Fantasies, Erotic Stories, and Fiction

  • Helping Aunt Joy
    It was an awkward car ride to say the least. Davie and his Mom Kate had barely talked about what had happened a few days ago when they had gotten so carried away having sex, she had forgotten her sister, his Aunt Joy was coming over for a visit. She caught them as he had […]
  • Business Retreat
    The first month of the escort business started off slow, but in the end it picked up and was successful. So, Robert and I rented a big house at a beautiful lake for the weekend for a work retreat/party. We drove up there Friday morning wth the food and drinks for the weekend and the […]
  • Sex With My Desi Bhabhi
    First I tell about me I am 18 yrs old with average built body and 6′0 feet of height. This incident happened 6 months ago when my bhabhi visited our home she was a friend of my mother and was 32 yrs old with a very tight ass and nice breast I always use to […]
  • Cuckold Creampie
    My cuckold-to-be wrote this story, his fantasy about our future life together… My wife and her lover I heard the unmistakable sound of my wife’s orgasm as I sat outside my bedroom door, her third, followed by the muffled voice of the man who was the source of her pleasure. I couldn’t make out his […]
  • Finding the right number
    I was at the bar late one night and decided it was time to go home I walked up to the bar and asked for my tab. The bartender turned around and when I looked down and in a womans hand writing theres a number. I had no idea who’s it was or anything. Just […]
  • Milf store clerk
    It all started about 6 months ago. I went to the store for some ice and smokes. I walked in and met this lady. She wasn’t drop dead gorgeous or nothing maybe late 40s early 50s woman. She had jeans and a t shirt on. Nothing special her boobs weren’t super big and neither was […]
    An affair with a co-worker leads to a “steamy” night. This only happened in my dreams until the night described below. I just started a new job a couple of months ago.  A job doing something I’ve done for about 10 yrs & now getting paid the most of I’ve ever gotten paid.  The first […]
  • First Time with a Man Part 2
    Kevin Having entered the room with the greeting that I only had one shot, I take another look, whoa! I say, well…well….well…that doesn’t look half bad…I think I did ok for not having her with me as a model.  I walk over close to you, turn around Rick, let me see how you look…”mmm not […]
  • First Time with a Man
    Rick We’re in a long line at an airline ticket counter trying to find out when we’ll be able to leave.  We chatted a little in line, and know both of us are stuck till late the next day.  We run in to each other again at the hotel kiosk and arrange to van to […]
  • Over the road cock boy
    So I’m from a little town and I was getting sick of it. No one did anything everyone knew each other and it was just getting real old real fast. My parents died when I was young and I have been in foster care basically my whole life. This is not a used and abused […]