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I thought I would share with you a true experience I had recently. A few months ago I was unfortunately in an auto accident. I ended up having to stay in the hospital for over two weeks. The first week I could barely roll onto my side. Most of the time though, I would just lie on my back and just read. I was diagnosed with a fractured disk in my lower back. My “L1″ to be exact. To compound this, my rotator cuff, which I had for years in my right shoulder, took a pretty good bump during the accident. While in the hospital, you get to meet many different nurses. They work odd hours here and it seemed that just when you got used to one or two, they took a few days off. Then it was learning the new names again. I had every type of nurse, from the older, heavier grumpy type, to the HOLY SHIT, I want to fuck your brains out like yesterday type that was fresh out of nursing school. Very nicely built and overly eager to help whenever they could. The trainees would gladly get me more ice water, a magazine, juice, whatever I needed. I really didn’t mind this in the least. Because of my situation, I was only able to have those quick, early morning sponge baths sometimes by a nurse. I say sometimes, because sometimes they were too busy, sometimes they weren’t. But before you get any ideas, the nurse that had time was usually the older grumpy type, and heavy on the heavy side if you know what I mean. One even insisted I get bathed by her. I sort of closed my eyes and fantasized it was one of the prettier ones giving me a hand job, but I think she knew what I was doing. When I opened my eyes, she just smiled because of my semi-erection in her hand.
“Down boy” she laughed. But it was too late. My hardening cock had a mind of its own and I asked her to pull the curtain as she left. She winked and did. I beat off like a madman and came in the bedpan. A few days later, a newer nurse named Monica, gave me a sponge bath but caught me by surprise. She saw my cock getting a little stiff while she gave it to me. Actually it started before she started if you know what I mean. After washing my back, chest and stomach. One thing for sure, Monica had great knockers that she couldn’t hide in any uniform. I couldn’t have been more embarrassed as she saw the sheet moving as she washed my feet and legs. But what really embarrassed me was when she asked if I ask for any “spiritual time”.
“They have that here you know”. Monica shyly told me.
I told her I didn’t know what she meant by “spiritual time”, hoping the change of subject would help my cock soften some what. So she explained it to me.
She told me “When your wife comes in for a visit, you tell the nurse who is on duty for your room, that you want to be alone with your wife for spiritual reasons. They’ll make sure your door is closed, curtain pulled, and you aren’t disturbed until the door opens or he emergency cord is pulled.
“We’re not allowed to interrupt anything spiritual for any reason”. she said without showing any embarrassment.
I then explained to Monica, that my wife would never, ever do anything like that in a hospital room. This topic was not doing my hard on any good I kept thinking.
“Too many people around” I said and that was the end of our conversation about so called spirituality. But Monica did give me another sponge bath a few days later and yes, my cock did say hello to Monica again. I just couldn’t control it.
By the time the second week rolled around, I was starting to get out of bed and walk with a walker for support. Different days, different nurses. So when Monica came in one day and asked me if I wanted to try walking down the hall and taking a shower, I did not hesitate at all. I had always gotten along with Monica. She was more or less average looking in the face, but had a very nice figure. Short brown hair, but always nicely kept up. Very athletic Monica was. We had talked one day and she said she played sports regularly. Mostly cycling, beach volleyball, some tennis and ice hockey. She had tried jogging a few times, but her chest was too big she confessed. By the time she asked me about taking the shower, my hair was really a mess. It felt scraggly, greasy and dirty. Monica got a walker and asked if I thought could make it all the way down the hall. I told her I would make it for come hell or high water. That both my hair and I needed it desperately. She helped me with my back brace and off we went. I struggled some, but didn’t let on to her, otherwise she might take me back to my room I thought. Monica sort of guided me with her hands around my waist standing directly behind me, which felt very good. Visions of Monica danced through my head and she wasn’t guiding me down the hallway. When we finally got there, she opened a door into a large, mostly vacant room. She helped me sit on a bench and said she’d be right back with some towels. A few minutes later she walked in carrying a bundle of white hospital towels, soap and some shampoo. As she helped me walk over to the shower, I noticed a washer and dryer in the corner. She explained that it was used to wash and dry stuff if needed by staff. As I made my way over to the shower, she asked if I thought I would need help taking my gown and slippers off. Of course I said yes, since I only had full use of one arm and couldn’t bend or twist. Plus, I knew from the hospital room that Monica had a very innocent way of bending over that showed lots of cleavage. I had dropped my newspaper once, and all the pages spread out over the floor. She picked it up, pausing slowly and giving me a nice long gaze at her breasts from my bed. At the time I wasn’t sure if she had taken longer than she normally should have to pick them up or not. So now as she was taking my slippers off, I made sure to lift each foot only slightly off the ground, acting kind of weak. And oh yes, her breasts did indeed look impressive. Monica then explained to me that the handheld shower holder had broken three weeks ago and that we had to make do with a temporary hanger another nurse had fashioned out of wire.
