The Club of Liberated Women: The Beginning

Note from the author: This story is based on a supposed true case shown in a TV court show. Only the idea of a group of women hiring a guy as a sex toy for 30 days was used. The rest is from my own pervert imagination.

Alberto was completely broken.

At 25 years old, he had made his life a whole mess. He have not talked to his father in six years, after his dad caught him nailing his brand-new stepmother in the garage. A week ago, he lost his job and his girlfriend at the same time when he went to visit the bitch and found her sucking his boss’ cock. It happened the hag had been cheating on him for a month, fucking his rich boss. Now, his savings were almost gone and he was running out of options… He did not have a degree, or specially good looks, or contacts. The only things he had were his perseverance and his ingenuity – and he had to do something. Fast.

He opened his laptop and went straight to the classifieds website to look for a job. Anything would do, at least for one or two months until he got back on his feet. Most of the postings were about flipping burgers, but one ad caught Alberto’s attention:

“Company looking male performer for a reality- TV show. Selected candidate will opt for a chance to win a final prize of $250,000. If interested, email a face photograph and a full body photograph. If accepted for audition, the candidate will receive address and date of audition.”

Alberto saw the final prize and realized that was more money he had made in his life. He knew he had average looks at best, but usually reality TV shows were about characters. He only needed to develop an annoying character, and he knew he was in. So, he took the photos with the laptop camera and sent them to the e-mail address shown on the ad. The worse that could happen was that no one call him.

2 days later…

Alberto followed his morning ritual of checking his emails and found a reply. The reply message read as follows:

 “Dear Alberto,

 We are glad to inform you that you are one of the 50 selected candidates for the opening. We have attached a file with the date and location of the audition. In addition, we included some instructions about what to bring to the audition. Contact me if you have any question.


Diana Donato

Founder and Director”

He opened the file and as promised, he found the directions to the audition locale. It was a property in the rich sector of the country – one of those areas used as playground by the rich and famous. All contestants would arrive to the commuter train station of the town and they would be transported on a bus to the location. He was instructed to arrive wearing a jacket or suit and carry a bag with exercise clothes, a swimming trunk, and any medication he took. Nothing weird, so he decided to prepare for the unknown…

The Audition

Alberto arrived to the train station and right away felt like a fish out of water. All the guys waiting for the audition bus were models, bodybuilders, and athletes. He used to swim and play soccer in high school and kept a decent weight and muscular definition, but compared to the other 49 contestants, he was worse than the average Joe. He was almost decided to turn back home when he heard the voice of a woman calling all the contestants to get to the bus.

The woman in question was a petite blond, dressed in a tight secretary outfit that could barely contain a huge pair of breasts and one of the roundest asses Alberto had seen in a long time. She had her hair into a ponytail and had a pair of fancy designer glasses that gave her a chic geeky look. Add that she was wearing no makeup and a pair of stilletto high heels and you could see how she could easily control a group of men.

Once the luxury travel bus began its journey, the woman took charge of the PA system to address the bus occupants.

 “Good morning gentlemen. My name is Andrea Hudson and I welcome you to the audition process from CLW. We will reach our destination in 15 minutes, but before we get there, there are a few details. In the pocket in the front of your seats you will find an envelope with three items. The first one is a small envelope with $250. That is just a token of our appreciation for your time and it is yours to keep regardless of the outcome of the audition. The second item is a confidentiality agreement. You must sign that to participate in the audition process. The third item inside the envelope is a chain with a number. You will wear that chain throughout the audition and you will be called by that number once you get down the bus. I will be collecting the agreements when we reach our destination. Thank you for your cooperation.”

Alberto took the envelope in front of him and took out the chain – number 33. He took the money envelope and put it in his jacket pocket without opening it, somehow he trusted that inside he would find $250. He read the standard confidentiality agreement and signed just in time of arrival to the location.

Ms. Hudson collected the papers while checking out the names on a list and writing the number each one had received. When it was Alberto’s turn, he noticed her perfume – Dune, the same brand his ex-girlfriend liked to use. He said the name of the perfume loud enough for her to hear it, and he saw her smiling at the mention of her perfume.

“How did you know?” she asked, smiling and surprised .

“I had to buy it a few times.” Alberto answered with a sad smile that said the rest of the story. Ms. Hudson blushed and said she was sorry for bringing back memories. Alberto brushed it off and handed the paper back, turning his attention to the mansion complex they had arrived.

