A Boat Trip-part3 by screw3

Copy write 2004
Boat Trip -part 3
My name is Lisa and I became the Master’s Slut on my first trip to the yacht. In part 2 I told you of my second trip to the yacht and Boy who I made a man. It was from remembering that Master had called and told me to come to the yacht tonight.
I walked onto the gangplank willing to do whatever Master and Mistress wanted. “Ha Slut, welcome. Tonight you will help us indoctrinate a new slave for our group.”
We set sail for the ten mile limit as soon as a very voluptuous redhead was brought aboard. She was staggering up the plank and I helped bring her to the cabin. I began taking off her clothes. When I had her chest bare I began sucking her tits and they had to be the most pear shaped perky tits that stood straight out even without a bra. She murmured, “Ooh, that feels good.” She wasn’t lying because her nipples popped out and stiffened. They had to be at least a half inch long. I took her slacks off without any problem without letting go of those nipples. Mistress had her camera taping the whole thing. I was fingering her wet pussy when Master came in with the same two men that had been in my video.
The camera stopped as Master asked Sheila what she wanted. Sheila looked at the two men’s cocks as if she had never seen foot long cocks before. The click of the camera could be heard and Sheila said, “Ooh, are they both going to fuck me. I want to suck one while the other one fucks me. Please fuck me, I need it, I need it bad.”
Master signaled me from behind the camera so I started licking her extended clit. She tasted sweet. “Ooh, a bonus. Yes, suck my clit.” Her hands came down and forced my mouth into her cunt as she took one of the men’s cocks into her mouth. She licked his cock from stem to stern before taking it into her mouth and deep throating without gagging.
The second man began fingering her anus using her pussy juices on his fingers. She then opened her mouth and screamed, “Yes fuck my ass, fuck it hard. It may be too tight for you. My ass is a virgin one, but I want it.”
My fingers began rubbing against the large cock in her ass and Man 2 started moaning, but not as loud as Sheila. There was only one problem. I moved my free hand and began to massage my own pussy. Mistress moved to an angle so my ass would not be in the picture though my masked face was still in the picture.
“Master”, I whispered, “fuck me, please.”
His monstrous cock entered my pussy doggy style and I came on his dick and my vagina’s wall contracted on that huge cock. He took it out and shoved it into my ass that I wriggled to let it come in all the way. It hurt me, but I yearned for that cock for six months and it was back in me. He shot some of his cum into me. I felt elated and came for the third time that night. I was addicted to Master’s cum.
The two men needed time to recover. Man 1 said “Sheila why don’t you ask if you can eat Slut’s cunt and her cum dripping asshole.”
Sheila looked at my dripping cunt. “I have never made love to a woman, Slut. May I eat your cunt and asshole? If I don’t do it right tell me, please.”
“Yes you may lick me. Start with my asshole and if you do a good job then I will let you eat my pussy too.”
I lay down on my stomach at the edge of the bed. Sheila started licking my thighs where Master’s cum was dripping on them. “Lick inside my asshole, stupid.”
“May I Slut?” I had never had anyone put their tongue in my ass before. It felt good as she rotated her tongue around the inside of my anal rim. I was getting horny again and signaled the two men over to me. I tongued 1’s dick and then 2’s. I don’t remember which, but one fucked my pussy and the other started playing with Sheila’s pussy. “Ooh, will you fuck me, please?”
“Sheila you have to be punished for taking your tongue out of my ass. Now get it back in there.” She put it back in even further than before, but it was okay since I was getting fucked at the same time.
Another woman came in and replaced me. Master led me into another cabin. “Slut, you did well. You took to that like a pro with no training. So you will be rewarded.”
Master put me across his lap and started to spank me. He started slowly hitting me harder as my ass cheeks got used to it. When he stopped, “Thank you Master. Would you like me to suck your cock now, Master?”
His cock is huge maybe a foot and a half long. To deep throat him I needed to lubricate him then I took him in my mouth and closed my lips tight on his prick. Then I loosened my lips as I swallowed some of it. Then I tightened my lips around him and sucked harder, loosen lips and swallow, tighten and suck. Remembering to breathe through my nose was the hardest part of this action. I love Master’s cock and pleasing him. I was jealous of Sheila because she would learn to love it tomorrow when she is initiated as I was six months ago.

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