“Maintenance is very slow around here” she said.
I told her it didn’t matter, that I was just so glad to be finally be getting clean with running water. She told me how to use it and even brought in a chair in case I got tired. She said that no one would come in since she had told the desk I was in there and also there was also a light on outside the door which meant the shower was occupied. She untied my gown at the back and told me to throw it onto the table when I was ready to shower.
“I’ll be back in a few minutes to check on you Jim and oh, by the way nice cheeks”. she giggled like a teenaged school girl.
Damn it, I thought to myself, isn’t she even going to help ? All my fantasies quickly faded away. Monica left. I got all wet and started washing my hair. But I had a big problem, only one arm to work with. I had to squeeze the shampoo into my left hand with my right elbow and the chair. I couldn’t raise my right arm more than to my waist without it hurting and I wasn’t left handed ! But I did my best and then rinsed all the shampoo off my hand and hair. Next it was onto my chest with the bar of soap. I did what I could and then I heard a knock on the door.
“Is everything okay?” Monica yelled in from the open door.
“No” I replied.” I can only use one hand”
Monica asked ” do you need my help then ?”
“Yes indeed I do” I yelled back.
” Are you shy Jim”?
” No” I replied.
Monica walked straight in looking only at my face. She didn’t look down at anything lower than my shoulders. I was hoping she’d be at least curious about the size of me or given me a sign that she wasn’t there strictly as a nurse. But alas, it seemed I was just another patient and buxom Monica was just doing her job. She took the shower head from my hand and very quickly rinsed my chest of any soap and asked me to hold onto it again. She instructed me to make sure the spray was facing the wall while she started washing me. First my neck and shoulders, then my back. Then she came around the front and washed my neck and shoulders there. Oh how tempting this was I kept thinking to myself. Should I spray her and say it was an accident ? Even the slightest twist of my wrist in her direction would do it. Tell her it slipped and I just caught it in time. Or would that be too obvious ? Maybe she would have to strip down and put all her clothes in the dryer and wait a half hour for them to dry I thought. At least some of them. I had so many things crossed my mind as to how to get her clothes off, but alas, I couldn’t do it. Way too predictable on my part I kept repeating in my head. I reluctantly decided to behave myself. This is one of those times where you tell yourself, your going to really, really hate yourself in the morning. More likely years from now too. Monica stood back and instructed me to rinse off where she had lathered me up.
“Do you want help washing your lower areas Jim? she said.
FINALLY, finally, finally, that was what I was waiting for ! What took you so damn long Monica I said to myself.
“Um, if you wouldn’t mind” I sort of blurted out much too fast for my answer to sound nonchalant.
“I’ll hang the shower head up first Monica” I said thinking she at least knew I wouldn’t spray her.
With that being done, she said it might be best if I stepped away from the spray so she wouldn’t get wet. She started to soap my foot. First one, then the other. I intentionally raised my foot up in front of me so as to get as much ogling in as possible and it worked. Monica had a nice tan on her. I could tell she was the outdoors type.
“Let me know when you want me to rinse off” I asked in a shaky voice. Hoping, make that praying she’d take her time because now I had the pleasure of staring directly down on a well built woman’s cleavage and not worrying if she was going to catch me. She was much too busy washing my feet and legs.
I could tell now that Monica was taking her time washing me. She was in the squatting position for what seemed like too long a time. I’m not sure why in the world her tight hospital white pants were not splitting apart at the seam that goes from the front of her waist to the back running between her legs. Once she almost fell back, but caught herself with her hand.
“Almost” Monica had screamed as she looked up almost catching me memorized on every inch of her hooters.
Too bad a I thought. She could have had a wet ass and had to take off her pants. By now I was really dreaming of different scenarios. But was she trying to avoid the inevitable of washing my privates or just toying with me? I was getting an incredible view of her cleavage now and I didn’t care if she ever finished.
She switched around behind me and washed my calves some more.
“Okay, I’ll stand back and you can rinse the soap off” she told me, to which I unhooked the shower head and sort of pretended to fumble with it as I rinsed off as instructed.
But now I realized the inevitable was happening. Nature had begun to take its course. My cock had started to become aroused after seeing Monica’s melons for so long from such a big advantage point. How embarrassing. I hooked the shower head up again and then got closer to Monica, actually backing towards her so she couldn’t see my cock hardening. Monica washed my ass thoroughly and although I was a little embarrassed about it, it felt very sensual.
She asked me to turn around and she would continue washing. I froze.
“Could you please turn around” Monica commanded.
“Of course Monica” I said in a halfhearted laugh ” don’t want me to slip do you”
Now she must have noticed my ever growing member I thought, but she didn’t say a word. No smart ass comment, nothing. Monica was bending over in front of me now. She just grabbed the soap off the dish and started washing my calves. But hadn’t she already done that? That’s when I knew she was so very aware of my hard on. At first I thought she was embarrassed, but then Monica did something. She brushed against my cock ! First her hair and then later on again, only a little harder. Then more and more it brushed my shaft. Now my flagpole was at full attention. She was doing quite a number on me, and knew it.
