A Close Shave

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Issy prepares herself for Shane who is coming round to stay the night. She languishes in the bath, her nipples hard and erect with anticipation, begging to be stroked. She can’t hold back any longer and gives in, gently teasing them, pulling and pinching them, her eyes closed imagining its Shane’s teeth clamped gently around them. She can feel the first stirrings of desire between her legs, but although the temptation to touch herself is there she resists, wanting to save it all for her lover.

It’s been three days since they last met and had sex, that time on the settee in his lounge, when they covered the furniture with cum stains. She remembers the fantastic time they had: hot, no holds barred fucking. Certain parts her body still felt tender and had the bruises to prove it. Tonight she plans it to be different and she knows from speaking to him that he also wants a very kinky and naughty time. All she can think about is laying back and getting fucked by him, good and hard and deep as always.

Neither of them have any inhibitions, they want always to do the same daring things when horny and keen to make love. This only goes to prove once again how suited they are in every way.

As Issy dresses, she can’t decide whether or not to wear a bra and eventually decides not to. She looks at herself in the mirror and she knows she looks sexy. He likes to kiss and fondle her breasts in the tender moments and she knows he hates her with a bra on then, preferring to see her erect nipples through the fabric of her clothes and be able to put his hands on her bare breasts. Issy applies her makeup carefully, just a little, not too heavy, and with a final spray of the perfume he bought her, she is ready. She hears the doorbell and laughs to herself because he is never late, unlike her.

Her stomach lurches and the butterflies dance around indicating the excitement she feels. Her knickers are already wet and she hasn’t even touched him yet. It is always the same, even after all these months together.

She opens the door and the man she loves and craves for is standing there, with that big grin on his face. He grabs her and hugs her and she smells his neck and face as they kiss. She loves being held tight and she loves the firmness and strength of his body, which he uses to press her against the wall. Before she knows it he has his tongue snaking into her mouth, darting around and teasing her own tongue out. His thick broad tongue encircles and plays with her thin pointed one and they move tongues in and out in unison. With his body pressed against in this way, she feels him hardening against her thigh and senses his hand finding the bottom of her top and moving up onto her breast before she actually feels it.

She moves her arms from around his waist to around his neck. Shane can get better access to fondling her this way and both his hands now knead and press and tease her breasts and nipples. She lets him continue this for a few minutes as she knows he needs this. He grinds into her and she pumps against him in a sex rhythm like manner. What she needs however is hard and pulsing and it’s pushing against her from between his legs.

After several moments of groping, the moving on into the lounge where they open a bottle of their favourite red wine and seductively feed each other the chocolates Shane brought with him, jokingly arguing over who gets to eat the Turkish Delight. They sit talking for what seems like hours relaxing in enjoying each others company. Issy is looking forward to the long night ahead of them and particularly to waking up beside Shane in the morning.

Shane rubs the back of his neck and sighs deeply, explaining that because of the difficult day at work, the muscles in his neck and shoulders are still feeling a little tense. He stands and moves from the couch to sit on the floor between her legs, his back resting against the furniture. She gently rubs at his neck and shoulders and massages them with her expert fingers. She feels the tension knots loosening and eventually disappearing as she works away at him, feeling his body become completely relaxed at last. She suggests he remove her shoes but he politely declines (private joke lol !!!!!). She playfully slaps his shoulder and pretends she is offended. They both laugh at their silliness. God, they laugh so much together! Laughter they often think is the greatest aphrodisiac, well there must be some correlation between the facts that they laugh and fuck so much!

She continues to massage his neck bending to kissing him firmly as she trails her tongue from the back of his neck and round to his soft lips. She can taste the wine on his lips and tongue and sucks greedily. He grips her hair and trails fingers through it. He takes over the kissing and gets up to move on to her, whispering “You look wonderful, you smell wonderful. Can’t wait to smell and taste your pussy darling”.

Standing up and without a word uttered Issy takes him by the hand and leads him up the staircase. Half way up she turns round and catching him looking at her ass, kisses Shane again. “If you want to fuck my ass tonight you can”, she promises. The intensity of her look and the seriousness with which she utters the words tells him all he needs to know, which is whatever/however he wants it, he can have it.

When they reach her bedroom she sits him down on the edge of the bed and with light music playing in the background starts to undress in front of him. A dimmed lamp provides the glow, which together with the music and her provocative moves creates an intense setting. First her trousers come off, then her top. She sways her body to the rhythm of the music, turning round for him to see how her ass moves, bending slightly. She slips a finger into either side of her thong and pulls it up higher on her hips making the fabric slip between her pussy lips tight across her clit. She closes her eyes throwing her head back and in her mind thinks about how soon this very room will be filled with the sounds and smells of sex. Shane looks at her intensely. He loves the line of her neck and intends to mark it with his hard kisses. Lovebites are always an indication of raw dirty sex, and he wants anyone she comes into contact with the following day to know that she has had a good hard fuck.

Shane reaches up and taking each of her brown nipples in turn sucks them into his mouth, running his tongue round the hardened bud, then gently biting them. She step back and removes her thong sending a shudder through her as his hungry eyes savour her pussy mound. His cock is straining against his trousers. He roughly pulls her down onto the bed and as he opens his zip and takes his long hard cock out, she opens her legs and lifts them up in readiness for him. He gets on top of her between her legs and taking his cock in his hand guides it inside her.