The complex was one of those old mansions that had a bunch of newer, smaller buildings on the premises. It looked well maintained and it had the air of being a private club, with the circular path in front of the entrance – wide enough for the bus to turn without problems – and the big parking space at one side, big enough for 15 to 20 cars. If there was any doubt, the CLW logo was carved on the big double doors of the mansion’s main entrance. Whatever CLW was, it was not a fake.

The 50 contestants were guided to the mansion’s ballroom where they found a breakfast buffet ready for them and a stage prepared to give a presentation. Alberto had a light breakfast – he normally ate something light on the morning – and sat waiting for the presenters to show up. He did not have to wait much, because he had a few bites when a group of five women appeared on stage and sat on the table.

One of them stood at a podium and began talking to the contestants. Her name was Diana Donato, founder and director of CLW, the organization behind the whole thing. She was a tall, tanned White woman with long, straight black hair. She looked to have no more than 45 years of age, and her body was slim and hard. That woman definitively spent a lot of time on the gym or the plastic surgeon. Regardless, she was fine and the other women at the table were not behind Ms. Donato. The other four women were not introduced individually, but Alberto assumed they were the club’s directive. All were between their 30′s and 50′s and had toned bodies and perfect makeup. You could make right away that they were either the trophy wives of rich old farts or very successful professional women.

Alberto came back from his observational trance when Ms. Donato began explaining the reason of the audition.

“…This is not the audition for a reality-TV show. This audition is for something much, much, more personal. Today, we will select one of you to work for the Club for the next month. You will live here at the mansion, with access to all the luxuries provided by this resort – five star cuisine, spa, swimming pool, saunas, and many other services. Your only duty will be to have sex with at least two of our members each day during that month. You will find that your duty wont be too difficult because our members are women between 25 and 60 years of age. For thirty days, you will make our fantasies true – and we will fulfill yours. At the end of those 30 days, you will receive a payment of $250,000, cash, as promised in our ad.”

He could not believe what he was hearing! All of them had been brought there so one would become the plaything of a bunch of rich women! One part of him wanted to get the hell out of there, while another was celebrating. These women were all attractive and the chosen one would be fucking them, living in luxury, and getting paid a fortune for that. It was a win-win for him… only if he was the chosen one! Looking around, Alberto realized his chances were very slim against all these big guys. But still, if he had a shot at the chance of a lifetime, he would take it!

The first test

Ms. Donato continued talking and explained the selection process. There would be five tests that day, testing their physical and mental endurance and abilities. The winner would be declared by the end of the day. Right away, she explained the first test: a quick urine drug test. Anyone positive for marihuana, cocaine, heroine, or any other illegal drug would be automatically disqualified.

The next thing Alberto remembered was taking a pee into a cup while an attractive redhead was checking him four feet away. He delivered the cup with the sample and went back to the ballroom. Half an hour later, Ms. Donato came up to the stage and announced the numbers of the participants that would continue to the second test. Alberto was one of the survivors with 14 other guys.

The second test

The 15 survivors were moved to a smaller room where Ms. Donato explained the next test: a physical examination. They would be checked for sexually transmitted diseases visually and through medical samples. Anyone suffering from any kind of STD would be automatically disqualified. One by one they passed to a medical office where a stunning African American doctor on her early 40′s and an Indian nurse in her 20′s examined them. Their vitals were taken, their genitals checked, and blood and saliva samples taken for analysis. An hour later, Ms. Donato again read the list of survivors. Again number 33 had survived.

The third test

Alberto had reached the third stage of the selection process. So far it had been easy – he had never taken illegal drugs in his life and always used protection when having sex. That could not be said for 45 of the guys that shared the bus with him that morning. Only five out of the 50 were remaining and now he was getting nervous. If the next tests involved any weightlifting, he would be totally screwed because the other four guys were huge! Among these four animals, his 5 feet-10, 185 pounds frame looked like a pencil. The other guys were at least 6′ – 4” and weighted no less than 230 pounds of solid muscular mass. He prayed that the next test did not involve any physical contact…

Someone heard Alberto’s prayers because Ms. Donato came out, asking for all five contestants to change to their exercise clothes and present to the track field. Once they got there, the third test was revealed: a 1,500 meters run on the track. The participants that finish the run would pass to the next round, regardless of their final position or their time.

They began to run and Alberto decided to pace himself. The deal was to finish the 1,500 meters, not to be the first one to finish it. Completing the 800 meter mark, one of the big guys quit. Another did the same at the 1200 mark. Alberto crossed the 1,500 mark in first place, with his legs in intense pain and his chest tight with the effort of running. The pain was lessened when he looked back and noticed a third big guy collapsing on the track just 100 meters from the finish line. He was quickly attended and soon after, the remaining big guy crossed the finish line limping and panting heavily. Both were taken to a jacuzzi room and given their swimming trunks. They would have a two hours break to use the jacuzzi and have a light lunch before the next test.

