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I decided to get up early this morning, before the sun acually… I was looking forward to a sexy day driving down the coast. I showered and slipped into my Hanes Pantyhose & the White satin & spandex 38C Body Brifer, I even wore my new Barely There Panty Girdle just to really get into it!!!
I inserted my 2 water balloons (in pantyhose) into my Cups… for my lovely Breasts, 38D acually!! I love the feeling of my breasts… I feel complete when I cup them both and squeeze them tightly… and I love the way they look and feel under a sexy tight sweater or button up blouse!!! anyway… I was dressed for the day.
I drove along with my car mirrors positioned so that I could get the best view of my breasts and crotch areas… I’d tease myself and touch myself near my cock just to play alittle…then lightly touch my Bra and gentaly cup one of my Tits… yummy!!! For miles I’d drive like this… sometimes looking for a safe place to get out and go for walk… I’d use my St Ives lotion from my purse and slip some deep into my Pantygirdle… all over my clean smooth Penis.
I’d get so slippery all over again… Today I decided to walk on a quite bluff by the ocean… it stretched for miles with noone anywhere… Its my favorite place to dress and walk!! I was all set for a windy coast walk, I wore my tight Green jeans and a new soft Gray turlteneck sweater over my Briefer just to keep warm. I started off down the hill, my breasts were perfect, I could feel the wind whipping thru my sweater and over my Breasts…. this was beautiful… I love to walk like this for hours… sometimes I find a quite spot and take off all my clothes and sunbath, other times I just walk in my sexy things on the beach! I think someone was watching me from the top of the cliff… I didn’t mind really, it just made it a bit more interesting… I stripped down to my Bra and PantyGidle and walked slowly down the beach playing near the water… I got pretty wet once it… water got all over my Butt and made me really wet!!! I’m sure he saw me running out of the water for shore, my large breasts bouncing as I ran…. His head popped up and I bent way over to pick up my towel, just like I didn’t know he was there. I laid down on my back in the sun on a towel that I had brought. I wanted my Brifer and Pantyhose to dry good before putting my jeans back on! Hw watched me closly as I rolled around on mjy back touching myself down there so he could see I was turned on… I hands ran over my breasts and down over my pussy spot over and over as I laid in the hot sun dring. I rolled over onto my stomach and watched as he finally showed himself. Just some guy, but he was getting a great view of my sexy ass!!! I’m sure he still thought that I was a women…
I watched as he unzipped his pants and pulled out his big COCK… right there in front of me… at least 100′ but I could see that it was long & hard!!!
I decided to show him my surprize… I rolled onto my back and unbuttoned the crotch snaps of my Girdle… releasing my COCK to spring out of my femine trappings!!! I rolled over and got to my knees as he stared in disbelief… my PENIS was long and hard , poking out of my Pantyhose…. he ran his hand faster, clearly this was something that he liked! I arched My back and shot my LOAD of CUm straight into the air… landing all over my breasts and face… yummy, I tasted delightful… He to let go I could see him squat to his knees and pull his COCK harder… After I lay there for awhile and the stranger had left I picked up my clothes and strolled slowly back to my car… thinking about what a wonderful day it was !!!

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