She could have been wetter but his desire to get his cock inside her is overwhelming and she knows it is too much to expect him to wait till her cunt becomes wetter. Her main desire after all is to satisfy him. As he starts the fucking motion on her and in her, she adjusts position slightly to ensure he is getting a good deep fuck and lies still to let him take her. She is filled with his hard swelling cock and looks forward to receiving his sticky cum. He fucks her harder while feeling her tits. Fucking up and down then sideways. She even senses his hard on getting bigger inside her as she clenches her muscles round his tool. He fingers her clit while his cock stretches her cunt walls. As he fucks her more roughly the bed springs creak and the bed literally moves as the motion of his fucking comes from his legs and arms and not just his hips. She feels his ass inside his trousers and pulls them down more towards his thighs. Gripping onto his buttocks hard she pulls him deeper still inside her.

Still fucking away at her, he bends down to kiss her and sucks her tongue as squeezes her tits an
d while she fingers her clit. She feels the familiar shud
der as she approaches her orgasm. She is exceptionally loud when she cums and pulling her mouth free of his tongue lets out loud sighs and moans as the orgasm rips through her for what seems an age. When she recovers he is still hard inside her. He hasn’t got off yet.

She whispers in his ear “Shave me with your cock inside me” and shows him the razor strategically placed by the bedside locker. He pulls out and removes his clothes, feeling more comfortable naked. As he reaches for the razor he slides his cock insider her again. With her hands above her head he carefully starts to remove all the hair around her pussy. She feels the coldness of the blade against her skin but her randy lover can’t concentrate on shaving for too long without fucking her, setting the razor down each time to pump her with a few more strokes.

It feels strange to him having fucked an unshaven pussy one moment to then fuck a shaven one a few seconds later. “It’s like fucking two different women, both equally randy, horny, daring and fucking beautiful”, he thinks. He enjoys the sensation of fucking her shaven pussy and she lies back to savour the feeling of his hairy cock banging her. Now that her cunt is completely hair free she can feel his pubic hair more and also his swollen balls.

She turns to look in the mirror by her bed and watches as he adjusts position to let her see his cock entering her cunt in the reflection of the mirror. She notices that his cock is covered by the loose hair shaven from her pussy as it fell onto his shaft. Her wetness on his shaft has caused the hair to stick.

As he fucks her he again takes up the manipulation of her tits and they grunt and moan loudly in unison as he comes closer to his orgasm. She senses his cum rising in him and thrusts up towards him harder.

Suddenly he stops and pulls out, leaving her cunt feeling empty as the walls start to spasm and tighten. He leans across to the bedside locker and takes out her vibrator. Pushing her legs open wider he struggles to get the vibrator into her due to the tightened muscles of her cunt walls. Eventually managing to push three quarters of it into her he starts to pump away at her pussy with one hand, whilst the other gently strokes his erection. He roughly flips her over onto her stomach and first fingers her pussy before again inserting the vibrator again. He tells her to kneel which she does, then instructs her to take over thrusting the vibrator into herself.

Shane then rubs his fingers around the lips of her pussy collecting some of her juices which are being forced out by the thrusting motion. He then prises the cheeks of her ass open with his free hand before smearing her ass hole with her pussy juices to act as a lube and then pushes the head of his cock in, holding it as she gasps. Issy moans deeper and louder, as she receives that pleasurable pain she so loves. She moans deeper than she normally would during sex and this excites him even more, causing his cum to rise in him again. Issy moves beneath him enjoying having both her holes filled. The vibrator buzzes inside her massaging her hard clits, as her fluids seep out onto the bedclothes. He too can feel and enjoy the sensation on the tip of his cock through the walls of her ass

The room was filled with the aroma of sex as Issy told Shane that all she was missing was a cock in her mouth. That way she said she would be completely fucked. This stirred Shane on and he risked fucking her deeper. He loved the way she behaved like a dirty whore. He didn’t want to tear her again from anal fucking and so was careful but the desire to cum was overwhelming and he rocked in and out harder, faster and deeper. They were both getting closer to orgasm and started urging each other to “Fuck” and “Fuck harder”. His cum started rising and he held it telling her he was on the edge.

She could no longer restrain herself and concentrated on the feelings the fast approaching orgasm gave her body. When he told her he could smell her pussy, it ripped up through her bringing her to the edge. They fucked and talked dirty for a few moments, shallow fucking then faster and then Issy said “Fuck me” and Shane took their well used signal to cum and let his cum flow freely through him into her ass as Issy came in unison with her lover, gripping the vibrator with her cunt muscles and his cock with those in her ass. The orgasm seemed endless and she almost wished it to end as it was so intense.

Carefully Shane pulled out and lay down beside Issy, who always looked even more beautiful after sex with the light glow of perspiration on her body.

“You know baby, the only time you look more beautiful after sex is when you are serving out the dinner” he mocked, laughing at her.

Never to be outdone she laughed back “Ill shove this vibrator up yer arse ye bastard, without any lubricant if you keep that carry on up”.

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