The fourth test

While changing to the swimming trunks, Alberto had a glimpse of his opponent penis and got scared. The motherfucker had a flaccid penis that dangled about 7 inches down. Fully erect, that monster had to measure at least 10 inches and thick as a beer can. His own penis, when erect, barely reached 6 inches. If the next test involved measuring their cocks, it was game over for him. Anyway, he got in the jacuzzi with Greg, his remaining contender.

The hot water helped him to soothe the pain on his legs and apparently Greg was feeling a similar effect. They began to talk about the contest and Greg began talking about how horny he had been all day long, fantasizing about fucking Ms. Donato, driving his pole into her wet pussy until she cry his name. Alberto had no other response than laughing and telling Greg that he was too tired to even have a fantasy. Greg laughed and lied back on the jacuzzi, allowing Alberto to notice the monster bulge inside Greg’s pants.

Both relaxed and after a few minutes went to lunch. Alberto decided to take a walk around the gardens before reporting to the pool area and his next test. While walking, he thought of Ms. Hudson, the curvy blond from the bus. Greg could fantasize about Donato all he wanted, but Hudson was the one who Alberto wanted to fuck. He could feel his cock getting hard just thinking about touching those D-cups and her round ass. He would fuck her doggie style until it was time to cum, then he would turn her and cover all her face with hot jizz. Or make her suck his cock, filling her little mouth with his seed until it escaped through the opening of her lips. Just thinking about her kneeling in front of him was enough to feel the tip of his cock getting wet with precum. He realized it was time to report, so he brushed his thoughts away and walked to the pool to face the fourth test.

When he got there, Greg was already at the pool area with ten women – Donato, Hudson, the African American doctor, the Indian nurse, the redhead from the drug test, the four women from the directive, and a young Asian he had not seen before. There Donato told them their next test. They had to swim 400 meters in the pool – 8 laps. If any of them did not complete the 8 laps, the other would be the automatic winner. If both completed the test, then they would pass to the fifth test.

Greg and Alberto jumped into the water and almost cried – it was frozen cold! Both began swimming but the cold water was draining all his energy. By the fifth lap, he felt cramps, but kept going. He began imagining the petite Hudson on a bikini lying down on a pool lounge seat. He would go close to her and she would blush like she did on the bus earlier that day. He would take his pants off and offer his cock to her and she would take it on her hands, stroking it slowly. His cock would began to get turgid and Hudson would guide his semi hard cock to her mouth, sucking it expertly, making the cock to grow longer and harder than ever. She would rub his balls while sucking him, using her tongue all over the swollen head. He would take off her bikini top and would take one of her huge breasts in his hands, pinching the nipples, feeling her moaning vibrating all over his rod. He would feel getting closer to cum and she would notice it, unplugging his cock from her mouth with a popping noise. She would offer her pussy, already dripping wet for him to fuck hard and he would ram his manhood deep inside until his balls slap her cunt. He would fuck her hard and furious, making her big tits bounce while she moan and squirm in pleasure. That would make him fuck her faster, harder, and deeper until he could not hold anymore and would shoot buckets of cum inside her pussy…

Alberto was so absorbed in his fantasy that he swam the remaining three laps without noticing. Donato had to shout for him to stop swimming and told him to stay inside the cold water until Greg finished his two remaining laps. He took a minute, but when he finished, she instructed Greg to stay inside the water until he caught his breath. When he recovered, both would pass to the fifth and last test.

The final test

Three minutes after completing his laps, Greg said he was ready. Both got out of the water shivering due to cold, but instead of giving them towels, the Indian took Greg by the hand and guided him to a circular stand. The redhead did the same with Alberto and before any of them could say anything, both felt their pants being pulled down by the ladies. Even with the shrinkage of the cold water, Greg’s penis was impressive when compared to Alberto’s average member. The doctor went and measured both, writing the result on a tablet and telling her assistants to begin the test.

As if rehearsed, the Indian and the redhead began stroking their respective contestant’s cock. The heat of their hands were looking to revive the shrinked, flaccid cocks to full erection. Greg’s massive member began to get a semi, meanwhile, Alberto’s cock was receiving and expert rub from the redhead and was getting alive. He looked at the freckled face of the redhead and locked his eyes on her green eyes. She smiled and added more of the warm lube to her hands. That was all the help he needed to get to full attention. His cock got engorged with a vengeance. It was pulsating and veiny, and the head was purple and shiny with lube.