Holy shit I thought, what happens when she wants to wash higher?
Then all of a sudden, just as I was having the most pleasant of daydreams, the shower head fell.
“Ahhhhhhhhhggggggggggggg” Monica screamed, which completely scared the shit out of me..
I quickly grabbed for one of the taps, but Monica was doing the same. But in doing so, she just got wetter and wetter.
She ended up jumping away from the water, almost slipping again.
I grabbed the dangling hose, twisted it, and pointed the spray towards the wall.
I looked at Monica thinking she’d be pretty upset, but she started to laugh hysterically.
“Sorry Monica” I said, ” It was my fault”.
“Yes it was” She squealed as if to say it was intentional.
“You meant to do that Jim”
“No, no, no” I insisted as I hung the shower up on its hook.
“Jim, you hung the shower up, didn’t you. ?”
With that Monica said she’d have to dry her clothes and started to unbutton her blouse. I couldn’t believe my eyes. She explained that it had happened before, just not to her.
“Yeah, but I didn’t know it wouldn’t stay” I tried so hard to defend myself, but Monica wasn’t buying any of it.
“So your not mad at me?”
“Course not…….. boys will be boys”
Monica walked towards the dryer, unbuttoning more of her blouse. After the last button, she took it off, opened the door and threw it in.
“Jim, Do you mind if I take off my bra too”.
I think I hesitated for like a millisecond and told her “Not at all, come on in, the waters fine”
“Nice try Jim”
Hmmmmm, did I miss something here I thought to myself. Monica took her bra off and threw it in the dryer and switched it on, then came back and asked “where were we ?”
“Aren’t your pants wet also”
” Yes Jim, and no they aren’t coming off”.
“You were washing my feet”
“Another nice try Jim, but I do remember washing them. Which reminds me, weren’t you taught not to stare at people?”
Busted I thought.
“I’ll start at your knees and work up, hows that ?”
“That’s fair” I said.
I couldn’t take my eyes off those gorgeous breasts though. So ample and firm, just the size I love. And her nipples…… Monica did have a really great tan. Now her tan lines were showing and they were doing another number on me. By this time, since we started, my cock had gone from limp to hard, to limp and now it was again getting very, very hard, very, very fast. Monica’s tits were that of a very athletic, well built, twenty six year old. Oh how I love sports I thought to myself. She washed my legs and then my groin area, but taking care to avoid my dick. She did however, wash my ass and inner thighs again, to which I’ll be eternally grateful. Then the most wonderful thing happened. Monica took my cock in her hand and washed it, stroking it ever so gently. Lots of soap and lots of strokes. I didn’t say a word for fear of jeopardizing the situation.
“Is it alright if I wash here Jim?”
“Quite” I gulped as though I had swallowed a coconut.
She stared intently at my now hard as steel cock. It was all I could do to not moan or groan with pleasure. Her fingers went from my cock to my ass and back again. Monica had magic hands and fingers.
“We’ve got to get you nice and clean Jim, all of your parts”.
When Monica said “all”, she made it very clear she wanted me to enjoy this.
“Um, I think I’m pretty dirty down there Monica”
“So you are Jim”.
“Okay, rinse off now”
Huh, was that it, what the hell? Give me the most massive erection I’ve ever had, and then just leave me like this? I rinsed off, but made sure Monica saw my bulging sausage wasn’t going down on its own. I unhooked the shower, rinsed off what I could and stood there facing her and making sure she got her eyes full. She did. I hung up the shower and stepped towards her thinking she’d grab a towel and cover me, sort of like a punishment for being human. She then threw some folded towels in front of her, squatted down and started to stroke me. This time I did moan.
” Feels good Jim ?” she asked me.
“Oh yeah Monica”
Monica continued to massage my cock and every once in a while gave me a flick of her tongue. Then her lips gave me a nice little kiss on my cocks head. She licked and flicked, stroked and flicked, then a few times even sucked my purple helmet lightly, rolling her tongue. All the while I was looking towards the door praying it wouldn’t open. Then when I knew I could take it no more, I looked down at Monica’s tits. So perfectly beautiful and natural. She started jerking my shaft faster and faster until I could take it no more. Like a volcano erupting, I came, and came some more. My cum flew like never before. Monica had leaned towards me, looked me straight in the eyes, and let me shoot my hot steamy load all over her tits.
Monica ended up taking her pants off ( but not her sheer lace white panties) and cleaning up in the shower as I dried off. What a wonderful experience I thought. A student nurse just wrapped her lips around my cock in a hospital ! Monica was my nurse on one more occasion before I left the hospital.
If you enjoyed my experience and me telling it, please either contact me, or post something below. I’ll write about the last time Monica was in my room.


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