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While I was working in Algeria, Maureen came out a couple of times. In a local bar she met a guy from Yugoslavia called Hasco. He did not speak any English but it was obvious that he fancied my wife, and one night he invited us both to his room for a drink. I don’t know what he expected but Maureen obviously fancied him and I asked her, “Do you want to?”

“Yes, of course I do.”

“Well you better get your pants off,” I told her. She stripped and, quick as a flash, Hasco was between my wife’s legs. He fucked her 3 times before we left and she continued to visit him.

Hasco put it into my wife regularly until she went home to Tommy. A couple of months later, Maureen came for another visit and the first thing she asked me was, “Is Hasco still here?” The only difference this time was that she insisted on taking him to our house so that he could spend the whole night with her. This of course meant that he would fuck Maureen at least twice when she took him to bed. Usually he would fuck my wife again early the next morning before I had to get in the car and take him home. Maureen always insisted that we would bring Hasco home with us 3 or 4 times every week. This of course meant thet Hasco would be fucking her between 9 and about 12 times every week until she went home again. On a later visit, after Hasco had left, she told me that she fancied my friend Brian and told me to invite him ’round for a drink. So I did as I was asked, and of course Maureen made it obvious to him that she was available and they finished up in bed together that night. Brian was a real stud and he fucked my wife at least twice a night, 3 or 4 nights a week until she went home again. A couple of months later, he asked me to phone Maureen and ask her to come out for another visit. We were at the post office making calls home at the time so I told Maureen, “Brian wants to know when you are coming here again.”

“Is he there? Let me speak to him.” I passed him the phone and a minute or two later he hung up and told me, “Your wife will be coming as soon as she can arrange a flight. Jesus, I am really looking forward to fucking her regularly again.”

The next time I came on leave Maureen was still going out with Tommy, when she picked me it up at the airport she told me, “I have arranged for all three are of us to go out tonight. Then we will go to Tommy’s flat and have some fun.” That night we met Tommy in the club, and as usual, there was some entertainment on, a singer and some sort of pop group. None of them were very good so we left about 10 and went to have a last drink in a pub. Then we went to Tommy’s apartment.

As usual, he poured out some drinks, and then he produced pack of cards. “I thought we might have a game of strip poker, “he said.

“‘Good idea,” I replied. We sat around the table and he dealt the cards, I had lost the first hand so I took off my shoes. The next three hands Maureen lost, so in quick succession she took off first her shoes, then her blouse and lastly her skirt, leaving her clad in only a very skimpy bra and panties. Then Tommy and I lost a hand each but we made sure of that Maureen lost all the rest of the hands until she was naked.

“What are we going to play for now?” she asked, looking at us.

“Oh, I guess that’s a silly question with you two. So, whoever wins the next hand gets to fuck me first. Let me deal.” She took the cards and turned one over for each of us, a 6 for me and a 10 for Tom. She continued, and after the fourth card I had a pair of 6’s and Tom had an ace high. My fifth still left me with my pair; the next card would be Tom’s and she looked at it and put in on the bottom of the pack. She did the same with the next four cards. The next card she looked at and smiled, then placed it in Tom’s hand, announcing “A pair of aces, Tom wins! That means that he gets to fuck me first. Have you brought your camera with you?” She asked me. She was sitting on a chair. Tommy got her to move forward so that she was right on the edge. She spread her legs to allow him to get between them and he started to play with her, inserting first one finger, then two and eventually he had three fingers up my wife.


I pointed my camera at them and started to take pictures of Tommy making love to my wife. He unzipped his jeans and got his cock out, with one hand he was feeling my wife with the other he rubbed his cock so that it slowly started to stiffen. Then he rubbed it against my wife’s fanny and as I watched it grew longer and stiffer and with his circumcised cock. I could see his cock end it looked big and was almost glowing a reddish purple colour. He put the end of it between her fanny lips and then gave one big push and he was right up her cunt. I continued to take pictures of them as he pushed her back and got right on top of her, he fucked her for nearly half an hour. She started to pant and moan, he pushed harder into her, she squealed with pleasure and eventually I heard him grunting as he came up my wife. They continued to make love and I continued to take photos, and eventually we all moved to the bedroom. Tommy fucked Maureen twice more before she allowed me to mount her. When I had come, Tommy was ready for more and he quickly got stuck up my wife for the fourth time that night.

The next time that we visited his flat, we had a drink and he started to undress my wife while I got my camera out and took a series of photos as he pulled her panties and tights down. She pretended to resist, but did not really put up a lot of resistance. Gradually, he pulled her undies down very slowly; she allowed Tom to pull her panties down. She continued to pretend to resist but soon he had them down to her knees then halfway down her lower legs and after a final pretense at struggling, he removed them completely. Then he started to remove her dress- he unzipped it and pulled it slowly off over her head. Again she made a pretense of resisting but soon my wife dress joined her panties on the floor. Only her bra remained in place but not for long. As I watched, Tommy reached behind her and released my wife’s bra and off it came. When she was naked, he grabbed her breasts and caressed them and then sucked her nipples.

He Fucks My Wife

Soon he slipped his hand between her thighs and played with her fanny then he pushed his fingers up her. Just one finger at first then two fingers and finally he was frigging my wife with three fingers inside her cunt. Then he quickly took his own clothes off and she started to play with his cock, at first she just rubbed it but as it grew hard she bet her head and licked at his cock end. She continued to lick around his cock end, then took it into her mouth and started the up and down movement. It did not take very long and suddenly he grabbed her head and pushed his cock hard into my wife’s mouth as he was cumming, and as I watched she swallowed, but not all of it and I could see his spunk dripping down her chin. Then he went down on her briefly, this must have excited him because he soon got another hard on and he climbed on top of her and rammed his cock hard up her. He fucked her for a long time and she was squealing with pleasure long before he finally cum up her. Then, like the first time, he took my wife to bed for a night of passion.

As they reached the bedroom door my wife told me,”You may as well go home. Tom and I will keep each other happy for the rest of the night. But you will have to make do with a wank from now on because I have promised Tom that I will not let you have sex with me anymore. He told me that he doesn’t like the idea of you fucking his girlfriend because we have become very close and I have promised to be his girlfriend permanently now.”

So that is what happened-my wife continued this affair with Tommy for about four and a half years. She told me that she had given Tom a key to our house so that he could visit her any time that he wanted to. So, of course, he took every opportunity to visit Maureen in our house, and when I was away working abroad he spent 4 or 5 nights every week with my wife in our house as though they were a married couple. Even when I was at home, he would continue with this affair with my wife and almost every night he would take her out for drinks or for a meal and then they would come home together. Tom would spend the whole night fucking my wife in my bed while I was relegated to the the spare bedroom.

It was about this time that I was offered a job in the USSR and it was a married contract. To my surprise , Maureen did not object to going away and so we went off to a place called Tambov. The experience was different and I was pleased to get my wife away from Tommy for a while. However, she was writing to him and when he replied, he described in great detail exactly what he was missing doing to her in bed. But Maureen didn’t seem upset by this and she soon seduced several of my workmates and a French guy called Pierre who lived nearby. After about 5 months, she decided to go home. In her first letter she told me that she was sleeping with Tom again. However, the young Russian women were often looking for a foreign man who might take them away from Russia and, like many of my friends, I soon had a Russian girlfriend. When the contract finished and I went home, I was not surprised to find that Tommy was still fucking my wife regularly.

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