A Bailiff's Black Beauty

Have you ever worked with someone, you just wanted to fuck so badly you can’t think about anything else? Well, working in the courthouse there are a lot of bailiffs around, and they are almost all of them, extremely sexy. I began flirting with one of them, Eric, and it led to the best fucking I’d ever experienced. One day we had to work late, to finish a trial, so by 8:00, after everyone else had gone, I was very tired, and had to take a few seconds to stretch my body out – which I did. “Reese, you might want to watch who you’re stretching around” I looked around, and saw Eric standing near the witness stand. I was very tired, and Eric is very sexy…I walked over to him, leaned very close, to where my lips were just this side of touching his, and asked him “Why?” He kissed me – deeply. He took his hands and grasped my ass, pulling me roughly, close to him and let his tongue invade my mouth while his cock, now rock hard, pressed against me through his pants. I rarely wear panties and he discovered this when he moved his hands from my ass to beneath my skirt. He rubbed his fingers across my clit very slowly, pulling back the hood fully exposing it. We broke the kiss and he walked me to the room in the back, where the Jury goes to have its discussions. There he picked me up and sat me on the conference table with my skirt pulled up around my waist and sat in a chair directly in front of me. He pulled to chairs closer to him on either side and spread my legs as far as apart as he could, sitting one of my feet on each chair’s back. My pussy was open to the world – to him. He began his task of licking my pussy earnestly, taking great care to open my lips with his finger tips, and slipping his tongue deeper inside me. He ate me until I came gushing in his mouth. I came so hard I grabbed his blonde hair between my fingers and pressed my cumming pussy against his mouth. He swallowed it all, licking greedily.
“Mmm Reese, you’re so sexy. I’ve never been with a black woman before, but you turn me the fuck on girl.”
“Eric, fuck me baby.” I said.
He stood up and without another word lifted my legs up and over his shoulders and pushed his thick white cock inside me, roughly. He thrust inside me so deep, it felt like he was right at the bottom of my cervix. He felt so good. I clenched my pussy tightly around his cock, pulling at his dick while inside me. I could hear him moaning in my ear he was close to cumming. I wanted it, to feel him shoot his load inside me…but I wanted to suck him also. I decided to have both. I began to push my cunt against him while he rammed his thick cock in me even deeper, and he came, and he came and he came. He filled me with his hot jism while I tightened my pussy as much as I could.
When he had emptied the last of his hot gizz inside me, I pushed him back a few steps, got to my knees, and took his cock inside me. I worked his cock with my tongue and with my lips, as I sucked his shaft I let my tongue play around his swollen head. I took his dick out of my mouth and licked him and stroked him and sucked his balls until his cock was rock hard again. I began to suck him hungrily, mentally begging him to cover my throat with his creamy load. Then I heard him, his low guttural moans growing steadily louder, increasing in intensity. I felt him begin to fuck my mouth slowly as he came on my tongue. I savored this thick creamy juice while I swallowed it…then licked his cock and balls clean.
That was a month ago…I will be seeing him again tonight. He says he doesn’t know why he’s never had a black woman before…but he’s not going to stop now…

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