A Co-Worker

It was 2 p.m. and I had just go off work and needed to go pee really bad, I had been in the bathroom for about five or 7 minutes when I heard a knock and then my co-worker Katie. She said she needed to use the bathroom really bad, I told her I was almost done she insisted I let her in so being me I let her. By that time I had my shorts up and zipped. She told me she had be waiting a long time to get me alone so she could do ‘something’ to me but I didn’t know what; I would soon find out. She then proceeded to unzip my shorts and push me back onto the toilet. She told me to enjoy the show, she started to lift of her shirt and fondle her breasts and pinching her nipples. At this point my dick was extremely hard and straining against my boxers, she noticed and continued the “striptease.” She started to slide her skirt off exposing her pink thong and finely shaved pussy for my now gaping eyes and mouth. She said “you want this don’t you?”, alls I could do is nod my head. She kicked off her skirt and told me to use my mouth to take her thong off, I didn’t have to be told twice. After I got her thong off she told me to sit back on the toilet, I did then she kneeled and started circling the head of my dick with her tounge, I felt like I was gonna blow my wad right then she must have sensed this. So she told me to get down on my knees and start eating her pussy out. Boy was she wet! I had always wanted this to happen and it finally was!. I sat kneeled there on my knees for god knows how long untill she told me she was really close to cumming. I went into over drive sucking, licking, flicking and nibbling on her clit until she finally came, I had trouble keeping up the lapping and sucking of her oh so sweet juices. After she came down from the “best” orgasm of her life she told me to sit on the toilet and enjoy the blow job I was about to receive. She again started out by circling my head with her tounge then licking my shaft from ball sack to my tip. Then she slid my whole 7 inches in her mouth using her tounge expertly as she sucked my dick. We sat/kneeled like that for about 15-20 minutes before I told her I was close to cumming, at that point she stuck it into over drive and started jerking and sucking my now wet dick from her mouth. I lasted about another 2 mintues before I told her I was cumming. With all my 7inches in her mouth I blew my wad, I shot so much down her throat she started gagging and some drooled out of her mouth and down her chest. We then got up and dressed then went out like nothing happened. The next time I worked she told me when I was talking to her that she liked the bathroom incident and invited me over to her place on monday…… More in Part two. If you liked my story please email me and tell me what you thought. I can also do custom stories about anything and anyone

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