” I say.. happy that he had seen and enjoyed my pleasure.. “Come here..”
As he walks to the bed he strips himself of all his clothes, allowing me to see his gorgeous, hard 9 inch cock. I feel the tingling in my pussy again. He pushes me back onto the bed and shoves his tongue into my mouth.. as our tongues dance together, he rubs my tits, paying extra attention to my hard nipples.. I feel his hand move down to my wet pussy and his fingers start to play with my clit. I moan into his mouth and gently bite his lip.. Its all too much and i come onto his hand.. I push him off me and get him to lay on the bed, i start to lick that cock that i love so much. I tease it with my
tongue, flicking gently over the head. I take him into my mouth and he gasps, he tells me to suck it faster and harder.. so i do, deepthroating him and making myself gag. I can feel him tensing up as he shoots his hot cum into my mouth, i let it dribble onto my tits and massage them with it. He grabs me and throws me on my back, spreading my legs wide he enters me.. I wrap my legs round his waist as he begins to fuck me hard.. I’m
screaming with pleasure as his cock hits my spot over and over.. I feel myself coming and know he is close too.. We come together, My pussy gripping
tightly onto his cock.. He fills me with more of his cum.. What a fuck ;) We spent the rest of the night having hot and raw sex……..

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