Altered Boy

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I was born a male, but after a freak of luck – I was altered forever. It happened when I was 18 I was outside walking through the pasture field, when I saw a black van on the road in the distance. It sat there motionless as I drew near. I thought that the van was having trouble so I decided to go see if I could help. As I approached an old woman dressed in a tube top and shorts came from behind the van. She smiled at me as I asked if I could help. “Yes, you can.” She warmly replied as I walked up to her. She grabbed me by the arm and smiled as she groped my dick. Stunned I tried to move but for an older lady she was strong. She held my arm firmly and then pulled me to her closer. I felt a sharp sting in my neck, and then things started to spin, but just before I passed out I can still remember hearing her say “He will amke you a perfect woman.” It was all kind of fuzzy after that images of bright lights and the sounds of beeping and pinging. Flashes of faces that seem to be close too me. Then I woke up. I was in a very comfortable bed with satin sheets, the room was decorated lavishly and I could tell the person that lived there had to be rich. As I tried to sit up the door flew open and a middle aged woman dressed in a black leather outfit burst in. She pranced over to me and said calmly, “So babydoll you finally found your way out of dream land. You have been sleeping off and on for nine months.”
I paniced. “What” I screamed. “How can this be ?”
She just pushed me back onto the bed, and then as she spoke she fondled and caressed my face and chest, “Well dear. You were kidnapped by a couple of doctors that needed to do some expirements on living beings without their knowledge. Really radical stuff. They shot you with a dart that knocks you into the next century then they brought you here to the lab. Before you ask, the drugs kept you from feeling anything, so you had no idea what they were doing. What they did was to make you into a completely functional woman.”
With that statement she grabbed the sheets and yanked them from me. I Looked down to see my nude body. It was a shock, I had a set of 38DD breast and a silky smooth pussy and two drop dead perfect ;egs and a flat smooth stomach and tiny waist. I was really freaked when I touched my new parts and I could feel them.
The woman brought a mirror over and as I looked into it I did not recognize who I saw. There was the wavy haired blonde with a sweet smile and blue eyes and full red lips looking at me.
As she sat the mirro down she slid beside me on the bed and began to caress my breast as she cooed. “Now you get to have lesbian sex with me.”
She fell upon my breast with her mouth and devoured my nipples. I had never felt anything like it. I could feel the orgasam building but when she ran her fingers over my clit I shouted out in a way that I can’t describe. She then moved to my new pussy and began to lick me and tease me and taunt me, until I was crying out.
Just then one of the doctors walked in with a man – mid thirties nice build, wearing nothing but a towel around his tanned flesh.
The docotr said, “Now hat you are fully aware of what is going on – Kirtus will now test his new male organs while your female organs are tested.
I looked at this guy and if I understood it was a woman that was now a man. When the towel dropped you could have fooled me. He was nine inches and thick as he moved to my pussy and inserted it. The girl cooed loudly as she helped by kissing and nippling on my breast and on his. As his dick rocked my now soaked pussy the doctor asked me, “Do you have the sensations of sex ?”
I just looked at him and gasped and moaned as I hit my orgasam again.
The docotr told me that soon he would return to personally test my pussy, but that I needed to be probed by the insturments first.
I was puzzled as I sunk back onto the bed with the man on one side and woman on the other. Then in rolled a machine pushed by a woman, the woman that I saw at the van. she pushed it up to the bed and the the other two lifted me onto the seat.
Two clamps came down on my wrist and two more secured my ankles. The old woman moved two large cups over my breast and then they sucked my tits right in. Then she placed a dildo like probe into my ass and one large probe into my pussy.
She moved to a control switch and she flipped it, I flipped out. It was the most intense sex I ever had – I was cumming like crazy as the doctor measured the readings. The other two just watched with their jaws on the floor as I begged it to fuck me harder. The old woman obliged and turned the intenisty up. Rwo hours and at least 10 oragams later, she released me.
She said what was to happen next would be even more pleasureable, but that is another story…..

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  1. chester50

    Great story can’t wait to read the next one

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  2. waterfairie7

    Good plot. I really enjoyed it. Can’t wait to find out what happens next.

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