A Dream Come True!

      One bright and sunny spring afternoon I find myself alone in the house. My son has gone away for a few days and my lady is out shopping; so all alone, my mind starts to wander. Several different thoughts come and go until memories of a very special weekend away come to mind very vividly. Remembering making love under the stars on the beach late one night I become very aroused, and start rubbing myself and getting very hard.  As all the details of that night play through my mind the sound of the ocean waves and our heavy breathing and moans, the smell of the ocean and our love making, and the sight of this beautiful woman riding me like crazy. Her big breasts bouncing like mad as she rides up and down faster and faster, harder and harder. In time we both have mind-blowing orgasms at the same time.


      Becoming completely aroused by these memories I open my zipper to pull out my rock hard boner and sit on a dining room chair to masturbate. As I sit there stroking my cock alternately hard and fast then slow and easy so as not to cum too soon I occasionally stop and squeeze the base of my cock and slap it very hard to stop from cumming. Suddenly I realize my lady has come home and is watching me with an amused expression.


      I jump embarrassed and surprised and start to put my prick back in my pants when she stops me and tells me to continue what I was doing so I sit back down and slowly stroke my throbbing cock. She walks over to the phone while I watch her becoming confused; while she knows I sometimes jerk off, she has never seen me do it before and I do not know how she will react. To my surprise she calls two of friends and asks them to come right over.


      After hanging up the phone she watches me for a few minutes while telling me to stroke faster and harder but do not cum, so I grab my cock hard and slap it as hard as I can and she says that was a good boy. Next she tells me to strip naked and return to stroking my cock and not to stop. The door bell rings and in walks her two friends who are surprised at first to see me naked and jerking off. She explains how she found me and wants them to help her; they say they will be happy to help in any way they can. I am told to take the chair into the bedroom and sit down back to the wall facing the bed which I do wondering what will happen next. The 3 women come into the bedroom with some rope and proceed to tie me to the chair not saying a word also tying a rope around my prick and balls. After this, each one in turn slowly takes there clothes off right in front of me, bouncing their tits in my face and letting me lick and suck a little–my girl going last and laughing at me as I moan and my throbbing cock gets redder and redder.


      The three of them get onto our king size bed kissing each other and fondling each other very slowly and sensually, moaning softly and ignoring me as I become more and more excited. After a long time they form a triangle each ones head buried between the thighs of another licking and slurping and moaning very loudly. By this time I am begging to be untied but being completely ignored. Never knowing my girl had any interest in other women, this was all shocking and pleasing at the same time. After 3 screaming orgasms, the girls lay back to catch their breath.


      After a few minutes they all stand up and come over to me, one fondles my cock and balls while the other two untie me. I am told to walk over to the foot of the bed and stand facing the head of the bed. Someone walks up behind me and pushed me face first onto the bed where I land painfully on my very stiff prick which causes much laughter. Each one of the friends grab one of my hands and pulls on my arms as hard as they can holding me down, suddenly my girl starts spanking me with a belt half a dozen times very hard which makes me all the more excited.


      Next I am told to lie on my back spread eagle on the bed and they tie me down that way. One of the friends kneels on the bed next to me, strokes and sucks my prick a little and slaps my balls hard. Lying on my sore ass having my balls slapped is wonderfully painful and pleasant. She gets up on me and rides me like a bucking bronco while the other two watch and cheer, until she cums loud and hard. The other two girls each take a turn on me slapping my prick and balls in between until all three have orgasmed loud and hard.  My girl thanks her friends and they each share a long deep kiss and they gather there clothes to leave she walks them to the door leaving me tied to the bed.


      After seeing her friends off and taking a shower all the while leaving me tied to the bed, she finally returns and says she is not done with me yet. First she kneels over me pushing her tits into my face letting me lick and suck them while occasionally flicking the head of my cock, keeping my prick hard and pulsating. After a while she gets up and unties me telling me to put my hands behind my back and ties them together, then lies down on her back on the edge of the bed lifts her legs and spreads them wide telling me to kneel down and go down on her, so I dive in fast and hard licking and sucking for all I was worth. After several screaming orgasms I fall over panting for breath while she lies on the bed catching her breath.


      After a few minutes I struggle to my feet with my hands still tied behind me my girl also gets up and has me sit on the edge of the bed kneels down between my legs and gives me one of the best blow jobs I have ever had, being careful and stopping just before I blow my load. After a while she stands up and has me stand up and turn around pushing me back on the bed face first again landing on my boner. Walking over to the night stand she takes out a dildo and some lube and proceeds to fuck my ass which is surprisingly arousing and pleasant, when she is done she unties my hands. I immediately stand up grab and bend her over the bed entering her from behind and fucking her for all I am worth.


      Being so aroused I cum very fast and hard and she cums right with me just as hard screaming all the way. I collapse on top of her panting for breath.

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