At that moment, Donato nodded to her staff and they made two groups of five, one in front of each one of the finalists. The Indian stayed stroking Greg’s engorging cock and she was joined by the doctor and three of the ladies of the directive. The redhead stroke Alberto’s furious cock while Donato, Hudson, the Asian, and a Latina from the directive formed a line in front of him.

“Ladies, guide our brave knights to the ritual room” Donato said with a devilish grin.

Without responding, the Indian and the redhead grabbed the guys and pulling them from their cocks, guided them to a spacious warm room with two lounge chairs. The ladies made both Alberto and Greg to recline in separate chairs, asking them to put their hands to the side. As soon as they did, they felt straps restricting their hands. Alberto was going to complaint, but he heard Donato’s whispering to his ear that he would like that. He relaxed and felt a jolt of electricity to his spine when the Asian took his cock in her mouth without saying a word. She sucked softly and slowly, caressing his cock with her tongue, bathing the whole head and shaft with saliva. He looked to where Greg was and he was receiving a similar treatment by a brunnette with short hair and small tits from the directive. She was able to get about half of his massive cock in her mouth, but still you could see the suction on her cheeks. Greg was panting hard and shouting.

Alberto turned his attention to the Asian devouring his own cock. She was teasing him without mercy for what seemed an eternity, but then they heard the sound of a gong signaling the change of torturer. The Asian and the short haired brunnette stopped sucking and Alberto noticed that Donato was closing to him. She was thin and muscular, but she had curves in all the right places. The suspicions of plastic surgery dissipated when he noticed the natural fall of her breasts, especially when she impaled her juicy pussy with his erect cock. She placed her hands on his chest and began a slow, rocking motion with her hips. Alberto looked at her face: she had her eyes closed and her mouth ajar while slowly rocking back and forth over his cock. He looked to the side and saw the same scene but with different actors. The doctor was riding Greg, rocking her meaty hips over Greg’s javelin. Donato and the doctor were in sync, torturing her lovers while building a massive orgasm for themselves. The doctor’s moans were getting longer and deeper when the gong sounded again. Donato removed from Alberto’s cock while cursing in low voice and soon enough the Latina replaced her over his cock. The Latina inserted his cock inside her ass, making Alberto so tense he almost broke the restraints. He relaxed and looked a long hair blonde on her early 50′s giving the same anal treatment to Greg’s dong. Alberto felt on the verge of shooting his load after a few minutes of slow buttfucking, but the gong saved him.

Now it was the turn of Andrea Hudson to torture Alberto’s cock. She climbed on top of him and pressing her massive funbags on his chest told him to look at his adversary. He found Greg looking at him with a face of a man that only wants to cum hard. Alberto wondered if he had the same face, but he then noticed the big breasted goddess with curly black hair torturing Greg sliding down to his boner and placing Greg’s rod between her tits. She began a sliding motion, masturbating Greg with her breasts.

Alberto felt Andrea doing the same and saw her flushed face when she began torturing his dick with her melons. He was close to cum, but he wanted this to last, something told him that he had to outlast Greg to win this. Then he would be able to fuck Andrea and all the other hot women he had seen in action that day. He was holding as much as he could when an animal grunt surprised him. He look at the direction of the grunt and saw Greg shooting rope after rope of thick cum all over the head, face, and tits of the gorgeous directive member stroking Greg’s dick, now with both of her hands, squeezing the very last drop of cum from his cock. Donato declared Alberto the winner and squeezed Greg’s balls while telling him “Sorry big boy…”

Andrea looked at Alberto’s face and told him “I want your cum, #33. I want it now!” before taking his pulsating cock into her mouth. She only had to move her head a couple of times before shooting his well built load into Andrea’s hungry mouth. The first jet shoot into her throat, while the remaining ropes filled her mouth. It was so much cum, she could not swallow it all and some began to escape her mouth. The redhead nurse went right at it, slurping the escaping rivers of spunk right from Alberto’s shaft and then to the surprise of everyone in attendance, she locked her lips with Andrea’s snowballing the Chosen One’s jizz between her mouths.

“I told you…” Donato told Alberto before kissing his mouth.

The contract

Alberto signed the contract and moved to the mansion a week later. He added a few stipulations to the contract, like having a sex-free day every five days, and that he had to last 30 fucking days to earn the money. He was provided with all the supplements that a man can need to live in an orgy with 20 beautiful women. He also asked for a copy of any filmed session. He loved his life… Yes, he did!

What happened during that month? Well, that is material for another stories…

To Be Continued…

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