lifetime of incest

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I met my wife when she was 18. She was native american. she had long thick black hair, down to the top of her ass. she was petite. about 5 foot 9 and 115 lbs. beautiful! Her brown skin was beautiful!
she had only had one sexual experience in her life. she was raised in a mormon family where she was very repressed.
she didn’t get along with her adopted mother and went to live with her uncle on the reservation. she was naive but already had a sexual appetite. alot of the white boys at her high school had already had their fingers in her.
from what i was told, she started out flirting with him. she said that she liked it. then one night he came home drunk. i guess that he was tired of all the teasing and wanted some pussy. she said that he dragged her to the bedroom and tore her pants off. she was scared but when she told me the story, she admitted that it was exciting! she had wanted dick for a long time and now it was there.
he was a big guy and there was no fighting it. she said that he was surprisingly gentle. he laid her on the bed and started fingering her pussy. she told me that that,s the wettest she has ever been.she said that he bent her over and rubbed his cock up and downthe crack of her ass. his cock was huge,she said. she was afraid but he told her not to be afraid. he had done this with her mom and everything would be alright.
he started pumping on her slowly. finally he pushed deep and broke her hymen. she felt the warm rush and looked down to see his crimson cock covered in her innocence.
she was independant and a woman. her mom couldn’t tell her what to do anymore! she had fallen in love with this thing called cock!
she said that he fucked her for a long while until he pulled out. he told her that he was gonna fuck her in the ass like he did her mom, but he would give her some time.
the thought that he had done this with her real mom excited her. now she had a connection. something that she could share.
her mother had raised her until she was four years old. she still had memories of her mom sucking on strange cocks. she had a brief memory of one of her moms boyfriends laying on top of her when she was little. she get’s excited when she talks about it.
she’s the most sexual woman i’ve ever met!
although she’s shy sometimes, she has a positive attitude about everything and a beautiful sexual appetite. i would tell you more but i’m in hurry to post this . i’lltell more later.

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