Reform School Transformation

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I was sent to reform school for not minding my grandmother and playing hooky. I was 13 and short for my age at five foot four and I only weighed one hundred and ten pounds. I had never cut my long black hair so it went down to my waist. The fact that I had almost no body hair but more like peach fuzz made me look like a young girl to some, but my four-inch dick proved that thought wrong.

I arrived by police car at the school and was greeted by a fat man and a skinny man dressed like guards. The two men were nice to me until the cop left then they grabbed me by my arms and lifted up and tossed me into a room. Then they marched in and demanded that I strip. I was made to stand naked in front of them and turn and bend. Then they made me lean over a small table in the middle of the room while they checked me. I felt the fat mans thumb slide up my ass and I cried. Then the skinny man made me open my mouth while he rammed his fingers down my throat. When they had finished the fat man put his hand on my back and started to press me closer to the table as the skinny man asked me all kinds of sexual question. When they found out that I was a complete virgin, the fat man took out a big black permanent marker and wrote the word “Virgin” on my ass.

Then the pair pulled me and drug me out naked into the hallway. They took me to a shower room where they demanded that I shower and wash my hair. Then they made me brush my teeth with an old brush. With my hair still wet they took me back out into the hallway, still naked. They led me into another hallway then down to the clinic.

They opened the door and flung me in. An ugly skinny old woman with no teeth and a wrinkled old skin crept close to me. She ordered me to sit in the metal chair on the side of the room. Then she came over and clamped my ankles and wrist into the seat.

“Since the courts sent your paperwork I have been thinking how best to make you up like.” She croaked.

I was confused, what did she mean make me up, and how. As I pondered these questions she pulled a cart out from behind a table and rolled it over to me. Thirty minutes later I would know what she meant.

She painted my finger and toes nails first, and laughed as she did, they were red like blood. Then she took a pallet and a brush and she started on my face. When she finished she told me, “The make up is almost permanent. It should last at least a year unless I remove it. Now I need to trim your bangs and give you a little trim here and there.”

She shaved my body and then used some sort of cream to make it last for a very long time. Then she fixed my hair like girls and put perfume on my body. The strangest thing happened next. She gave me four shots in my breast and made me swallow four pills. She told me they were to make me more of a female.

I asked why and she replied, “Because you will never leave here until you are eighteen. No Mom or Dad living and a grandmother that is almost dead. No other relatives around. You are perfect we will make you into a shemale and when you come to love sex enough we will sell you to the highest bidder.”

With that the two men came back in and threw me a ragged skirt that barely wrapped around me and a blouse with no buttons. I had to tie it around me just below my nipples. Then they took me out and down the hall and into a dorm room.

In the room eight other boys were there waiting for me. None were younger than fifteen or older than eighteen were. The two men shoved me in and yelped out, “You dogs enjoy. We’ll be back for what’s left tomorrow morning.”

A large black boy walked over in front of me, while two younger white boys approached from behind. The others started stripping and as they moved towards me the black boy dropped his pants. I almost fainted from the shear size of what I saw it was twelve inches and fat pointing right at me. He moved over a little closer and yanked my shirt open then he ripped my skirt from me. His eyes said that he liked what he saw but all he did was grab my long hair and twist me to my knees. As I gasped in pain in went his dick into my mouth. He made me lick him while the others gathered near. I was slow to start but quickly warmed to his hot meat in my mouth. When he unloaded in me I almost gagged once, but then he rub my throat until I swallowed. Then the others attacked me. I was pushed forward onto my hands and knees as someone rammed a dick up my ass, another black boy with a smaller dick took my mouth and others were playing with my dick and tits and I began to love it. One after another they took my mouth and my ass until all had been in both. Then a good looking boy came over and rolled me onto my back. Then he sucked my dick until I came. After that the huge black boy called me to him, and said, “You want to be our bitch?”

“Yes,” I replied. Then it started all over again. First I sucked him while the others took turns in my ass. By the next morning I felt raw and sore but I loved it. Over the next two months the shots that the nurse gave me enlarged my breast to a 34C. They also made my voice more like a girl and with her treatments I started looking and acting like it. She would dress me in sexy outfits and then take pictures of me while the guards took me. Then she we take me back to the room and video tape the boys on me. They loved it when I wore dresses. Just so they could play with me and get an easier fuck.

When I turned sixteen I was sold to a man that lived in the west, but before I left there every boy in the school had me. The man that owns me now uses me for a sex slave. He sells me to his friends for the night or loans me out for parties. When I turn 21 he is going to have me made into a female all the way, until then I am a she male sex toy and I love it.

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