A Different Kind of Corporate Training – Part 1

Just another boring training class. Mindy was escaping her extensive work to do list because she couldn’t get her mind off her troubled marriage. Her husband had stopped being affectionate at all, even though she’d shaped up considerably since the last baby. Really, she was thinking of ways to have sex.

While Mindy was daydreaming, the class was passing around the lunch order list. Sitting next to her, Rob asked her what she wanted. Absentmindedly she answered, “not to be here.”
“That’s obvious,” he said, “but what do you want for lunch?”
Mindy laughed, “I’m not very hungry,” and passed the list on to the next person and returned to her daydreaming.

“What happened to your wedding band?” Rob asked, already figuring out that he had an in with this one.

“If my husband is going to ignore me, I’m going to ignore our vows- I’m not wearing it until he chooses supporting his family over TV,” she added with a sly smile. Why is he asking me all this stuff, I should try not to sound whiney, this is work…she thought to herself.

He laughed and said, “I have a good job and I never watch TV, and have one of my own I’d like to get rid of.”

Mindy thought to herself, he smells really good, tall, great eyes…I bet there is some chest under that sweater. I could take off those glasses and those ‘business casual’ khaki’s and show him why I’m so much more interesting than TV.

“My husband takes me for granted, I make all the money, make all the plans…I’m tired of doing everything myself…. I mean EVERYTHING.”
Rob smiled a sly smile, he guessed she meant she let her fingers do the walking and nodded his head. They went back to work. Rob was thinking to himself …she’s got a nice rack and seems a little desperate, I bet she’s be good to bang…at least once.

Mindy was thinking more and more about Rob and what she could do to him, and started shifting in her seat. She was so hot, so moist so ready to fuck that she couldn’t sit still and certainly not next to Rob for another second. She headed toward the restroom to relieve herself—one good orgasm should help her focus.

She was alone in the stall, and knew exactly what to do. She usually came very easily, so sliding her fingers into her moist pussy sent a jolt through her body. She imagined undressing Rob, sucking his cock, reliving his soapy, musky smell. She could almost feel his big, rough hands in her hair, down her back, on her tits, massaging her hard nipples. Just as she thought about his soft lips touching hers and his hard cock rubbing the front of her belly (he was quite a bit taller) and teasing her taught pussy, she started to cum. Ripples of pleasure flowed down her pussy and she breathed a sigh of relief. She tasted her cum and thought about how funny it is that she can get herself off and no one else knew she was doing it right in the public bathroom!

Back to training, and sitting next to Rob. She reminded herself to try to stay away from him.

Rob noticed she was a bit flushed when she came back from the bathroom, but she smelled like fucking. His cock was hard at the thought that she’d just gotten herself off.

He’d decided that he had to get her, he had to have his cock in her today…..

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