Cathy's Fantasy Chapter 3

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*In the last chapter Cathy was thrown out of the house by wife Mary and took refuge at the home of Joan, the lesbian who lives across the hall.*

Joan held the door open for me, and I walked into her apartment. She looked at me and said, “Now, let’s get you out of those cum-soaked pantyhose before you stain that cute dress. I’m going to make some coffee. Why don’t you take a shower and wash out your pantyhose in the bathroom sink?” I nodded in agreement as I kicked off my pumps and rolled down my pantyhose in front of her and headed towards the bathroom.

I was thinking about the predicament I was in now: I am thrown out of my apartment with no keys, no wallet, and have only women’s clothes with me in my little bag. I am in the apartment of a mischief-making lesbian who just embarrassed me in front of my wife and convinced her that I am gay.

What can I expect from Joan? While she is attractive she is a hard core lesbian whom I have never seen in a dress and doesn’t seem to like men. She is an attorney and an activist who is quite involved with the local Gay, Lesbian, Transgender Society; an officer, I think. She shares the apartment with two stewardesses, also lesbians, who are rarely in town.

As I exited the shower I could hear Joan talking on the phone. “Cindy I’m not going to be able to make our lunch date today; something has come up and I’m engaged in some crisis intervention. No, it’s nothing personal. It’s the neighbors actually. My friend just found out that her husband is gay and threw him out. She’s in a rage and he’s in denial. I’ve got him here with me until she calms down.” I was not accustomed to being referred to as “gay” and was not at all getting used to it. She continued, “Oh that might be fun. I suppose you could come over while I’m waiting.”

I didn’t plan on hanging around and decided to try to make peace with my wife Mary. I approached Joan in the kitchen with just a towel wrapped around me and said, “Joan, you know I really need to get back into my apartment and get my clothes, keys, wallet, and see if I can makes things right with Mary.”

Joan replied, “You can’t go out there like that. Why don’t you grab my bathrobe – here.” It was a plain terrycloth robe, although pink, and I put it on and headed out the door and across the hall. I knocked twice and then twice again. Nobody answered. Mary had gone out. I now returned to Joan’s apartment and knocked. She opened the door just a crack and said, “Why are you back?” I explained that Mary had gone out, and I was locked out. I was now getting nervous out in the hallway with just a pink bathrobe on.

Joan’s demeanor had changed. She addressed me in a haughty tone of voice, “Listen, I have a life and you have already messed up my day and caused me to cancel an appointment. I will let you in on one condition: you obey me, you do everything I say or I’ll throw you out. Is that understood? I don’t have time to waste on sissies or guys who don’t know they’re gay. Got it?”
I answered meekly, “OK.” She retorted, “You mean yes Ma’am.” I repeated, “Yes, Ma’am.” She opened the door and I went in.

She continued, “Now let’s get you presentable. My girlfriend, Cindy, is coming over in a little while. Bring me your bag, and I’ll pick out something nice for you to wear while you’re here.” Rummaging through my bag she looked at all my lingerie and smiled knowingly at me from time to time as she admired my frilly things.

“Cathy, I think you’d look just darling in this black lace bra and matching waist cincher. Put them on, and I’ll find you some nice sheer nylons to go with them.” I put on my bra and satin waist cincher as she went into her roommate’s room to get the nylons.

“These are ultra sheer so be very careful not to put a run in them or I would have to spank you,” she says to me. I silently complied with her instructions and could feel my cock hardening as I slipped into the luxurious nylons she had given me. “Now, that’s better. Go put on your dress and your high heels, and I’ll serve the coffee,” she said.

As she poured the coffee she said, “Cathy while you’re in this house, you will obey my rules. These are the three cardinal rules: First, you will obey all my commands immediately, cheerfully, and without question or hesitation. Second, you will not cum, have sex, or masturbate except with my permission or at my command. Third, you can never tell a lie.”

She continued, “There are also guidelines you’ll have to follow, which I’ll teach you as we go along, such as required dress and impeccable grooming. Things like no runny mascara, no smudged eyeliner, no smeared lipstick, heels and nylons at all times, etc…Understood?” I answered simply, “Yes, Ma’am.”

“Very good, sugar. I think we’ll get along just fine if you obey the rules,” Joan said. There was then a knock at the door. Joan got up from her chair and said, “That must be Cindy at the door.” My heartbeat quickened as the door opened.

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