The rewards of picking up hitchhikers

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All my life, I have picked up hitchhikers, if traffic permitted and if they did not look so scary. Most of the time, It has had its rewards. Here are a few samples of my luck.

I first saw Mary as I was driving home from the next town. It was a cold fall day and I was over to a friends house. Mary was standing at the intersection I was turning at. She was a small girl, blond hair. She had on a winter jacket and had a small bag. Even thou she was going a different direction, I stopped and rolled down the window. “Where you headed?” I called out.
“Westbrook” She leaned over and told me. “Get in” I told her.
There were two state schools in the area, so Friday afternoon and Saturday morning were good times to find someone hitching a ride home for the weekend. Mary got in my car and tossed her bag in the back seat. “Thanks, it was getting a bit cold out there” She smiled and held out her hand. “I’m Mary” “Hi” I offered my hand, “I’m Mark, get warmed up!” I drove off in her direction. “how long you been standing there” I asked. ” about a half hour, the bus left me off at the truck stop” I just nodded my head. “Why didn’t you wait there for a ride, lots of truckers.”
“No, had a few bad experiences with them, don’t trust them, you know what I mean?” she looked at me with a sad expression. “Oh, I think I know what you mean, they wanted sex?” “You got it, blow jobs, hand jobs, fuck them,what ever. Just to much hassle, easier this way.” she explained. My mind thought about this for a few seconds, i guess i struck out on this one, thinking of the last girl i picked up and the hand job she offered me. I cleared my throat and spoke, “What makes you feel safe with me, how do you know I was not thinking of sex with you?” Mary let out a soft laugh, “you look safe, I would not have gotten in your car if I did not feel I could trust you.” Shit I thougth to myself, I did pick up a lost cause. “Well I’m not going all the way to Westbook, Ill have to leave you off a few miles from town, that ok?” I looked at her. “Its ok, Ill get a ride when I get their.” She smiled at me. Mary took off her coat then, she was wearing a sweater under her coat. She must have still be cold as her nipples were very apparent. I helped her with her coat as I could and stared at her nipples as she leaned forward to get off her coat. Mary smiled at me again, aware I was looking at her boobs.
“You pick up hithinkers a lot?” she asked. “A few, depends on direction and weather”
“I see” she said. “men and women alike?” Althou I picked up only one guy, I lied a and told her both, did not make a difference. “I per fer rides with men, they are nicer, must be because i am a girl” Mary smiled again, her eyes blazing at me.
” Thought you would be afraid of men because of the truckers wanting to fuck you” I challenged her. “Well, you want to fuck me don’t you Mark, or at least hope I blow you, right?” Mary caught me off guard with that remark. “Well, I mean, I wasn’t” Mary started to laugh and cut me off, “Sure you do Mark. Maybe you will get your wish.” Mary slid over on her seat and her hand rested on my knee. She slid her hand up slowly up my thigh. “the men who force themselves on me turn me off, you seem like you would not do anything to hurt me, but yet you want me. I like that” He hand was now resting on my crotch. Her little finger tapping next to my right nut. My cock was growing in my pants, the motion I was sure catching her attention. “give me a ride all the way home, and my hand will find its way all the way home too.” Mary whispered in my ear. I just nodded my head in agreement. Mary leaned over and kissed me on my cheek. Her hand moved over and she began to rub my balls and stiff cock. “Oh, what do we have here” she giggled. “Lets open it up and see” I pushed my hips forward on the seat, giving her room to unzip, and unsnap my pants. With little trouble she pulled my pants open enough to allow my cock to pop out. “Oh my God, that’s big” Mary looked in amazement at my dick. “I really have never seen one that big before, never” I looked down at her, her eyes were wide open, staring at my dick. I knew what she said was true, by the look on her face. “Damn girl, you never seen one this size before? How many have you seen?” I asked. Marys hand was now sliding up and down the shaft of my cock, as it quivered about. She would reach down and touch my balls and slid her hand back up over the tip of my cock. “I’ve seen my share, maybe 9 or 10,not counting when I babysat.” “well Ican tell by how your touching mine, you have played with them before, your doing a good job” I leaned back, enjoying her touch. “yeah, I had a steady boyfriend before collage, I would jack him off almost all the time we were together, he showed me a lot” Mary smiled at me, stroking my bulging, throbbing cock. “a lot of things”. With that, she lowered her head and with her tongue, licked the tip of my cock, picking up the small bits of precum oozing out. She slowly took my cock in her mouth and began sucking me off. Now as I said, this sort of thing has happened before, but Mary was by far the best cocksucker I have picked up. I could hardly contain myself. I knew if I would cum, it would end, so I was concentrating on not cumming, it was not easy. I ran my hand on Marys head, rubbing her neck as her head bobbed up and down with each suck. My cock was throbbing and growing with each suck and the thought of my cum shooting in her mouth any second now. “oh man your good” I whispered. ” damn good” After a few minuted of her sucking and flicking her tongue on my cock, I could not hold back anymore, “I’m going to cum, oh man am I going to cum”. Mary paused a second, then pushed her face all the way down my cock, sucking all the way. I felt the first gush of cum shoot in her mouth,and felt Mary swallow as I cam. She continued to suck and hold my cock with her mouth as more cum shot out of me. “Oh man, oh God this feels good” I moaned as she sucked all my cum. Mary sucked for a few more seconds, getting all my white creamy sperm.
She lifted her head and kissed my chin, I tilled my head and kissed her on her lips, getting a small taste of my cum. “Thank you” I whispered to her, that was awesome, believe me” Well, the drive to her house was filled with sex stories by Mary and myself, we told each other about losing our virginity, I told her about the hitchhikers I picked up and the sex I received. But one thing was for sure, the two, yes two blow jobs she gave me, were without a doubt the best I had.

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    Excellent story & very well written. : )

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