One Size Fits All

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This is a true story that I experienced with my boyfriend when I was 19 years old. I’m now 23.

My little group of friends and I had just gradurated high school, and people were beginning to go their own ways. My on and off boyfriend
and I were getting a little stale also. He was busy searching for a college, and I just needed some time for myself.
Well girls talk, so when some of the boys found out I could possibly be back on the market, I started getting little masseges that some wanted to take me out. I’m a petite girl and I’ve been told I’m pretty. I love wearing differet clothing that accents my body. I’ve always liked short skirts and over the knee socks.

One of the boys in our crowd was Dave, (not his real name). He seemed like a nice guy and everybody liked him.
Dave had a, “little”, reputation that had started in the school locker room. Other boys in our gang had nick names for him,
like, “horseman”, “biggie”, and the like becouse of his large penis. My girlfriends had whispered and snikkered about him, but I didn’t pay much attention.
And Dave had been nursing a crush on me for a while, so when he heard I was single again he came calling.
I’d always thought Dave was cute, so I didn’t see anything wrong with going out with him. Plus, some of the comments overheard by my friends said he really wanted a chance with me.

So we started to see each other and things looked pretty good!

Thanks for your interest in my experience. Please check back for the rest of my story!

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